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stearwey tu heaven

  • Heaven - Los Lonely Boys
    "Vmonos! Save me from this prison Lord help me get away 'Cause only you can save me now From this misery I've been lost in my own place And I'm getting weary (How far is Heaven?) And I know that I need"
  • Close To Heaven - Color Me Badd
    "You know your the only one for me The thought of you picks me up when I am lonely I get all crazy when you call out my name I'm close to heaven when your touching me You say that you love me Girl, I know"
  • Designing heaven - Heaven 17
    "How demanding life can be With a taste for luxury It's such a modern way to live A new hotel for the heartbroken A bright new generation Running out of time Step up for the promised land Pay today and"
  • Heaven Ablaze - Heaven Ablaze
    "Infernal is thy wisdom Heaven only one question And hell is such a disposition Uncertainty is consuming me... And all I feel is solitude Against all odds I am destitue For one reason I have traveled far It"
  • Heaven - Karen Clark Sheard
    "(feat. Donald Lawrence) When you see me fasting and praying down here I'm doing the best I can, keeping my life together, make it to the promise land. I'm a soldier in this army and I'm gonna win this"
  • Heaven - Violet Indiana
    "I watch her sleeping And she's so beautiful I hear her breathing Her hands keep squeezing mine Her tears like diamonds as They fall from her eyes Heaven Give me heaven So this little star to shine Heaven Heaven Her"
  • Heaven - Karen Clark-Sheard
    "Chorus: When you see me fasting and praying down Here I'm doing the best I can Keep my life together Make it to the promise land I'm a soldier in this army and I'm gonna win this fight I'm gonna"
  • Heaven - Tweet
    "Vs. 1: The rain is gone, I feel the wind, The brightest stars are shinning in, A new life for love hase come through..... Wish I had the words to describe how rich it feels, I'm so alive, Let me tell"
  • Heaven - Modern English
    "Heaven I'm in heaven When I close my eyes I'm in heaven The conversation's dead There's someone in my head In and out of time In and out of time Heaven I'm in heaven When I close my mind I'm in heaven Everything"
  • Heaven - Lamb
    "Soon, come soon Sweet so sweet Fall inside Between the sheets This could be Heaven right Here on earth This could be Heaven This could be Heaven right Here on earth This could be Heaven Peace, new peace Mine,"
  • Heaven - Opus
    "Heaven Im in heaven Since youre in my world Heaven Im in heaven And theres nothing to compare - Baby Im walking on the street of fortune I dont look back but I wonder why I once have lost that kind of"
  • Heaven - Hayley Westenra
    "A star shining in a universe far away My heart knows that we shall meet again some sweet day And you, you will be the flame that burns in my breast And oh, I know just by knowing you I was blessed, Yes"
  • Heaven - Decoded Feedback
    "Heaven, by its own nature Can see the truth within the dreams Of a man of true beliefs Heaven, by its own nature Will cooperate and liberate this immortal love between you and me Heaven, oh heaven Heaven,"
  • Heaven - The Psychedelic Furs
    "Heaven is the home of our hearts And heaven won't tear you apart Yeah heaven is the home of our hearts And heaven don't tear you apart There's too many kings wanna hold you down And a world is a window"
  • Heaven - Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
    "Heaven in a lifetime, heaven in one day Thinking of you only takes me far away It's in you heart it's in your mind it's in you just the same And through the clouds we rise above the gray I'm coming"
  • Heaven - Bette Midler
    "I think I'll go to Heaven. There I will lay me down, leave all the pain behind me; bury it in the ground. Maybe they'll talk about me. I pray it won't be lies. Tell them I went to Heaven. Heaven is in"
  • Heaven - U96
    "Call it love Call it sin Its the state Im in Feels like in heaven I am blessed And obsessed Mysterious angel Feels like in heaven Two lovers Two sinners A poison kiss Feels like in heaven Baby stay What"
  • Heaven - Alex Adair
    "Heaven must have sent you No I don't know where you come from baby Don't know where you've been my baby But heaven must have sent you Heaven must have sent you Heaven must have sent you Heaven must"
  • Heaven - Beyonce
    "I fought for you The hardest, It made me the strongest So tell me your secrets I just can't stand to see you leaving But heaven couldn't wait for you No heaven couldn't wait for you Heaven couldn't wait"
  • Heaven - Brian McKnight
    "Heaven Heaven oh heaven can't you help me i looked in her eyes Now she's all i see Heaven oh heaven can't you help me First time i saw you, Girl You turned me upside down I can't stop thinking about you My"

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