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steel dr dree
  • Dr. Steel The Dr. Steel Show
    "It's the Dr. Steel show! Deep underground with my robots Built 'em out of toy parts Build an army and war starts UFOs that throw a radium glow Into your skull it sinks Turn your brains into Shrinky Dinks What"
  • Blaze Bayley Steel
    "Beneath your calm, Behind your smile, You hide away your lies, Intimidating, Manipulating, The truth is in your eyes. My days and nights get longer, Winding on and on. Love lost hours make us hard. You"
  • Charlotte Martin Steel
    "The lost and insincere They think I need to hear what's in their empty eyes, eyes, eyes We're few and far between We've hardly been serene But stand up to their lies, lies, lies We are steel We don't"
  • Bob Catley Steel
    "Sometimes these tired old streets can feel strange I watch the tumbleweed now, where I used to play What I felt way back then was called 'change' Just like a thundercloud from the horizon it came And"
  • Freddie Wadling Dr
    "Svarta trd i skogen blir soldater i en hr Och gula lv p marken blir skatten som vi stjl Och de gra dda husen blir fngelset vi flyr Och hela fula vrlden blir som ny Om du tar mig med till drmmarnas land,"
  • Lynda Lemay Dr
    "T'as du plomb dans la tte Les soirs o tu m'la fais Quand j'veux pas qu'tu t'arrtes Tu me boudes et te tais Quand je suis bout d'nerfs Tu te roules sur la table Jusqu' tomber par terre Et rester intouvable Et"
  • Diam's Dr
    "Oui j'bosse, j'roule ma bosse pour bien remplir ma caisse Un jour nourir des gosses, ceci n'est pas une farce C'est vrai que je me lve pas tt 6h du mat Mais j'ai des comptes rendre, du temps prendre"
  • Annett Louisan Dr
    "ba ba ba ba ba bada bab ba ba ba ba ba bada bab ba ba ba ba ba bada bab ba ba ba ba ba bada bab Du hast dich nicht verwhlt, ich habe nur mein Herz mit meinem Telefon und meim PC vernetzt. Wenn du mir"
  • Tierra Santa Dr
    "Cuenta un relato que en la noche apareció Un hombre que en vampira su alma convirtió En Transilvania nació Su nombre era Drcula Dicen que por sus venas hubo sangre azul Y que la luz invada su morada Pero"
  • Tocotronic Dr
    "Drueben auf dem Huegel moechte ich sein Im letzten Abendsonnenschein Drueben auf dem Huegel moechte ich warten Im nassen Gras in unserem Schrebergarten Ich warte dort auf Dich weil ich Dich mag An unserem"
  • Die Toten Hosen Dr
    "Sei nicht sauer auf die Regierung, sondern sei ein bisschen nett. Sie will doch nur das Allerbeste fr dich und auch fr mich. Nehmt die Steine weg, kommt zur Vernunft, wie wr's mit 'nem Gesprch. Wer ist"
  • Wanda & Banda Dr
    "Drętwa mowa, Tłuste twarze, dęte słowa! Sztuczne zęby Wyszczerzone, Łapy łase Na mamonę! Świat się kurczy, w brzuchu burczy, Budzę się ze snu - - Dosyć bzdur! Błagam, proszę, liczę grosze, Zęby"
  • Anett Louisan Dr
    "ba ba ba ba ba bada bab ba ba ba ba ba bada bab ba ba ba ba ba bada bab ba ba ba ba ba bada bab Du hast dich nicht verwhlt, ich habe nur mein Herz mit meinem Telefon und meim PC vernetzt. Wenn du mir sagen"
  • Orkiestra Na Zdrowie Dr
    "Siła złego, więc przy wspólnym siądźmy stole, nim spłacimy czasy nasze, zastawione gdzieś w lombardzie w środku zimy. Nasza droga przenikliwie wytyczana, coraz bardziej; na niej fiolet się układa... ...trzeba"
  • Guided By Voices At Odds With Dr. Genesis
    "Steel-headed giants roam the land And feed on chocolate syrup It's food for the gods A warning to all pirates And Jimmy was a fly Got sucked in by and actor And wrapped in a cocoon And skin-tight buffonery Now"
  • Sacred Steel Sacred Steel
    "Born into metal born into steel deep in the heart of darkness metal is revealed out of the blackness to rule and to kill those weak and false shall perish taste the sacred steel See the light feel the"
  • Hammerfall Steel Meets Steel
    "(Zuruck) Back in 1095, when the call to arms came we had the red cross sown on Sent to save the holy land and crush the infidels with strength from above STEEL MEETS STEEL On towards victory we"
  • Dr. Sin Dr. Sin
    "(Dr. Sin) Nothing is true but money talks Better believe that bullshit walks All the things for which we plead Are our desires but not our needs The road we're on leads straight to hell When we'll arrive"
  • Onslaught Steel Meets Steel
    "Battle follows battle To the death to take the hill Blackened leather warriors The chill as steel meets steel One survives by cunning The other lives by might The death defying warlords By the firelight"
  • Dr. Octagon Dr. Octagon
    "(Kool Keith) Live, November 6, 1996 at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood, CA Dr. Octagonecologyst and Chewbacca Uncircumcised perform with with Kurt Cobain and Roger from Zapp (Sir Menelik) The plane"

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