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  • The Steely Dan Show - Steely Dan
    "Boys and Girls They come from all around From dear old Stockholm To Copenhagen town Forget their troubles In tasty riddum n' rime So here you are And now it's party time Wrap your mind Around this sound And"
  • Show Biz Kids - Steely Dan
    "While the poor people sleepin' With the shade on the light While the poor people sleepin' All the stars come out at night After closing time At the Guernsey Fair I detect the El Supremo From the room at"
  • Doctor Wu - Steely Dan
    "Katy tried I was halfway crucified I was on the other side Of no tomorrow You walked in And my life began again Just when I'd spent the last piaster I could borrow All night long We would sing that stupid"
  • F.M. - Steely Dan
    "Worry the bottle, mama It's grapefruit wine Kick off your high heel sneakers It's party time The girls don't seem to care what's on As long as it plays till dawn Nothin' but blues and elvis And somebody"
  • Any World - Steely Dan
    "If I had my way I would move to another lifetime I'd quit my job Ride the train through the misty nighttime I'll be ready when my feet touch ground Wherever I come down And if the folks will have me Then"
  • Book Of Liars - Steely Dan
    "Bye and bye now We'll get over The things we've done and the things we said But not just now when I can 't remember Exactly what it was I thought we had 'cause I waited so long girl and I came so far To"
  • Caves Of Altamira - Steely Dan
    "I recall when I was small How I spent my days alone The busy world was not for me So I went and found my own I would climb the garden wall With a candle in my hand I'd hide inside a hall of rock and sand On"
  • Countermoon - Steely Dan
    "On a night like this You look up at your lover It's like you're in some old cartoon Then you detect The scent of faded roses Up in the sky There's that cruel countermoon Could that be murder you see in"
  • Cringemaker - Steely Dan
    "What ever happened to my college belle When did she turn into the wife from hell Cringemaker What are we coming to Cringemaker What have they done to you In the beginning we rode high on the hog Down"
  • Down In The Bottom - Steely Dan
    "In case you're wondering it's alive and well That little habit that you left with me Here in the suburbs where it's hard to tell If I got the bear or if the bear got me How did you know that it would take"
  • Florida Room - Steely Dan
    "Start on key plantain Walk a tropical mile You'll see a house In the spanish style There's a room in back With a view of the sea Where she sits and dreams Does she dream of me When summer's gone I get"
  • Girlfriend - Steely Dan
    "Alone in my cave It's corn flakes and camels And the long restless shadows of my life None but the brave Jim beam and jack daniels Channelhopping these empty days and nights Glued to the screen Rerun by"
  • Green Flower Street - Steely Dan
    "Uptown It's murder out in the street Uptown It's murder out in the street That's where I found my mandarin plum That's where you'd be if you found one Where the nights are bright And joy is complete Keep"
  • Hard Up Case - Steely Dan
    "You told me once I was your pride and joy I guess those days are dead and gone You must have took me for some golden boy You didn't know what you were taking on It was a hard up case It was a hard up"
  • Hat Too Flat - Steely Dan
    "We come in on the morning scan All the way from far arcturus Bringing with us peace and good will From the margins of space and time Our women are slung down low to the ground They're very good you've"
  • I.G.Y - Steely Dan
    "Standing tough under stars and stripes We can tell This dream's in sight You've got to admit it At this point in time that it's clear The future looks bright On that train all graphite and glitter"
  • Junkie Girl - Steely Dan
    "In the good old bad part of this college town Men in business suits they run you down You take their money just like you take mine You send it bubbling down the thin blue line It doesn't matter how it"
  • Little Kawai - Steely Dan
    "Here's a note from one miss turnbull Certain homework was not done Tiny holes in brand new windows From an unknown bb gun Cinder annie and your big mommie Say the facts all point to you But they don't"
  • Lucky Henry - Steely Dan
    "Dusted down in shanty town behind a sky of red Hoist upon some frozen dawn exploding in my head Fast asleep in trouble deep or wide awake and burning Stuck inside some stranger's hide whose karma keeps"
  • Maxine - Steely Dan
    "Some say that we're reckless They say we're much too young Tell us to stop before we've begun We've got to hold out till graduation Try to hang on maxine While the world is sleeping We meet at lincoln"

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