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stefanie Flash
  • Smoking Popes Stefanie
    "Baby I know I've been wrong before so many times this time I'm sure tell me just what are we waiting for oh Stefanie we live all our second chances to make this right don't break it this time you are the"
  • Flash Dance Flash
    "Yeah Flash...the flash...the flash (the flash) dance (the flash) YEAAHHH!!!! LEt's go! Flash! Flash! We love flashin! flash our clothes...flash the cameras! Cameras go flashin all around (flash around) Yup."
  • Queen Flash
    "Flash, aah, savior of the universe Flash, aah, he'll save every one of us "Seemingly there is no reason for these Extraordinary intergalactical upsets" (ha ha ha) (What's happening Flash?) "Only Dr. Hans"
  • Stephanie Flash
    "Qui allumera des mots nouveaux dedans ma tte Qui dshabill'ra mon rire qui pleure sous les paillettes Viens j'ai sur les lvres le got amer des fruits sauvages J'maquille le ciel j'dguise tous les oiseaux"
  • Lenny Kravitz Flash
    "The opportunity's takin' me over I'm gonna put on a mask I've got to be outrageous for my fans I am not gonna waste this moment Because these moments don't last So tonight I will shake it and show my ass Flash Makes"
  • Green Velvet Flash
    "Good evening parents, tonight I gonna take you on a tour, Club Bad where all the bad kiddy's go, try to leave there body's, by various means of methods, anything necessary, some things that you quite be"
  • Michal Flash
    "Flash; you're a picture in my heart And I won't let you fade or die So I guess it goes Sigh; I imagine how you sigh As you lie beside your love Safe, supine not mine Chorus: Please believe me it's true I'd"
  • Aerosmith Flash
    "The day rolls in, the night rolls outDesire rules without a doubtThe heart beats fast, you salivateAnd when you come it won't be lateI guess by now you got the scoreA little taste you want it moreFrom"
  • La Oreja De Van Gogh Flash
    "Hoy he ledo otra vez esas cartas de amor Y he vuelto a ver que sin ti no soy yo En el silencio de un viejo portal me sent Las cosas pasan y no suelen volver Pero aqu sentada yo te recordar. La vida"
  • La Oreje De Van Gogh Flash
    "Hoy he ledo otra vez esas cartas de amor y he vuelto a ver que sin ti no soy yo. En el silencio de un viejo portal me sent las cosas pasan y no suelen volver. Pero aqu sentada yo te recordar. La vida es"
  • Nadiya Flash back
    "Flash, flash back, flash, flash back, Au loin des poings se lvent, flash, flash back Au loin des poingts s'lvent, refusant leurs conditions, face aux piquets de grves, Les crimes sanglants de l'opposition,"
  • Shampoo News Flash
    "News Flash, News Flash.... Hear All About It x3 Shut Your Mouth, You Stupid Cow, You've Been Talking Way To Loud Cross Your Heart, Your'e Gonna Die If You Tell Just One More Lie Chorus You Know, We"
  • Bootsy Collins Flash Light
    "Now, I lay me down to sleep Ooh, I just can't find a beat Flash light, oh, I will never dance Flash light, flashlight, flashlight Oh, it's no use Flash light, red light Neon light, ooh, stop light Now"
  • Tom Verlaine Flash Lightning
    "(Verlaine) I was torn out by the roots And laid out to dry, My head was spinning, My, oh my, Well I walk the plank And crawl through the mine, Just searching for you, So many many times, Well I've been"
  • Parliament Flash Light
    "Flash Light Now, I lay me down to sleep Ooh, I just can't find a beat Flash light (ohh, I will never dance) Flash light (x3) Ha-da-da-dee-da-ha-da-ha-da-da-da Oh, it's no use Flash light Red light Neon"
  • Ciara Click, Flash
    "Click, click, click, flash... Uh... Ciara... '08 Click, click, click, flash ... Goes... yeah! I know you probably think a girl like me is oh, so vain Because I love it when the camera man screams out"
  • Babasonicos Un flash
    "Como en un flash nadie nos mira alrededor Como en un flash nadie nos mira alrededor Una red en comunion conspiraba en la oscuridad Sigilosa seal la que nadie debia notar Nos dejamos arrastrar corriente"
  • Elvis Crespo Wow flash
    "Mi amor, mi amor siempre seras mi amor, mi amor oh my sweetlove you'll always be my love (Pequea echate pa'ca) Porque tu vives dentro dentro de mi corazon luces muy sutil por cada rincon Mi amor, mi amor"
  • Julia Wiśniewska Flash Light
    "When tomorrow comes I'll be on my own Feeling frightened up The things that I don't know When tomorrow comes Tomorrow comes Tomorrow comes And though the road is long I look up to the sky In the dark"
  • 2nd Chapter Of Acts Lightning Flash
    "I sat and watched the waves Beat yesterdays into the ground Like through an hourglass The hours passed without sound Circling above me the sound of wings The earth shakes my feet And she starts to sing Then"

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