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  • Frozen (stereo MC'S mix) - Madonna
    "You only see what your eyes want to see How can life be what you want it to be You're frozen When your heart's not open You're so consumed with how much you get You waste your time with hate and regret You're"
  • In Stereo - Bomfunk MC's
    "When I listen to my stereo, All I hear is a funky flow It really makes me loose control Bomfunk MC's in stereo, in stereo, in stereo But how right? Cannot hide it, can't deny it It's so obvious you hope"
  • In stereo - Bomfunk Mc
    "When i listen to my stereo, all i hear is a funky flow it really makes me loose control bomfunk mc's in stereo, in stereo, in stereo but how right? cannot hide it, can't deny it it's so obvious you"
  • Stereo - Unklejam
    "Oh oh yeah Oh yeah yeah I-I-I-I got a special walk, everybody stare I-I-I-I got a way with words, are you listening? (Come on, come on) We gotta please your imagination (Come on, come on) The only sound"
  • Stereo - Story Of The Year
    "We're all born within This thoughtless world A generation bought and sold By a reproduced, stolen, copied package We've been taught to love this robotic formula Built to please ignorant minds, uncultured"
  • Stereo - Kid Alex
    "I feel the Colors in my head They're running yellow blue and red I hear the Colors in my head Those changing faces everyday Erasing Colors in my Brain Would like to have you near me know To kiss you Chorus:"
  • Stereo - Sparks
    "(Ron & Russell Mael) Make you choice and that is that Live with her and don't look back Easy, simple, tidy, ultra-clean Not with me, I don't know why To the left and to the right Good things come from"
  • Stereo - Nordstr?m
    "Som perler p en snor Sm simple gyldne ord Om hvor krligheden bor Du tnder for Din radio Og den der sang er helt utrolig go Det os to i stereo Glem verden for en stund Ta min hnd og vi gr fri Af denne verdens"
  • Stereo - John Legend
    "She's a, fast love professional, crafty bold and beautiful, Stage right, locked eyes, I swear it's magical, Her name is Melanie, says she digs my melody Likes how I move, thinks I'm cool that's what she"
  • Stereo - Paulina Rubio
    "(feat. Pretty Willie) It's very clear to me, just like it's in 3d When total empathy sounds like it's ringing on my stereo I'm bouncing off the wall, the way you turn me on I think I like this song, sounds"
  • Stereo - Sportfreunde Stiller
    "Sei doch mal still Ich hoer doch eh schon stereo Komm doch mal mit Es koennte alles so einfach sein Wenn ich dir und du mir erzaehlst Was dir am herzen liegt (CHORUS:) Es geht leider nicht alles So wie"
  • Stereo - IAMDYNAMITE
    "I was blinded staring at the sun I was tortured but it felt so good And as I lay awake tonight Kept alive by the pouring of the moonlight Here's the devil coming up to me Said: "You like a friend in need" I"
  • Stereo - Green Apple Quick Step
    "ooh la codeine slows automatically Please tell me I've been wired where did I go Well maybe as far away as ocean shores Hands on my wheel only concentrating Thinking 'bout the music in my head Ooh la"
  • Stereo - America
    "StereoWe hear both sidesWe sympathizeWe live our lives in stereoThe left and the rightThe dark and the lightWe wrestle with the balanceWe change our toneWe leave our phoneAnd tape record our absenceIn"
  • stereo - Jamal
    "Pull up, Miodu przy sterachTo moja ekipa, to moja bandera.Po co ci ten plan przecież możesz wybierać.Daje ci muzykę co do ludzi dociera.To rastaman najpierw siedział przy bitach,oryginalny sound zajarała"
  • Fake MC's - Killah Priest
    "They got a problem now Knahmsayin? There's like, too many corny rappers... Knahmsayin? Pretenders (put a end to you) knahmsayin? There's too many phony MC's out there this year They best to beware I've"
  • Dangerous MC's - Notorious B.I.G.
    "Yeah, ninety-six, for my Nordstrom Ave niggaz My Fulton Street niggaz (hardcore for ninety-six) Dangerous MC's.. Uhh (check it out) uhh Diamonds on my neck, chrome drop-top Chillin on the scene, smokin"
  • Murder MC's - Black Moon
    "I woke up in the night grabbed my forehead wipe my forehead with the sweat on to the bed Deep inside thought thinking of a way to strapped and walk the streets without getting clapped Just because I'm"
  • Sucker MC's - Method Man
    "Daddy's home, your daddy's home to stay Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo same time same channel Nasty vandals too hot to fucking handle Bring the ruckus to all you knotty head fuckas Shit's like Hammer Time, niggas"
  • Sucker MC's - Wu-Tang Clan
    "Daddy's home, your daddy's home to stay Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo same time same channel Nasty vandals too hot to fucking handle Bring the ruckus to all you knotty head fuckas Shit's like Hammer Time, niggas"

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