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steve hogarth humans being

  • Humans Being - Van Halen
    "There is just enough Christ in me To make me feel almost guilty Is that why God made us breed To make us see we're Humans Being? You break this, I'll break all that You break my balls with all your crap Spread"
  • Hunting Humans - Deeds Of Flesh
    "Fearing death from war A priceless scandal arises Scared people's muscle tissue To be sold to others as meat The scandal will end Human butchers have no remorse For their choppings It's only a job to"
  • Forming Humans - Scariot
    "Born into the world with no intentions at all Casualties are set from the start The roads to devastation are many Will any lead to salvation? Guided by sources of the "righteous" An innocent child. Slowly"
  • Hunting Humans - 122 Stab Wounds
    "I Enter You Will All My Hate And Penetrate What's Left of You Now You Know That All Your Faith Cannot Stop The things I Do Haunting Memories Reappear As I Hold The Victim At Hand Hunting Humans... A Journey"
  • Stevie Nix - The Hold Steady
    "you came into the party with a long black shawl. and the guys from the front lawn were making jokes about the white swan. some nites we just need to get touched and rub right up against something plush."
  • Humans - Valhalla
    "Humans (M/L: Jevo) I came from the stars on a mission to find A place for a colony somewhere to live But the influence of humans Wasted all hopes for my race. Carbon dioxide is blackening your lungs Chemical"
  • Humans - NoMeansNo
    "Phone you mom, youe human Don play dumb, youe human I know that you are anxiuos You want more than this Clean your mess, youe human Get undressed, youe human I know youe embarressed Pale and hairless"
  • Humans - Flashguns
    "Utter most foul, Come here tonight, So my love feels ohohoh, Try as I might, Human oh, Murder will bow, Add upon, No I dated from the strand, My hands by the fire, Put in the hand, You've seen me cry"
  • Steve - Sicko
    "if I had a dog his name would be Steve and at the end of the day he'd be waiting for me and he would listen and I would teach and at the end of two years he would learn how to speak he'd say Ean can"
  • Steve - Rilo Kiley
    "My mom has this boyfriend his name is Steve I want him so very much to die But he wont - he stands strong, he stays all day long and he fucks my mom even when she cries and i want him very much to die and"
  • Stupid Humans - Nobodys
    "Stupid humans don't deserve to live. They take away more than they give. They always ask the question why. Stupid humans deserve to die. Kill them all, they should be dead for all the stupid things they've"
  • Study Humans - MxPx
    "everyday i go to school and study humans i sit and watch them all go by everyday's a new day to study humans i sit and ovserve this girl named bri with my eye all those mannerisms and the funny things"
  • Hunting humans - Misfits
    "Upon this threshold of disaster The birth of the eleventh plague The fires burn at night, I begin to doubt the smell of burning flesh Will ever fade away The touch of death is all around us A thousand"
  • Like humans - Busta Rhymes
    "For millions of years, In millions of homes A man loved a woman, A child it was born It learned how to hurt and it learned how to cry Like Humans Do I'm breathing in I'm breathing out So slip inside"
  • Strange Humans - Bad Acid Trip
    "We humans are getting pretty strange And maybe we forgot how to use our brains Fearing yourself and all those around We're all living in a system of a down Can't you see you're just like me There's no"
  • Go Humans - Bad Astronaut
    "Go human time bombs Go robotic believers Protect your only war reserves Go great destroyers Killers of holy nurture Legacy of genocide rulers And tyrants 'Cause God do we have to be Perversions of our"
  • Humans Load - Valley's Eve
    "My life is like dust Gone with the wind in the desert My soul is burning for love But my brain is longing for pain and devastation I wanted to held you light But I did not manage it The tears flowing down"
  • Shredded Humans - Cannibal Corpse
    "Early hours, open road, family of five - on their way home! Having enjoyed a day in the sun, their encounter with gore has just begun! A homicidal fool not knowing left from right, now has the family in"
  • Humans Dust - Decapitated
    "light- a flash in the eye of the truth darkness- a sea of eternal sin we, the shadows without destination following the spark, the whisper of the unknown the beast of time and truth of the universe"
  • Battery Humans - Amebix
    "Welcome to Cell Block 427 it's 10 o'clock at night Can you see the rows of bodies twitching in their sleep And if you're hungry, if you fancy a bite The guards will be obliged to pick the fattest from"

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