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  • Superstition (stevie Wonder) - Ben Harper
    "Ben Harper Miscellaneous Superstition (stevie Wonder) Very superstitious, writings on the wall, Very superstitious, ladders 'bout to fall Thirteen month old baby, breaks the looking glass Seven years of"
  • California Roll (feat. Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams) - Snoop Dogg
    "Baby you could be a movie star, hey in Los Angeles Get yourself a medical card, yeah in Los Angeles Cause that’s how California rolls They do the fingers like that Fonz in Los Angeles You can make it on"
  • Where the Sun Goes (feat. Stevie Wonder) - Redfoo
    "Lady I've been watching you Uh, baby, I know you've been watching me too You're the type of girl intimate, that loves to dance Tomorrow we'll be sing If you're the type of girl takin' hand and loves the"
  • Stevie - Britny Fox
    "D. Davidson, B. Childs You might have seen this girl, did you catch her name Has she played the town, watch your step cause she's been around. She was once my queen, my love, prize and dream. She left"
  • STEVIE - Kasabian
    "Stevie, where you going with that gun Who you wanna shoot down Who you tryinna kill 'Cos you've been watching too much TV It's playing with your memory It's tryinna break your heart Just calm down, take"
  • Stevie - Spiderbait
    "1, 2, 3, 4 You're my honeybee I like you and you like me It's easy can't you see So won't you get up and dance with me Yes I'll be waiting there for you Yes I'll just be waiting there for you Downtown"
  • One Arm Steve - Widespread Panic
    "Well, One-Arm Steve, yeah he threw me out the door Said come back sometime when your picture's on the wall Hey now, you got to get on out, got no time to field your problems God damn, the repo man, been"
  • Oh Stevie - Zucchero
    "(Zucchero - Cheope) Oh Stevie Canti come un Dio Tu canti il tuo dolore Pero soffro pure io Che vivo in Italy Voglio andare via da qui Via da questo imbroglio Preferisco via da qui Solo su uno scoglio Quanta"
  • Goodbye Stevie - Steve Winwood
    "Well I'm leaving baby I'm gonna go away from here You know I'm leaving baby I'm gonna go away from here And I even gonna worry Ain't even gonna shed a tear Well I went to see my baby Pulled the blind"
  • Stevie Nix - The Hold Steady
    "you came into the party with a long black shawl. and the guys from the front lawn were making jokes about the white swan. some nites we just need to get touched and rub right up against something plush."
  • Stevie Smith - Vic Chesnutt
    "Nobody heard him the dead man,but still he lay moaning:i was much further out than you thoughtand not waving but drowningPoor chap he always loved larkingand now he's deadit must have been too cold for"
  • Wonder - Scanner
    "Emptiness inside my purse And in my pockets too Hell, I guess there is a giant-hole Where all the cash falls through All I need All I need's a wonder I need a wonder I need a new microphone A pair of"
  • Wonder - Shawn Mendes
    "I Wonder if i am being real Do i speak my truth Or do i filter hw i feel? I Wonder, wouldn’t it be nice To live inside a world that isn’t black and white I Wonder, what’s it’s like to be my friends Hope"
  • Wonder - Lamb
    "Lately I find myself Amazed And all around me Everything I see Like all of life a blaze With love That suddenly I see Only now I see The wonder The wonder of it all Wonder everywhere More than we know Heaven's"
  • Wonder - Nine Days
    "Hidden thoughts that lie within the apathy of my own goal and dreams I cry myself to sleep with all the insecurities of love and life itself This big old rock Has fallen smack in the middle of this road"
  • Wonder - Oval Opus
    "I kind of wonder, Every now and then. What you were doing, And how have you been? It's been so long, Oh so long. I kind of wonder, Just where we went wrong? I've almost forgotten, Your body next to"
  • Wonder - Delirious?
    "Is it any wonder that my heart is on the line Is it any wonder that my words are out of time Is it any wonder that I miss you like your mine Oh sweet heart you've broken this sweet heart Oh sweet heart"
  • Wonder - Submersed
    "I wonder if there's a life, Between right and wrong I wonder which side I'm on, or if I'm strong enough I wonder why, They left me here for dead, No wonder there, Are voices in my head Standin' at the"
  • Wonder - Shakra
    "We all live on this planet Giant gentle and blue We breathe and walk and wonder A place for me and you Why is it that I wake up To a new day's light And how come the starlight Shines so bright tonight Tell"
  • Wonder - Hillsong
    "I should have been the guilty oneBut You took the blame for everythingI should have been in exileBut You became the door to freedom.I used to live in the darkness,Searching for a way of escape.Then You"

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