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stil in love you no angels

  • Angels - Heart
    "Angels Angels They didn't want to be, but suddenly they're free Angels Angels I hear them in the trees I wish that one was me I watch clouds roll overhead No, it's me that moves instead Round and round"
  • Angels - Robin Thicke
    "All the things I've done before this They don't mean a thing And all the words spoken before this Won't be said again Suddenly so much of me has No need to pretend 'Cause there's nothing like the truth To"
  • Angels - The XX
    "Light reflects from your shadow It is more than I thought could exist You move through the room Like breathing was easy If someone believed me They would be As in love with you as I am They would be As"
  • Angels - Dusty Springfield
    "The further you get, the better you see Ooh yeah, it all goes on and on, infinitely The closer you are, the better you see Oh, within, within, there is infinity worlds within worlds within worlds within"
  • Angels - Allison Crowe
    "Words & Music by Allison Crowe It took the edge off at least that's what I thought at the time but my mouth was open and these words kept pouring out and now my head is empty and I wish it was just empty"
  • Angels - Daan
    "We had no trouble with the face of any plot when I'd been out stealing. In a closet I was caught. I said never, but was the first to direct you. Cause your own suicide was legal as fractures. I'm on a"
  • Angels - Randy Travis
    "Me and some of the boys were sitting around the other night Started talking about politics, religion, love and life And what a shame it was about 9/11 And what about hell and what about heaven And is there"
  • Angels - G-Unit
    "(50 Cent) G-Unit! Ha Ha! 50 Cent Hook: If some shots may happen to go off tonight Don't worry about me I be aight Niggaz could waiste ammo firin at me because I'm God's child there's angels around me Hook"
  • Angels - Susan Ashton
    "The touch of His hand will let me know He takes me in and lets me go If not for love, who would believe Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, in you and me. We're lifted up by angels Higher than the world"
  • Angels - Stroke 9
    "If it's not that far from where we are I'd like to wait if I could Until the day that the angel comes around I won't find the solace that I'm seeking You can't make me run, you can't make me free The"
  • No Angels - Moments In Grace
    "I lived my life Crippled by your spells I walked blindly toward this lifeless hell The truth undergone by fear The system shut down it brought you back to tears The many moments that I cried tainted by"
  • When The Angels Sing - No Angels
    "And when the angels sing I want you by my side I don't care how long I've been waiting for my baby And when the angels bring You back here in my life Then I know i'ts true That I love you I was so blind I"
  • No angels - Blazin' Squad
    "You Know, It's Now Or Never, It's A New Day, When The Pressures On We're Never Fall That's The Way It Is The Storm Will Forever Progress And We Shall Eternally Reign We Are What We Are And Believe Me We're"
  • Far - Longpigs
    "I never had a moment anybody waits in line But I'd kill for this feeling, then again Seen you drenched in rubber pushing at your clothes so frightening You made for the day you're getting out Far, and"
  • White Angels - At the lake
    "I. One day, one evening so far from my home What I saw I'll remember till death. I didn't know that than but I can say I was an eyewitness of Love's miracle. II. There was a couple of beautiful swans"
  • Angels wings - Westlife
    "I would die for you Lay down my life you The only thing that means Everything to me 'Cause when you're in my arms You make my prouder Than anything I ever Could achieve And you make everything That used To"
  • Angels - Khalid
    "I've been seeing angels In my living room That have walked the sun And have slept on the moon Covered in the fragrance Of their own perfume Telling me the stories Stories coming true Well you see these"
  • Angels - Nanci Griffith
    "The touch of your hand will let me know You'll take me in then let me go If not for love why would we meet? How is it turned two into one so easily? We're lifted up by Angels You understand, and you"
  • Angels - John Farnham
    "The touch of your hand, will let me know You take me in, and let me go If not for love, where would we be How is it done, two into one So easily CHORUS: We're lifted up by angels Higher than the world Strong"
  • Angels Don't Fall In Love - Bangles, The
    "Bangles, The Different Light Angels Don't Fall In Love (v. peterson/s. hoffs) Vicki I saw you today She's lovely You're such a heavenly pair You hope and you pray Someday she'll take you all the way there You"

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