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still i from
  • Ben Folds Still
    "Still I must give the impression That I have the answers for everything You were so disappointed To see me unravel so easily But it's only change Only everything I know Even the things that seem still Are"
  • Jennifer Lopez Still
    "When I sleep I have dreams about the way we used to kiss About the way you used to hold me And say nothin would ever harm me When we first met Oh how you charmed me Made me smile when I was down Big pimpin'"
  • David Fly Still
    "I see your face Just like it was yesterday I feel your touch Just like you were next to me I still know the taste The sweet taste of your lips so I close my eyes I pray for one more day with you (cose)"
  • Cochise STILL
    "And this is a story of a man Who try to be fair with his faith Alone in the dark and the darkness soul He try to be fair with this world Still on the hill Your whispers with me I still fell Your fingers"
  • Donell Jones Still
    "Uh, what What's goin' on Yeah, uh, what What's goin' on Seemed like everything was cool Until you came home yesterday (What's goin' on) And girl, you know I ain't nobody's fool Yet you insist on treating"
  • Ben Folds Five Still
    "I must give the impression that I have the answers for everythingyou were so disappointed to see me unravel so easilyIt slowly changed only everything I knoweven the thing that same still are still changing"
  • Rushlow Still
    "All right, all right Well, it was on my sixteenth summer At the pool where we both went swimmin' That I first saw you So cool like a star in a movie Sun tan, man you took my breath away You take my breath"
  • Frankie J Still
    "I got a call late last night from a number I didn't know It was so strange I knew who it was from the moment she said hello And I paused for a minute I couldn't believe it I kept my cool so my girl just"
  • Half-A-Mill Still
    "(Intro: Half-A-Mill) Uh huh, still, yea, yea, yea Half-A-Mill, uh huh, uh huh For the hood, yea, millennium style Uh uh, still, uh yea (Verse 1) I peel out ill maneuvers on d's like they could shoot the"
  • Geddy Lee Still
    "Trick Of The Light Or Just A Loss Of Perspective Flaw In The Grand Plan Just The Way It Is Looks Good From A Distance But The Closer I Come It... Becomes More Daunting But These Moments Will Pass Still Halfway"
  • Elvis Costello Still
    "These few lines I'll devote To a marvellous girl covered up with my coat Pull it up to your chin I'll hold you until the day will begin Still Lying in the shadows this new flame will cast Upon everything"
  • 98 Degrees Still
    "Love, I see forever in your eyes I can see heaven in your smile And when I hold you close I don't want to let go Because deep in my soul I know girl You are the only light I see Your love means everything"
  • Fly To The Sky Still
    "The precious memories in me In which I cant hesitate any longer... Suddenly, tears fall from the thoughts of you *The times with you that I wanted to hold onto They make me struggle so much Help me, so"
  • Bigwig Still
    "Why can't I explain my feelings? All these thoughts my mind's just reeling, Confused and dumb in my regrets, I hope it's not too late yet. I miss you yes it's true, It's been two months and I'm the fool,"
  • Niall Horan Still
    "My mind is complicated Find it hard to rearrange it But I'll have to find a way somehow Overreacting lately Find it hard to say I'm sorry But I'll make it up to you somehow I just don't know why Stars"
  • Even Rude Still
    "You'll know when the best of what you're gonna get is in front of you. You'll throw it away for something else that you might do. Big shoes are fillable but still you run away when you're scared No words,"
  • Remy Ma Still
    "Seems crazy cuz people be thinking that I be changing, but it's really them that be changing, yo I remember the day, I first signed my record deal with Lyle everything was so good everyone was so proud I"
  • Backstreet Boys I Still
    "Who are you now? Are you still the same Or did you change somehow? What do you do At this very moment when I think of you? And when I'm looking back How we were young and stupid Do you remember"
  • Backstreet Boys I Still...
    "Who are you now? Are you still the same Or did you change somehow? What do you do At this very moment when I think of you? And when I'm looking back How we were young and stupid Do you remember that? Baby No"
  • Megan Rochell I Still
    "Oooh oh oh oh Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Baby ooh oh (Verse 1) I thought that I was over you and the feelings that I had were through Tell me how while looking at me so shook I dont know wot to do And"

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