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still in love with you, no angels

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still in love with you, no angels

  • Still In Love - No Angels
    "The best time I ever had When you were mine Said to myself to keep you near Never let you go But trains and boats and aeroplanes Took me away From you Away from all the love we had From all the"
  • Still In Love With You - The Carpenters
    "I remember the first time I laid more than eyes on you We've been in love for a long time And I'm still in love with you (*) I am so still in love with you Will you always understand I do not know"
  • Still In Love With You - Cher
    "Visions haunt my memory They hold on, hold on desperately You and I were over long ago Don't know why My heart was last to know Each time I find somebody new Still in love with you I know I been lying"
  • Still In Love With You - Thin Lizzy
    "Think I'll just fall to pieces If I don't find something else to do This sadness never ceases I'm still in love with you My head, it keeps on reeling It's got me in a crazy spin Darling, darling, darling Is"
  • Still In Love With You - Curt Smith
    "I think I'll fall to pieces If I don't find something else to do This sadness it never ceases Oh I'm still in love with you And my head keeps on reeling It's got me in a crazy spin Oh darlin' darlin' darlin' Is"
  • Still depending - No Angels
    "I`m just the man, I`ve always been no more no less, just try to do my best to make your dreams come true and baby, believe me: you ain`t seen nothing yet you ain`t seen nothing yet baby Taking it easy,"
  • No angels - Blazin' Squad
    "You Know, It's Now Or Never, It's A New Day, When The Pressures On We're Never Fall That's The Way It Is The Storm Will Forever Progress And We Shall Eternally Reign We Are What We Are And Believe Me We're"
  • Angels - Eskobar
    ""Angels" Did it ever cross your mind to leave the world behind take a walk with friends no longer alive When the days they pass you by like the clouds run through the sky you're in your heart still"
  • Angels - Robin Thicke
    "All the things I've done before this They don't mean a thing And all the words spoken before this Won't be said again Suddenly so much of me has No need to pretend 'Cause there's nothing like the truth To"
  • Angels - The XX
    "Light reflects from your shadow It is more than I thought could exist You move through the room Like breathing was easy If someone believed me They would be As in love with you as I am They would be As"
  • Angels - Allison Crowe
    "Words & Music by Allison Crowe It took the edge off at least that's what I thought at the time but my mouth was open and these words kept pouring out and now my head is empty and I wish it was just empty"
  • Angels - Dusty Springfield
    "The further you get, the better you see Ooh yeah, it all goes on and on, infinitely The closer you are, the better you see Oh, within, within, there is infinity worlds within worlds within worlds within"
  • Angels - Daan
    "We had no trouble with the face of any plot when I'd been out stealing. In a closet I was caught. I said never, but was the first to direct you. Cause your own suicide was legal as fractures. I'm on a"
  • Angels - G-Unit
    "(50 Cent) G-Unit! Ha Ha! 50 Cent Hook: If some shots may happen to go off tonight Don't worry about me I be aight Niggaz could waiste ammo firin at me because I'm God's child there's angels around me Hook"
  • No Angels - Moments In Grace
    "I lived my life Crippled by your spells I walked blindly toward this lifeless hell The truth undergone by fear The system shut down it brought you back to tears The many moments that I cried tainted by"
  • Still In Love With U - Babyface
    "Silly me I tell myself Taking you for granted I never loved nobody else Silly me,silly,silly me Silly me that's how I felt Not being romantic How could I let you fall out love Well All I know is when"
  • The Trouble With Angels - Brooks & Dunn
    "Alone here tonight, lookin' up at the sky Wonderin' how I let her go Did I hold her too tight, heaven only knows A bottle of wine, a day in the sunshine Seems like we shared everything Yeah I felt her"
  • Still in love with you - John Waite
    "You've been livin' with your broken heartI've been trying hard to play the partBut some pretender with an easy smile can tell you it's alrightI ain't got nothin' if you leave me now, just a hypocrite with"
  • I'm Still In Love With You - New Edition
    "(Still in love) I'm still in love with you.... Still in love Listen... Oh what can I do girl So much in love girl But your friends got you thinkin' And it's affecting you What can I do girl So"
  • Im Still In Love With You - Sean Paul
    "sean paul: Well, in come a ting dem call a broken heart, dis blessed love will neva part it don't know it from da start; me tell dem say a dutty eh a Sean Paul and Sasha Come sing fo dem bebe sasha: boy"

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