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still waters run deep

  • Still Waters Run Deep - The 69 Eyes
    "Every time I hear you breathe In the still night next to me And your innocent heart to beat I feel so complete Just let me listen to you gently breathe No words do we need Let your innocent heart to speak Still"
  • Still Waters Run Deep - Lenna Kuurmaa
    "Far I see but never in front of me I look over the walls I see a random kill, back-stabing still I see the world with one eye closed Since all my dreams are touched by an evil-hand How should I ever sleep when"
  • Still Waters Run Deep - Bee Gees
    "Still waters run deep Just remember when we lie to each other No one wins, and losers weep Reflection will show this connection We can lean on each other This is all we need to know Well, I admit I've"
  • Still Waters Run Deep - Brook Benton
    "Thank You Pretty Baby - Artist: Brook Benton as sung on "The Satin Sound Brook Benton" - Suffolk Marketing-SMI 2 - peak Billboard position # 16 in 1959 - Words and Music by Brook Benton & Clyde Otis I"
  • Waters Run Deep - Kristine W.
    "Even the strong can get weak I'm ashamed to say I followed you today Stood so far away But somehow I just knew you knew that I was watching you You gave that silly grin the one that pulled me in It's"
  • Still Waters - Thompson Twins
    "You see me standing there Move a little closer take a look You see an ordinary man You think that you can read me like a book So you cast me a smile Reel me in with striptease eyes But you're way out of"
  • Still Waters - Jim White
    "Well I was shacked up down in the mobile With a girl from New York city She woke me up one night to tell me That we weren't alone. She said she saw the ghost of a woman staring at me I told her not to"
  • Still waters - Anneli Marian Drecker
    "Anneli Marian Drecker Tundra Still waters Still waters run deep now I've been watching you so long I know that something's twisted I know that something's wrong How long ago Did you consult your heart You"
  • Still waters - Anneli Drecker
    "Still waters run deep now I've been watching you so long I know that something's twisted I know that something's wrong How long ago Did you consult your heart You consult your heart Tend it, as I Should"
  • Still Deep Waters - The Mission
    "You feed my addiction so I will depend on you You ease my affliction and I will ascend with you My heroine you're the steel that pricks my skin You are the needle in my vein The drug that numbs the pain You"
  • Deep Waters - Incognito
    "(j.p. maunick/r. bull) Is it a crime For me to be feeling this way Im going out of my mind And there's no change from my runaway love Is it a dream (is it a dream) That I'm throwing in the wishing well I'm"
  • Beneath Still Waters - Emmylou Harris
    "(Dallas Frazer) Beneath still waters There's a strong undertow The surface won't tell you What the deep water knows Darling, I'm saying I know something's wrong Beneath still waters Your love is gone Even"
  • Deep Waters - The Black League
    "I see you... in a velvet robe, I feel you... from across the wave I hear you... calling me Deep waters... Calling men. Calling women. And calling children Deep waters... Calling men. Calling women. Calling."
  • Deep waters - Dokken
    "It's been a long time since I felt this way you know I haven't lost my mind I'm just tired I see the souls on the street they're all crying I'm not trying to be 'cuz I'm no better than the dying no I'm"
  • Memories Run Deep - Kindred Spirit
    "Written by siobhan maher & dave snell Main voice: siobhan Produced by kindred spirit Released on 'kindred spirit' (1995) Won't let the grass grow under my feet Carry you home, memories run deep Won't"
  • Troubled Waters - Rihanna
    "You you you you I was such a fool for you Would do anything you asked trough Only had eyes for you You grabbed your other fellas in your cruel Ey I miss fucked your games The things you did They drove"
  • Run - Lena Osińska
    "You say once more, you say again This time it won't fail So how much this time it'll take for you To lock me in that cage You have your ways That always get to me No matter how hard I try Cause how am"
  • Upon Still Waters - Cowboy Junkies
    "(a curly blonde disaster Lying out there) He said, "you make me feel As desired as a crackling fire." She said, "I saw a man out walking Upon still waters... (I want to lie beside you In a warm bed, Feel"
  • Across The Waters - Triumvirat
    "When the hell broke loose at midnight, time to die was near Golden tongues, disastrous fire increasing human fear Sounds of prayers to God had faded there was no escape Burning bodies, crowded sundeck told"
  • Still On The Run - Bill Miller
    "Swam accross that muddy river The moon was shining down The tide was swift and the water deep But I did not drown I touched the land of milk and honey And what I found A bullet with your name on"

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