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stone gods

  • Forgotten Gods - Opera IX
    "Through the eyes of the raven I saw the rain falling on the world The entire nature bending Under the vehemence of the furious wind That was the time, The favour of the Stone, I asked And they, water in"
  • Stone Garden - Psycho Realm
    "This jam right here is dedicated To all you motherf**ker that ain't right here You're supposed to be right here with me, motherf**ker You know what I'm saying ? You know what the f**k I'm saying I'll"
  • Gods of War - Powergod
    "At night I wake up from my sleep There's no one else around The evil river runs so deep And I can hear a sound I'm lost and alone I can feel reality And my heart turns to stone Take this pain from me There's"
  • No Other Gods - Watson Wayne
    "Wayne Watson Isaiah 29:13/Jeremiah 51:17-18/Exodus 20:3 My temple is built on wood and of stone Each space is filled with the things that I own Idols and gods that call me to bow I try to be free but there's"
  • Altar Of The Gods - Saxon
    "Come from the woods Out of the hills Come from the cities Down from the moors Make your way down the golden path To stand before the temple Power is the name (*) To stay on the top your aim Money rules"
  • The Iron Stone - The Incredible String Band
    "A long wind a weaving mind Over all the land the wild flowers grow, Echoing kind to kind On that day when I found the iron stone Heavy in my hand in the sloping rain Ever the seas rolled on and o'er my"
  • Like A Stone - Audioslave
    "On a cold wet afternoon in a room full of emptiness by a freeway i confess i was lost in the pages of a book full of death reading how we'll die alone and if a god will lay to rest anywhere we want"
  • Sculpted In Stone - Dies Irae
    "The time has gone And everything looks old, The clocks have stop Life could be reformed. The past returns With anger, fear and war, Evil comes to bring the world It's berserk force. Maybe it will kill"
  • Even The Gods Must Die - Nile
    "Invoked in stone Of epic proportion Was his temple of pillars Magnificent colossal Humbling all who entered its sacred halls Yet now fallen to decay and ruin Its past grandeur Obscured by the cruelties"
  • The Gods Made Heavy Metal - Manowar
    "In the beginning there was silence and darkness All across the earth Then came the wind and a hole in the sky Thunder and lightning came crashing down Hit the earth and split the ground Fire burned high"
  • Bleeding Shrines Of Stone - Liers In Wait
    "(Music & lyrics: Kristian Whlin) Twisting Altars Whirling around in a Maze Malignant Lord of an Insect Race (CHORUS:) Abiding the toxic Floods of Retaliation The bleeding Shrines below Abiding, Arising,"
  • Stone - Jimmy Somerville
  • Stone - Alice In Chains
    "I know you think I'm wrong, but I'm not your tour guide Haven't guessed it, Don't let them look inside Cold, dry, stone What makes you want to carve your initials in me? Rain and weather erasing hard"
  • Stone - Axel Rudi Pell
    "Tangled dream and endless highways Bang the drum in a foreign land Sometimes I wonder just what I'm chasing When all I need is the touch of your hand But I've got no fixed abode I'm out of my own Babe"
  • Stone - Kim Wilde
    "Written by Ricky, Kim & Marty Wilde Most people wake From a nightmare to find Everything's great It was all in their mind So am I still sleeping Or is this all real If I keep on pinching myself Will the"
  • Stone - Unbelievable Truth
    "The words that I deliver, always out of breath out on a limb. Life out of the mainstream, I declare it dead and gone, out of the scene. None of this is harder than knowing about you. If you were someone"
  • Stone - McKinley
    "(McKinley) My room gets as huge as heaven, wide and deep as hell on the nights I practice dying. But I know I know I know the pea the princess sleeps on is the rock she won't walk away from, knocking out"
  • Stone - Cyrus Villanueva
    "I should have known From your voice alone That you're gonna mess me up Too much pleasure like a sugar rush I should have guessed From those cherry lips That you're gonna leave your mark Never had a kiss"
  • Stone - Chris Rea
    "Tangled dream and endless highways Bang the drum in a foreign land Sometimes I wonder what I'm chasing When all I need is the touch of your hand I've got no fixed abode out of own Babe it gets so cold Without"
  • Stone - Tristesse De La Lune
    "Kreischende Stimmen Schmerzen deine Wort sind der Blick verhllt kein Licht in deine Seele dringt You only think black or white You don't realise my soul this night your heart is cold like stone on ice Please"

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