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stoney curtis

  • Stoney - Lobo
    "I've known her since we both were kids, I recall the silly things we did She would want to ride up on my back To keep from stepping on a crack I didn't think of it back then But even when she did not win"
  • Stoney - Jerry Jeff Walker
    "I first ran into Stoney. . . it was a bar downtown; Was Richmond, Virginia. . . we were bumming around, Suitcase to suitcase. . . we started him talking, Finding out about the things we've shared in the"
  • Curtis - Babasonicos
    "No me des permiso no me adviertas no poder con tus compromisos y tu ayer no nos conocemos tanto no hemos compartido todo ni siquiera tenemos amigos en comn. Para enamorarme no necesito tu consentimiento"
  • Curtis - Babasnicos
    "No me des permiso No me adviertas no poder Con tus compromisos y tu ayer No nos conocemos tanto No hemos compartido todo No siquiera tenemos amigos en comn Para enamorarme No necesito tu consentimiento Dame"
  • Stoney end - Barbra Streisand
    "Grazie Papa! Listen, I couldn't decide which song to sing next... So .. Wait... no, no, no, it's not as free as that, I have a choice of two, and I'll see... I'll see which one you like best. Wait... wait..."
    "i was born from love and my poor mother worked the mines I was raised on the good book Jesus till I reach between the lines now I don’t believe I wanna see the morning going down the stoney end I never"
  • Stoney Jackson - Kool Keith
    "This is a message - yeah To all you jheri curl, cats - SOLAR - yknahmsayin? You Chic kids, seventy-four niggaz, SEVENTY-FOUR niggaz Fuck that I remember them niggaz with jheri curls Nobody's hardcore niggaz"
  • Rolling stoney - Tribe After Tribe
    "Saw myself in a dream last night i was 3/4 drunk but i was doing alright sometimes i feel... just like a rolling stone i heard the sounds of broken glass but that was in my head 'cause i was breaking up"
  • Ian Curtis - Thursday
    "We listened to the open sound your voice projected on the radio dial Lie with me I said and lying's what she always did and always will. All these thoughts keep leading back to him. And no signs from"
  • Curtis Creek - Bebo Norman
    "We planned to leave early And to pack unheavy Because the truck was getting full. But the same old fear At the end of the year Wouldn't let us leave so soon. The Blue Ridge Mountains were calling,"
  • Curtis 187 - 50 Cent
    "(Chorus - 50 Cent) They say Im grimey, Im greasy I make a 187 look easy F**k that, I lay my murder game down Push me nigga, see what Im about (Verse 1 - 50 Cent) I was a snotty nose, nappy head, dirtbomb"
  • Intro (Curtis) - 50 Cent
    "[1:] Here you go man... [2:] Jesus Christ man you going to war. [1:] What I say? Didnt I say come to me? Do I ever disappoint? Fuckin no. Why? I deliver. Why? Im your man. How do I know? How? Know? Know"
  • Everything (Curtis - Nine Days
    "I wont let you down, if I'm not around and you will be free, and I will be myself I wont fill your eyes with tears, if I lose all my fears but who would I be? and would you recognize me? tell me who"
  • Everything (Curtis - Mary J. Blige
    "My everything, everything, everything You are my everything, you are my everything You, my everything It's all because of you I'm never sad and blue You brighten up my day In your own special way Whenever"
  • Curtis Loew - Lynyrd Skynyrd
    "I went down to the crosroads Fell down on my knees Down to the crossroads Fell down on my knees I said I'm beggin' for mercy won't you take me If you please I went down to the crossroads Tried to"
  • Stoney (Early Version) - Lobo
    "(Lobo) I've known her since we both were kids, I recall the silly things we did She would want to ride up on my back To keep from stepping on a crack I didn't think of it back then But even when she did"
  • My Stoney Baby - 311
    "The fish who keeps on swimming. Is the first to chill upstream. I want your fish right by me. That's how it has to be. The songs I sing they don't mean a thing if you're not there to hear it, but then"
  • In Stoney Lodge - Cage
    "Man talking: And this story just in from the wires of the Associated Press The incidents of mental illness in the United States appears to be on the increase *He's losing his mind!* Strapped to the bed Semi-conscious"
  • Ian Curtis Wishlist - Xiu Xiu
    "Someday J.S. When you tell me everything It will make me want to take it too far And when ask me everything I will take it too far The twenty-hundred private loops making up my Ahh! Ian Curtis, I can't"
  • Stoney End-Chantel Kohl - American Juniors
    "I was born from love And my poor mother worked the mines I was raised on the good book, Jesus Til I read between the Lines And I don't believe I want to see the morning Gonna down to Stoney End I never"

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