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stop the beat

  • You Can't Stop The Beat - Hairspray
    "You can't stop an avalanche as it races down the hill You can try to stop the seasons, girl, but you know you never will And you can try to stop my dancing feet, but I just cannot stand still! 'Cause"
  • The Beat - Elvis Costello
    "We're all going on a summer holiday Vigilante's coming out to follow me. Heard somebody say they're out to collar me. Anybody wanna swallow me? It takes two to tumble. It takes two to tango. Speak up;"
  • Stop - Girls Aloud
    "Welcome boy Welcome girl Step into a world Where the city never sleeps The music rocks And the beat never stops Let the bassline kick your feet When the beatbox grooves Get down and move Never felt this"
  • Stop - Corbin Bleu
    "Ha! Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh I'm chillin' with my guys, We steppin' out tonight, Hit a spot that's looking fly You know we keep it tight, Hop on my ride it's on I got my bands and my shades on, Hit the floor,"
  • Heartbreak Beat - The Psychedelic Furs
    "I'm a heartbreak beat Yeah, all night long And nobody don't dance on the edge of the dark We've got the radio on And it feels like love But it don't mean a lot And it feels like love And it's all that"
  • Tony the beat - The Sounds
    "Hey, let's kick itStop, just lick itlet you start it'cause 'cause it's so easyyou like it my wayand I know itso let's do itdo it do it real goodha, it's sweatynow, I'm readyjust take it offcause cause"
  • Dr. Beat - Gloria Estefan
    "Doctor, I've got this feeling Deep inside of me, deep inside of me I just can't control my feet When I hear the beat, when I hear the beat Hey doctor, could you give me something To ease the pain, to ease"
  • Dr. Beat - Miami Sound Machine
    "Emergency - paging Dr. Beat - Emergency Doctor I've got this feeling Deep inside of me deep inside of me. Ijust can't control my feet When I hear the beat when I hear the beat. Hey doctor could you give"
  • Mental Beat - Hanoi Rocks
    "The beat is getting stronger I can't take it any longer Every time I try to sleep I wake up to This beat inside of me You can't ignore this beat You have to get up on your dancing feet You will have no"
  • Christmas Beat - Sadist
    "I open my eyes - here's a new day I wish my hands will turn red once again I pant for your last breath - now is the time As my brain will call I am going to dive Crying, shouting Is just a drone in my"
  • Broken Beat - Escanaba Firing Line
    "The hardest part of today; stop, rewind, hit play. Back here once again with nothing more to say. Tossing you back and forth in my head. Clock ticking to remind me Many times this like tomorrow. Broken"
  • Rebel Beat - Goo Goo Dolls
    "We keep heading in the same direction You become my own reflection Is that your soul that you're trying to protect I always hoped that we would intersect, yeah You need time to cope and time to heal Time"
  • Funky Beat - Everlast
    "Check Uh huh Check check, y'all Everlast: Yo Whitey Ford's the name The Hunchback of Notre Dame Couldn't get more bent When it's time to represent I control it like rent In a slum tenement Life's hard"
  • Beat Biters - Missy Elliott
    "She's ah......uh uh....bitch Yo...I'ma tell yall straight up and down It's like this for real, it's goin' down like this foreal She's ah....bitch (tell 'em) I'm sick of yall fake Timbaland beat bitin',"
  • Oriental Beat - Hanoi Rocks
    "I'm gonna take a holiday, Be somewhere far away, I won't be back for awhile For a long long time, I wanna get away from the west To the place that I like best, And where the nights are long And the girls"
  • You Can't Stop the Beat (ft. Jamie Scott) - Wally Lopez
    "You always take your pretty face Everywhere that you go Make up hides that bitter taste Every time you say no I just want to make you smile Over and over and over Could you stay here for a while? You"
  • Feel The Beat - LL Cool J
    "Uh yes yes yall, feel the beat yall Freak freak yall Ya don't stop Uh yes yes yall, feel the beat yall Freak freak yall Ya don't stop When Def Jam signed me They hit the lottery It wasn't free but don't"
  • Keep the beat - Rakim
    "She asked could I keep the beat So here's the beat, everytime it pounds, you get weak Comfy, imbedded like a pillow, bouncin wit an echo My voice is moist, and plus mellow I got it going on, you're gonna"
  • Beat The System - Petra
    "Words and music by Bob Hartman Based on Romans 8:37, Mark 10:31, Matthew 10:39 Caught in the undertow being swept downstream Going against the flow seems like such a dream Trying to hold your ground"
  • Feel the beat - Mark'Oh
    "Feel the beat It's burning the air and smelling so sweet Dark is light We're breaking the day and we are taming the night Did we meet Or shouldn't we dare or shouldn't we ceat wrong or right Oh nothing"

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