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stop the clocks 3;SC

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stop the clocks 3;SC

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stop the clocks 3;SC
  • Urthboy The Clocks
    "(Verse 1) Aeronautical activity is all grounded No F16 jets no alarm sounded Not even a rumour that a terrorist downed it Without any hint of controversy around it No police called everybody is accounted Cover"
  • Buena Vista Social Club Clocks
    "Coldplay - CoverThe lights go out and I can't be savedTides that I tried to swim againstHave brought me down upon my kneesOh I beg, I beg and I plead Singingcome out of the things unsaidShoot an apple"
  • Blake Lewis Clocks
    "Lights go out and i can't be saved, tides that i tried to swim againstHave brought me down upon my knees, oh i beg, i beg and please - singingCome out with things unsaid, shoot an apple of my head - and"
  • Gregorian Clocks
    "Lights go out and I can't be saved Tides that I tried to swim against You've put me down upon my knees Oh I beg, I beggen please Come out of things unsaid Shoot, an apple off my head And the trouble"
  • Coldplay Clocks
    "The lights go out and I can't be saved Tides that I tried to swim against Have brought me down upon my knees Oh I beg, I beg and plead singing Come out of things unsaid Shoot an apple off my head and a Trouble"
  • Donots Stop The Clocks
    "Lies Demand another lie No matter how I try Wish I could disappear I know myself I know myself well enough Down The only way is down My face down on the ground What am I doing here? I know myself I know"
  • Oasis Stop The Clocks
    "Stop the clocks and turn you love around Let your love lay me down And when the night is over they'll be no sound Lock the box and leave it all behind On the backseat of my mind And when the night is"
  • One Hit Wonder Clocks
    "When did they start letting kids in here I've been coming for years the cynical man looked like god himself had let him down (Chorus) thats life till now or they say so are you hearing what you want Just"
  • Versaemerge Clocks
    "since that clocks first tick a dark hue and fear driven lives its only real till it ends as the stars fall, on our heads call the wind the theif for stealing their prayers look at us shake the sky pulling"
  • Kat Dahlia Clocks
    "Black night, cocaine Free up, make rain oh We so about it! Sun down, gold chain My cup, my jane oh We so about it… We live up in the the jungle, we cocky but humble You don’t wanna rumble, speak up bitch"
  • Emmylou Harris Clocks
    "(Emmylou Harris) Old brown clock ticking on my shelf Take my mind to someplace else Little gold clock ticking by my bed Funny little people dancing 'round my head Morning brings me things to do Morning"
  • Regina Spektor The clocks were asleep
    "The clocks were asleep and asleeps how we found themwe found them and wound them againbut they didnt last us till morning and warningthat you never should force mechanical thingsthey are not meant for"
  • John Prine Clocks & Spoons
    "Clocks and spoons and empty rooms It's raining out tonight What a way to end a day By turnin' out the light Shoot the moon right between the eyes I'm sending most of me to sunny country side Runnin' through"
  • SZA Broken Clocks
    "run fast from my day job running fast from the way it was jump quick to a pay check running back to the strip bar I’m never going back never going back no you can’t make me I’m never going back never going"
  • Aztec Camera Pianos & Clocks
    "Words and music by roddy frame Well, hello there, sweet to see you, Like your colour, how you doin'? I've been battered and bewildered In the beauty of your ruins Flash, flash and I am blinded By the"
  • Lack Of Limits When the clocks return to zero
    "Can you feel the spirit of a pleasant rain And do you hear the flute of the summer sun What would you do, if the light was taken away So let me take you back through the days Cold war legacy of hostility"
  • Gil Stop
    "I can't forget the day you came And knocked it on my door baby Everything you said to me I was a fool too blind to see I never knew a love so true Could feel so unreal Stop! I don't want you to go I"
  • A Global Threat On The Clocks
    "buzzing blaring through my skull the sun is up but i can't tell sneak the covers down my nose eyes are sore gotta keep 'em closed call in, no i've gotta go its quarter past the buzz was slow on the clock down"
  • Weddings Parties Anything Under The Clocks
    "(Thomas) I know you, I know your ways, And yes, I hear the things you say, But what you say and what you do Are worlds apart, when you go... Tilting at Windmills, Chasing a dream through greenfields, I"
  • Show Me The Skyline Clocks And Calenders
    "Every time I sigh and smile, to nothing at all, I'm breathing for you baby, wishing I could call The nights last so much longer, when you're home alone Waiting for that girl, to make her way back home. Days"

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