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stoped try again dont be afraid I said

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stoped try again dont be afraid I said

  • Dont Be Afraid - Faith Evans
    "Baby don't be afraid of Afraid of my love Since we've been together baby It hasn't been too long But I slowly feel myself Falling love again And I want to give you more of what I have inside But"
  • Why Dont We Try Again - Brian May
    "(Brian May) After the storm there's the dead of night It seems there's no way back for me So little comfort in my lonely bed To know That it had to be And now I miss you in so many ways You know I miss"
  • Dont Be Afraid - Mya
    "(Chorus) Don't be afraid to look in my eyes I'll catch you if you fall in love Don't be afraid of holdin' me tight 'cause I know what you're thinkin' of Don't be afraid just say that you're mine I'll catch"
  • Time Stoped - Metallica
    "(spoken) its getting closed (guitars start but still spoken) and if you cant see me...then should i just go? (all insturments go but still spoken) for you and for me (sung) Wait cant you feel it? stirring"
  • Don't Be Afraid - Lexicon
    "(Big Oak) Now set it off, like... Yo yo, yo Nick, where you at, my man? (Nick Fury) I'm right here. Right here. Cheapshot, where you at? (scratched) Say what? (Big Oak) See it took movin' with a"
  • Never Be Afraid Again - Christian Walz
    "I won't breathe you now, I will let you take me down To your underworld, to your underworld, I will follow the, rising bubbles to the sky Like a melody, like a melody... I will never be alone, this could"
  • Try Again - Westlife
    "Hush now don't you cry There will be a better day I promise you We can work it out But only if you let me know What's on your mind Baby, you thought it was forever Through any kind of weather"
  • Try Again - Aaliyah Feat. Timbaland
    "It's been a long time we shouldn't have left you Without a dope beat to step to Step to, step to, step to, step to, step to Freaky, freaky It's been a long time we shouldn't have left you Without a dope"
  • Try Not To Be Afraid - Boy George
    "Don't be afraid Don't be afraid Try not to be afraid So many things can happen But nothing's ever quite as bad As it might appear I'll give you all I've got You know I can't protect you And try and stop"
  • Not afraid - Eminem
    "(Hook) I'm not afraid (x2) to take a stand (x2) Everybody (x2) come take my hand (x2) We'll walk this road together, through the storm Whatever of weather, cold or warm Just let you know that, you're"
  • Dont Turn Away - Face To Face
    "FACE TO FACE FAT WRECK (Time wasted by : Don't Turn Away CHORDS -YOU'VE DONE NOTHING / You don't know what you want to be/you don't know what you want to do/never going to amount to"
  • Try - Lunik
    "You want me to be happy So happy I am I sing a song and you'll be amazed And never miss it again This same time it's a game And I'll win because you don't see That I'm playing with you You think that"
  • Try - ALO
    "Things she said been making them feel afraid That they're gonna be let down But if they knew what she were capable of I know they'd want her around That's why she gotta give it A little bit of confidence And"
  • Don't Be Afraid - Krezip
    "Dont you feel afraid of what they might say Dont you feel it rise, feel the pressure rise Dont you feel afraid, just be true to you No dont you feel afraid theres no need to Chorus Its Spelled out if"
  • Don't Be Afraid - Elisa Fiorillo
    "How can you say goodbye, my love? When we haven't even said hello I see your face I feel your sadness I feel your pain inside of me Why are you so afraid? How can you go on living in the past? I see your"
  • Afraid - Russell Crowe & 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts
    "(Crowe) Waiting here somedays, and looking inside. You can't live your life on your own love, Well not all the time I need somebody, from outside of me, To come and give me all the things that I have"
  • Afraid - Yellowcard
    "Lie in this empty bed With this aching head You left me here this morning Now I can't remember why I let you in again To get under my skin And every time you disappear I remember I look for you But I"
  • Afraid - Nelly Furtado
    "(feat. Attitude) What they say what they say what they say You speak out all you feel is defiance All you need is some self-reliance Cuz this world is gonna always try us And all you wanted was to run"
  • Don't Be Afraid - Steel Pulse
    "Selwyn D. Brown I gave my pledge to you And I never forget The good times and the bad times And even some regrets Time has passed and we both knew That there comes a time to change And tough we're not"
  • Not Afraid To Be Me - Kendall Payne
    "Ive got a new way of living now a little less of a lot A little more of nothing Thought you might have seen the change in me Little quicker to listen little slower to speak I was wrong when I said I was"

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