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strange birds

  • Strange Birds - Birdy
    "Little ghost, you are listening, Unlike most you don’t miss a thing, You see the truth, I walk the halls invisibly, I climb the walls, no one sees me, No one but you. You’ve always loved the strange birds Now"
  • Little Birds - Neutral Milk Hotel
    "Little birds born without a mother or a father I can watch their bodies forming in the running water Now there is another in the middle of my mouth A hundred altogether within me now Little bird, little"
  • Woven Birds - Calexico
    "The plaza in the village where mission bells used to ring is now crumbled to a pile of stench and ruin even the swallows have spring all the blossoms are burried neath the waste out of the shadows grow"
  • Those Thieving Birds, Part 1 / Strange Behaviour / Those Thieving Birds, Part 2 - Silverchair
    "Those thieving birds Hang strung from an empty nest This swan plagued pond Forsaken and under whelmed Those leaving words Hang strong from an emptiness Hang strong from an emptiness Those thieving birds Hang"
  • Strange Dream - Lanfscape of souls
    "(tekst: Janosik) I still have the vague blackness in front of my eyes And this hum of silence in ears I have already forgot how the day looks like I have forgot the birds' singing And my woman's beautiful"
  • Strange Desire - The Black Keys
    "Oh~ooh~oh, oh~oh oh-oh, Oh~ooh~oh, oh-oh, Oh~ooh~oh, oh~oh oh-oh, Oh~ooh~oh, oh-oh, I don't wanna go to hell, But if I do, It'll be 'cause of you, And a young man's, Gonna make mistakes, Till he hits"
  • Strange Noises - Anja Garbarek
    "There were these two people Living together in a peculiar house This house was so peculiar Because it made such strange noises The couple decided that they had to move They could no longer stand living"
  • Strange Phenomena - Kate Bush
    "Soon it will be the phase of the moon When people tune in. Every girl knows about the punctual blues, But who's to know the power behind our moves? A day of coincidence with the radio, And a word that"
  • Birds - Kari Bremnes
    "See the seagulls sitting by the waterfront, Like sculptures made of stone, Watching summer good times fly away And leave the seagulls all alone. Birds are like words: Suddenly away. Birds are like words: Some"
  • Birds - Adrian Belew
    "Birds, birds everywhere I see I wanna live like they do I wanna be in their trees, So heavenly Bird, birds everywhere I go I wanna know what they know I wanna live in harmony, So simply Dear god, I know"
  • Birds - Imagine Dragons
    "Two hearts, one valve Pumpin' the blood, we were the flood We were the body and Two lives, one life Stickin' it out, lettin' you down Makin' it right Seasons, they will change Life will make you grow Dreams"
  • Birds - Imagine Dragons
    "Two hearts, one valve Pumpin' the blood, we were the flood We were the body and Two lives, one life Stickin' it out, lettin' you down Makin' it right Seasons, they will change Life will make you grow Dreams"
  • Birds - Lisa Loeb
    "We are birds we Ran from the water. And birds we take off Over the ocean. We fly in flock sometimes, Fly in a V. But we can fly solo, I can tell you no. And a sea fly lands on the edge of your footprint, I'm"
  • Birds - Shade
    "I'm turning of the look From colours of reality Penetrable, pleasant warmth This one moment, while Fly away from here Touch a sun bean Breath of wind I see unblemished sky blue And below mosaic of hue Morning's"
  • Birds - eels
    "I can't look at the rocket launch The trophy wives of the astronauts And I won't listen to their words 'Cause I like Birds I don't care for walkin' down town Crazy auto car gonna mow me down Look at all"
  • Birds - Elton John
    "There's some things I don't have now Some things I don't talk about These things are between myself and I In my thick skull the joker hides There's consequences I'm scared to taste Cold hard truths I"
  • Birds - Aztec Camera
    "Words and music by Roddy Frame "Hey baby, baby bring your love to me" Repeats the radio relentlessly All day I dream a dream where feelings flee In free formation. The sweetest sound reflects in saddened"
  • Birds - Electrelane
    "I loved you in the morning Before the sun would come You were the dawn to me I loved you in the evening While the birds were still singing You gave every song to me I want to see you More than anything"
  • Birds - The Starting Line
    "Spend the day in your bed takin' medicine/ If that's the only thing that keeps you calm/ Well one of these days you gotta get up, and get out/ There is a purpose for all of my sitting here/ If you can't"
  • Birds - Swift
    "I cast away everything I own for this feeling inside of me live my life for my home I'll be safe rather than be left alone feels like I can't live like I used to so I keep bringing new things in this to"

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