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stranger night

  • Stranger - Gorky Park
    "Stranger next to me, have I seen your face Stranger next to me, have I seen this place Oh stranger you're so close I can hold your hand I'm a stranger oh just like you don't you undestand Oh stranger Silence"
  • Stranger - Murray McLauchlan
    "If I knew what was goin' on Wouldn't never ba a stranger Wouldn't walk the lonely streets Talkin' to myself Got a long past Nobody knows a thing about Nobody hears a thing Except the midnight windows when"
  • Stranger - Kris Kristofferson
    "Maybe she was smilin' in the mirror Maybe I was too, 'cause I was stoned Singin' every sad song on the juke-box one more time Honey, they were hittin' close to home And I said - Maybe this'll make you"
  • Stranger - Musicae QED
    "Last night a stranger laughed in my face She said "you'll never be the same again" I said "I don't believe in fate" She frowned and left the room Not being accustomed to that I stood and followed the"
  • Stranger - Figurine
    "I still remember the first time I saw you In the library lift up to the twenty fourth floor From where I stood you looked like an angel So I didn't move until you walked out the door The metro The bus"
  • Stranger - Pacifier
    "The night goes on and on It seems like it's forever Wish we were home instead Of how it's turning out It's something that you cannot explain The one thing that gets in the way Don't say the things that"
  • Stranger - Pacifier / Shihad
    "the night goes on and on; it seems like it's forever wish we were home instead of how it's turning out there's something you cannot explain the one thing that gets in the way don't say the things you"
  • Stranger - Electric Light Orchestra
    "On a cold and windy morning, said goodbye to my old friends They were hangin' around the corner, They were stayin' till the end On the other side of midnight, I was lookin' for a place to stay And one"
  • Stranger - E.L.O
    "On a cold and windy morning, said goodbye to my old friends They were hangin' around the corner, They were stayin' till the end On the other side of midnight, I was lookin' for a place to stay And one"
  • Stranger - Lloyd Banks
    "Uh! I'm doin my thang (I'm doin my thang) G-Unit's my gang (G-Unit's my gang) Ma I gotta get mine (Ma I gotta get mine) All the day all the time (All the day all the time) Nigga you know how we roll (Nigga"
  • Stranger - The Presidents of the United States of America
    "You Lynyrd Skynyrd hat and me little kitty Sat across with a velvet jacket wild orange hair and dark dark eyes I gawked like a 12 year old smitten Carla the stripper straight from LA you seem cool for"
  • Stranger Stranger - Bad Company
    "Bad Company Holy Water Stranger Stranger There's a crazy moon, a crazy sky, looking down on me I've been losing track of time It's been the hardest day, the longest night I've ever spent alone I can't"
  • Stranger - Johnny Winter
    "Hello, pretty stranger Can I sit here for awhile? You know I'm kinda tired & lonesome Seems like I've been ten thousand miles Just want to talk to you awhile You know I'm not sure where I'm goin' But"
  • Stranger - Gary Delz Power Trio
    "Hello pretty stranger can I sit with you awhile I'm kinda tired and lonesome seems like I been ten thousand miles just wanta talk to you awhile You know I'm sure where I'm goin' but I can tell you where"
  • Stranger - Bon Jovi
    "It might be hard to be loversBut its harder to be friendsBaby pull down the coversIts time you let me inMaybe light a couple candlesIll just go ahead and lock the doorIf you just talk to me babyTil we"
  • A Stranger In The Night - Hank Williams
    "Key of d (d) I'm lonesome for someone, to (g) kiss me good - (d) night, Just the way you used to (a7) do, My (d) achin' heart needs someone, to (g) shine love's (d) light, For without you, I'll (a7) always"
  • Hello Stranger - Marianne Faithfull
    "Hello stranger, hello stranger. Who is that person in the mirror? it's not me. Whatever happened to the one that I used to be? Is she just another fading memory? Hello stranger, hello stranger. Hello"
  • Blue Stranger - Keith Urban
    "(Paul Kelly) Hello blue stranger sittin' there all alone With your glass of sorrow you seem so far from home Maybe you will let me buy a round or two I'm a blue stranger too Hello blue stranger I haven't"
  • Perfect Stranger - Cheap Trick
    "I woke up kinda sick, the air is getting kind of thick And I'm tired of everyone Like a book on a rainy day, I'm the one left off the page Well, it's too much time in the sun Have you ever wanted to try When"
  • This Stranger - Tanita Tikaram
    "I'm gonna build a strange City overcome Mad as any And anyone Who wants to wish upon me I will take a city And it will take the rain Anybody who sees this face Will have to blink at this Strange heart This"

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