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streets of red switch review

  • Red Streets - The Brat Attack
    "Killed on the streets - police brutality My community, as the enemy State genocide - police chiefs lies Tonight I am not gonna die They hate me, for who I am The red of my skin Just crack my skull,"
  • Kill The Switch - Circle Takes The Square
    "Mouth the words to deny, deny the symptoms, as 'oh yeah I'm doing fine', as I've found a most endearing psychosis. Somewhere out there there's a thrill I swear. Desperate as I am I just can't strip bare"
  • Panic Switch - Silversun Pickups
    "Time It's not worth my time Moonshine Bleeds into my eyes I still Sleep on the right side Of the white noise Can't leave the scene behind Could I be anything you want me to be And show me the"
  • Streets - Savatage
    "As darkness falls so hard The children play Somewhere Out there Alone and out of place Streets of illusion Sooth the shattered fate I've been a runner I've been a sinner I've been inside my head I sit"
  • Switch Styles - Chamillionaire
    "(*talking*) As we get on the proceedings this evening Ha-ha, it's Koopa nigga, it's Koopa nigga Hey man switch styles man, stay switching styles You know I'm tal'n bout, switch everything nigga Paint switching,"
  • Princeton Review - Team Sleep
    "I liberate the cold inside Camouflaged But is it all the same guy There's a bad scene Worked up and sterilized There's a black seed Choked up and burning Unfamiiliar Unremorseful That's the way you were Don't"
  • Switch! - Melissa White & Ace
    "Switch the feeling Switch the feeling You've got to believe it You've got to believe it, yeah Dance, switch the feel You really mean baby Lots for me Shake, switch the feel You really can shake it,"
  • Switch - Ashanti
    "Now All My Ladies Step Left Right Left Right Left Right I Know He Watchin My Switch Yo Wat? My Switch Yo Wat? My Switch Yo Wat? My Now Altogether Step Left Right Left Right Left Right He Know He"
  • Switch - Ashanti & Nelly
    "Now All My Ladies Step Left Right Left Right Left Right I Know He Watchin My Switch Yo Wat? My Switch Yo Wat? My Switch Yo Wat? My Now Altogether Step Left Right Left Right Left Right He Know He Watchin"
  • Switch - Lupe Fiasco
    "Yeah, revenge, now what we gonna do right now, a ha ugh, is gonna try a little experiment, just a little experiment, you know what I'm saying, a little science project, you know what I'm saying, I like"
  • Switch! - Jazmine Sullivan
    "Hey I met him at the bookstore He said he'd like to get to know me just a little more Asked me to dinner I said I'd bring my girlfriend He said that's cool 'cause he was gonna bring his best friend But"
  • Switch - Ashley Tisdale
    "Switch it, switch it You're out of this world, I'm sure of it A crazy intuition You're off and on, you're here and gone, come back A curious condition And then you switch right over It's weird, yeah I"
  • Switch - Sugababes
    "He's nothing special Don't need his dough Settling down what is that a joke You're feeling his best friend Your ex bores you 'Cos he started to ignore you He starts his speech Tell him not to preach Always"
  • Switch - Arsenal
    "It's that second in between, it's the boiling point indeed It's a supervisor hitting the outlaw on the scene And you'll be ready, when time erased your deeds. What is the use of warning, when nothing"
  • Switch - Heidi
    "I'm loosing my own sheet and I'm feeling scared like a baby But I should get over it soon But I keep on loosing my green I tell myself: get over it Chorus: Don't you be so bitter Try to have a"
  • Switch - Stock 7
    "Voices speakin' clearly yet undefined. I got so many choices every day it's like wastin' time. Lay down let me love you one more time. Apathy is a virtue in my mind. Pre chorus: She took me high, she took"
  • Switch - Breed 77
    "Confusion in my head My eyes see only red Throwing the stones Breaking the bones Turning my back on the shadow that we're blowing away Emotions always lie You have to question why Looking behind See what"
  • Switch - The Cure
    "Sometime it seems I stopped being myself And without a word Turned into somebody else Full of wishes wants dreams And desires For a life Of conceit and deceit And repeat and rewrite Not sure who I was Before"
  • Switch - From Autumn To Ashes
    "Darkness chokes my emotions Your breath numbs my soul Stand with me, by my side Take my hand and lead the way Out from the shadows and into the real world Show me how to live a life owned by regret My"
  • Switch (feat. Anitta) - Iggy Azalea
    "Kick in the door Wave in the 4 fizzy They already know they can’t fuck with Iggy Truce got smart and the rent due You know that All black when I come through It’s Kodak Mirror, mirror on the wall Is Iggy,"

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