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stress out twenty one pistols

  • Stress - Jim's Big Ego
    "Oh yeah... Coming at ya... I'm Addicted to stress that's the way that i get things done if I'm not under pressure then i sleep too long and i hang around like a bum i think I'm going nowhere and that"
  • Pistols At Dawn - Seinabo Sey
    "Hear the wind calling me to leave this place Yet here we are standing ground face to face This burning sky witnessed the greatest of love Now it waits patiently to draw from out blood The time has come"
  • Twenty One Years - Choclair
    "21 years of my lifetime (4x) 21 years Choclair's in the house (21 years in my lifetime) Ill B Uh (like that) You need to recognize 21 years of pure bullshit It makes me wanna bang my head on the walls And"
  • Pistols, Power, Paper - Spice 1
    "(Verse 1) I got so much trouble on my mind You playa haters make a real nigga shine As we pop collars Pimp slaps, I mash for dollars We don't listen, hard-head-ass niggas Heated with choppers Can't tell"
  • One Twenty - Eyedea
    "(It's-it's it's about time) (It's-it's-it's it's-it's it's-it's it's about time) Yo DJ Abilities what you gonna do? (B-b-b-bout to rock) Add me to mix, you get E&A crew And we (Blow up the spot) Why don't"
  • Stress Factors - Killer
    "Why give a reason to try? I believe and I die, Felonies from birth for a man with heathenish eyes, They're conceiving the lies, I'm breathing a cry, I stepped to Allah, give the most simple of my..."
  • Mental Stress - Esham
    ""He should never even see daylight again, never" "I have apologized publicly for the...for the Mental ang... for the Mental Stress and emotional stress that I have a... and I said to those people to umm... I"
  • Stress (Remix) - Organized Konfusion
    "(Pharoahe Monch) Yo, it's the verbal assult weapon with words uncanny You can fool me but I cannot f**k with Rudy Gulliani Press the panic button, shit it's the schizophranic, can it I can kill it from"
  • Don't Stress - Knightowl
    "(Knightowl) Fools collapse when they fuck With the real mothafucka that is Bustin slugs all in their mugs Bitches and snitches run just like a river The shit that I deliever Makes em quiver, I'm bigger My"
  • Stress y'all - M.O.P.
    "KICK ASS! First Family! Don't let these motherfuckers stress y'all M.O.P. to the death y'all, the good Lord have blessed y'all So these niggaz can't touch y'all FIRING SQUAD! Yes yes y'all Good evening,"
  • Stress Rap - Cannibal Ox
    "(Vordul Megalon) Yo the NY city got a nigga feelin' shitty tryin' to make it through the struggle niggas bubble in the jungle selling crack by the bundles yo these raps might hunt you like a cat in the"
  • Three Pistols - The Tragically Hip
    "Well Tom Thompson came paddling past I'm pretty sure it was him And he spoke so softly in accordance To the growing of the dim He said, "Bring on a brand new renaissance Cause I think I'm ready Well I've"
  • No pistols - Twista
    "(feat. Speedknot Mobstaz) Don't wanna see you with no pistols if you ain't ready to roll n*gga(put down that 45) Don't wanna see you with no pistols if you ain't ready to roll n*gga(gotta let that 40"
  • Stress - Galactic Cowboys
    "No one calls unless I leave No one's home, the voice repeats Kind hands wrapped around my neck Sharp teeth biting in my back Cold eyes burning laser beams Oh! God, relieve me of this STRESS A list from"
  • Stress - Pain Of Salvation
    "(watching corners and crossing watching all the red lights watching the stress watching beggars and bankers and rushing cars I'm drowning in this mess) Help me! Rescue me! Save me! Set me free! (watching"
  • Stress - Kane & Able
    "(Talking) Hey Nigga This is our last time bonita After this, we out I'm tellin you We die together An eye for an eye (In Italian) A tooth for a tooth (In Italian) An eye for an eye A tooth for a tooth All"
  • Stress - Suburban Legends
    "On top, your life, it seems so clean Your tracks, they're hot, untouched, a dream This ain't no ordinary life It's extraordinary, so stop, stop checking me out (Chorus:) You're dancing so cool, like you"
  • Stress - Organized Konfusion
    "Chorus: Repeat 4X Crush, kill, destroy, stress Verse One: Prince Poetry Pain, stress My brain, can't even rest It's hard to maintain the pressure on my chest Excess frustration strikes! Blood rushes"
  • Stress - Godsmack
    "You think your head's achin? I'm not finished yet. I won't be mistaken, How soon you forget. Take back what you said, And I'll show you pain. Then you can spare me all your fuckin' lies! "I can't wait... I"
  • Stress - Wise Guys
    "Seit einer Weile ist es schon so weit, dass die Leute nicht mehr nach meinem Alter fragen. Doch nutzen sie jede Gelegenheit, um mich subtil mit gutgemeinten Tips zu plagen: "Tritt doch etwas krzer, nimm"

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