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stright from the knifesia

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stright from the knifesia

  • From - Dr. Dog
    "Oh oh my love Don't you leave me Cuz I don't wanna learn how to die Oh oh my love And oh my my You know I can't get over Cuz I can't even seem to get by Oh oh my my And oh my land No it ain't beneath"
  • Heartbeat From Hell - Scenes From A Movie
    "Well keep our eyes so close to the sun that we cannot see all the damage we've done to not just ourselves. There is no way well make it. I know were going under as well. And well keep our ears so close"
  • Creature From The Black Lagoon - Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13
    "A normal day hanging on the street Saw something green with big webbed Feet I said 'hey man, hey you' Aren't you the creature from the black Lagoon? He looked at me and he started to laugh He said please"
  • From The Land - The Vines
    "Waiting for people from the land Where everything is green We know we'll help you understand Everything that you need My powers gone But yours are strong like me I am commander of the waves The sand beside"
  • From The Greenhouse - Crack The Sky
    "Standing room only at L.A.X. I trade my ticket for some cigarettes I won't believe it till they dissapear (sic) The president's hiding on a submarine See how he runs away from history I won't believe"
  • From The Red - Destroy The Runner
    "I saw the future in a tree outside. There was your heart, and there was mine. This love, torn apart by every word. Is hopeless love all we have? Is this what we dreamed? I cannot go. Take this heart, let"
  • From The Front - The Brat Attack
    "In the land of no resistance, The occupants seem so hesitant To raise their, their voices, To fight for all their choices Their freedoms, their liberty Minds controlled by the fucking TV Keep us"
  • Mission From God - The Offspring
    "Never knew where to go Never used to go to at night Thinking but I didn't know Never could seem to get it right But I've made up my mind Yeah I've made up my mind I wanna feel important I wanna feel alive Don't"
  • From 24C - The Matches
    "Digits dial digits, dial tone monotone Has she been feigning sleeping? Framing she been all alone? Downslide on the sidewalk, I'm a distant ring Out of body, out of body, Pick me up, oh answer me I just"
  • Theme from - The Hives
    "Empty words fired at me with an oral cannon WE WANNA BE HEARD! Lousy jerks such bad breath I put the fan on This is where we draw the line we're sick of you wasting all our time Talking about you you're"
  • From Nowhere - The Bear Quartet
    "Adam and Eve were the first unemployed in love and evicted and their sons were bums but that's not why I have come when the police brought you home your father buried himself in his recipies you hid"
  • From the bottom - Blues Brothers
    "From the bottom From the bottom From the bottom Oh boys, I'm Hollywood bound From the bottom From the bottom From the bottom Oh boys, I'm Hollywood bound She not from the East She not from the West I'm"
  • From the bottom - Blues Brothers Band
    "From the bottom From the bottom From the bottom Oh boys, I'm Hollywood bound From the bottom From the bottom From the bottom Oh boys, I'm Hollywood bound She not from the East She not from the"
  • From The Flagstones - Cocteau Twins
    "At times I've seen you from the armyard At times I've seen you from the flagstones At times I've seen you from the balustrade At times I've seen you from the flagstones And you can't cajole And can't"
  • From The Heart - Billy Idol
    "I know you've heard these things before You get the same reply But all these things are new to me So I'm asking why? Isn't it the truth you want to hear Not lies and jealousy From the heart I can tell"
  • From The Fields - Dechant Anne E
    "Don't tell me about your sister's babies I want one who looks like you To fill this house with something Come In From the fields Oh baby Come In From the fields Don't send me flowers from a store Find"
  • From The Bottom - All Out War
    "Fires consuming nations. The flames of discontent. Burning from the bottom. Leaders breathe their final breath. Drowning in their own oppression. Masses rise and shut them out. Exploiting the work for"
  • From The Morning - Nick Drake
    "A day once dawned, and it was beautiful A day once dawned from the ground Then the night she fell And the air was beautiful The night she fell all around. So look see the days The endless coloured ways And"
  • From The Deeps - 1349
    "Ia! Ia! The stars are rights! For aenos they have slumbered Dead but dreaming Waiting beneath the waves Awaken! Daemon-gods of primeval times Coming round full circle Stirring in the deep Rise! Rise! Rise! Boiling"
  • From The Distance - Kathy Mattea
    "From a distance, the world looks blue and green, and the snow capped mountains white. From a distance, the ocean meets the stream, and the eagle takes to flight. From a distance, there is harmony,"

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