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strike down a mile love');

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strike down a mile love');

  • Strike - Nikki Flores
    "Rollin in my ride I saw my brother's girl Christina She said that there gonna be a party down at Misty's later Felling lonely down and so confused I told her meet me there by two So I pulled up at the"
  • Strike! - Ry Cooder
    "Well I got off the train one evening in a little mining town I started walking up the main street when the sun was going down When I heard some voices singing, so I went to see what for Might just be"
  • Strike - Apartment 26
    "The situation is critical. Evacuate, alarm, strapped down and still. Flicked switched will detonate; Causing me no harm till I'm cut to size. I call to memory times I Hold you down like that. Does anyone"
  • Strike Down - Persuader
    "I don't care for the riddles unspoken March to the cross and believe My faith is never ending Now assail the creation of life No one there to welcome A bright light, on a deserted plain Your God is"
  • Clown Strike - Elvis Costello
    "She'll fix you with an iron cross And cover you up with petals And hang you up with some amber beads And four or five precious metals And in that black flamingo chair You'll sit among her trophies And"
  • Electric mile - G. Love And Special Sauce
    "I see you in the morningYou're the color of my rising skyFreen sky above as my stone behind is a clearingThe opened storm been intoI have found my place of comfort and refugeI can spend all my time right"
  • Strike You Down - Terror
    "Narrow minded fools Running in their packs Nothing but a fistful of hate Set for the attack Strike you down With all my will, all my strength I crush you down Can't unite with what I despise Destroying"
  • Many A Mile - Collin Raye
    "(Bob Regan/Mark D. Sanders) I look down the road that winds in the distance And wonder where it might lead I only know it makes no difference As long as you walk with me Chorus Many a mile we will travel Many"
  • Mile Away - Capital Lights
    "I'm a mile away from where I belong And I'm a mile away from home I'm lying awake at the thought of you gone And I'm a mile away from home On top of the world, he thought Let down when he hit the spot Dead"
  • Strike Like Thunder - Supreme Majesty
    "Striking down, in the dead of the night Armed with swords To show our bloody might Like a fierce full storm, coming in from the north, Don't stand against us, we always come forth Let the horns blow bid"
  • When Devils Strike - South Park
    "Behind this walls, I'ma find out what's going on I'm gonna find, the cure for our peoples down fall I'm gone find out, why we filling up penitentiaries Faster than they can build them I'm gonna to find"
  • When Devils Strike - South Park Mexican
    "Behind this walls, I'ma find out what's going on I'm gonna find, the cure for our peoples down fall I'm gone find out, why we filling up penitentiaries Faster than they can build them I'm gonna to"
  • Miracle Mile - Cold War Kids
    "I was supposed to do great things I’d know the rule’s law But I wasn’t raised to shoot for fame I had the safety on I cut my ties, I sold my rings I wanted nervous If you start from scratch and have to"
  • Lucky Strike - Maroon 5
    "You're such a motivator, I gotta get you where So sick of saying yes sir, yes sir You're such an instigator, you wanna play the game Take it or leave it, that's her, that's her And I can't wait another"
  • Strike It - Dub War
    "funkin' without a fear yeah! you know what time it be (be) (be) Cause we acome An wee no ramp An wee no skin up wee teet Top of the mosh And we feelin' sweet Apon the hard core ragga tip That's how we"
  • Strike on - Initial D
    "Strike on, ride on, ride on my ownhurry up and move into the streamin'strike on, ride on, ride on my ownscreamin' to the mountain highrun and run baby run! soshite yatsu ga ikuzeaa donna yume oi kake donna"
  • General Strike - D.O.A.
    "shut it down! we're tired, yeah, tired of workin'. yeah, workin' for nothin'. we all want, what we got comin'. all we need is a break, come on take a break. everything is not all right and there's no end"
  • Strike Force - Power Quest
    "When you feel in danger Everyone's a stranger now What more can you do? When you feel uncertain Behind a twitching curtain, yeah Where else can you go? All alone, there's no one left for you Fear unknown,"
  • Da Strike - Millencolin
    "You strike get pissed that is just the way it is use your nose to the melancholy funk sound we are just a couple of local bowlers hangin' out tonight leaving all the girls behind So what's a girl compared"
  • Strike Tonight - Red Tape
    "We're on a trainwreck running ashore This time gotta generate my soul (Rise up) (Concentrate) Disintegration fueling the fire Recognize the mob You better step This interaction feels by design"

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