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strike everywhere

  • Strike! - Ry Cooder
    "Well I got off the train one evening in a little mining town I started walking up the main street when the sun was going down When I heard some voices singing, so I went to see what for Might just be"
  • After The Strike - Unknown Artist
    "AFTER THE STRIKE (Joseph A. Hemer) Air-"After the Ball" Once a pretty maiden climbed an old man's knee Asked for a story-"Papa tell me, Why are you lonely, why are you sad, Why do your shopmates call you"
  • Everywhere But Hollywood - Tracy Lawrence
    "full count three runs down bottom of the ninth two outs gone three men on they all roll their eyes its tiny's chance to prove them wrong and come out like a king he bites his lip here comes the pitch"
  • Strike! - Atari Teenage Riot
    "STRIKE! (c'mon c'mon) STRIKE! (c'mon) STRIKE! (c'mon c'mon) STRIKE! (c'mon) Carl Crack Verse: Can you feel me? (hanin screams) race thru your body? can you feel me race thru your body acclerating the muscles"
  • Strike - Gorky Park
    "Got no excuse NET You shake it up DA Can't step aside NET When hit is up DA No one's away NET It just began DA Ain't gonna wait NET Move it come on DA Can't loose your hit "
  • Strike - Serge Gainsbourg
    "Des british aux niakoues jusqu'au filles de Perse j'ai tir les plus belles filles de la terre hlas l'amour est dltre comme l'ther et les popers De monj buncoeur j'ai abaiss la herse sarrasine je crains"
  • Strike - Oxymoron
    "Get on strike! When the bastards take you up at the station. Questions hole into your head. They wanna name you detailed information. While they're treating you like shit. When you got the boot"
  • Strike - Nikki Flores
    "Rollin in my ride I saw my brother's girl Christina She said that there gonna be a party down at Misty's later Felling lonely down and so confused I told her meet me there by two So I pulled up at the"
  • Strike Of The Ninja - Dragonforce
    "Eternal temptation, their eyes to the sky This nightmare is everywhere, my eyes open wide Crash on through troubled waters, oceans collide We stand alone until the end, we fight side by side Standing"
  • Strike - Apartment 26
    "The situation is critical. Evacuate, alarm, strapped down and still. Flicked switched will detonate; Causing me no harm till I'm cut to size. I call to memory times I Hold you down like that. Does anyone"
  • Everywhere - Polaris
    "I put your photograph away, I can't look at you today, I put your letters upstairs, But it's no good because you're everywhere. I can try to hide, But why waste my time, You left your glasses behind, Somebody"
  • Everywhere - Bran Van 3000
    "(Speaking): As long as we're getting a bit technical, I'd like to remind you that most women and children can perceive higher frequencies of sound than most men. Everywhere I see your faces, Everywhere"
  • Everywhere - Prince
    ""There's a place I want 2 go Where the milk and honey flow Without God it wasn't there Now I feel it Everywhere" When I was lost and couldn't c my way I used 2 follow what everybody say Now I know that"
  • Everywhere - Chaka Khan
    "Can you hear me calling Out your name You know I'm falling And I don't know what to say I'll speak a little louder I'll even shout You know that I'm proud And I can't get the words out Oh I, I want to"
  • Everywhere - Fleetwood Mac
    "Can you hear me calling Out your name You know that I'm falling And I don't know what to say I'll speak a little louder I'll even shout You know that I'm pround And I can't get the words out Oh I... I"
  • Everywhere - Pink Martini
    "Everywhere I go I know Everywhere I go will glow The sleepy summer sky The lovers passing by All the cities too Make me think of you Everywhere I go I see A world designed for you and me I always realised"
  • Everywhere - John Dahlb
    "Daylight - beating moonlight kindness - always better than - envy peaceful - are you really sleepless - we don't have to be - troubled Changes - are you ready happy - don't you wanna be - lucky struggling"
  • Everywhere - Master Blaster
    "Turn it inside out so I can see The part of you that's drifting over me And when I wake you're...you're never there But when I sleep you're...you're everywhere Everywhere I recognize the way you make me"
  • Everywhere - Niall Horan
    "You walk into the room, I go quiet I catch your eyes and don't blink an eyelid Feels like the world locked us on an island An island without waves I try and try to forget you But your mother thinks"
  • Everywhere - Supreme Beings Of Leisure
    "It's in the mirror when I see Your face reflected back at me I half expect to hear your voice Reminders float like papers in the breeze Bathing in reverie Yes dust to dust but you remain you see So rooted"

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