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styx-bad on de river

  • Crossing the river styx - I Am Ghost
    "Requiem...Kyrie ElesionGratia tua illis succurrenteMereantur evadere judiciumFac eas de morte transire ad vitamEt in memoria aeterna eritRequiem...(Rest...Lord, have mercyBy the help of Thy graceMay they"
  • Pon de river pon de bank - Elephant Man
    "Yea good to go Chorus I've Seen Nuff Dance Before(John) But I've Never Seen A Dance Like This(Bogle) I've Seen Nuff Dance Before( Keeva And Stacy) But A Dah One Yah Come Top Di List Verse 1 A'right Real"
  • Styx - Witchery
    "Jagged shore face a violent tide, Total serenity cross the surface lies The distance may not seem that far, But the gap spans a lifetime no less no more Welcome to your parting I'll take you safely across That"
  • Black River - Band De Soleil
    "Band De Soleil Redemption Dream Black River Black River deep and still in the summer sun a promise rise she will walk on before she runs The evening dream awakes honeysuckle sweet by day the levee breaks surround"
  • The River Of Styx - High Holy Days
    "Memories, they wash my mind Like the frozen rain I am numb here but I can't forget the pain Death was yesterday And somewhere I have never seen So never mind tomorrow boy Tomorrow's never been And I found"
  • Embracing The Styx - Candlemass
    "Blood runs free, down the river I'm the weeper, the life beriever I cross the Styx, with coins of onyx Without the trumphets and horns and pyres Empracing the Styx Life is floating out, wave after wave Empracing"
  • Down Down The Deep River - Okkervil River
    "Spit into the center of your hometown, there are leaves in the street, and there are friends around you now. All the days of your life in a line. All the way it seemed by 89 But it's not all right. It's"
  • Boat On The River - Styx
    "(Tommy Shaw) Take me down to my boat on the river I need to go down, I need to come down Take me back to my boat on the river And I won't cry out any more Time stands still as I gaze In her waters She"
  • The River - The Tea Party
    "Sailing down, down the Styx again, Without you my love, I want to return but then, I see all my friends, they want me to join but then, They all melt away, without you alone. And the river's running through"
  • Lost River - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
    "There's a lost river that flows In a valley where no on e goes, Where the wild water's rush Rumbles deep in the hush. Gone far from there now, Lord I'll be back somehow To where the lost river winds"
  • Lost River - The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
    "There's a lost river that flows In a valley where no on e goes, Where the wild water's rush Rumbles deep in the hush. Gone far from there now, Lord I'll be back somehow To where the lost river winds In"
  • The River - Badlands
    "Just a young man in an old steel town I'm getting older now, it's time to look around My brother John loves his needle & spoon A cigarette hangs from his lip Everyone 'round thinks he's so bad He's"
  • The River - Imagine Dragons
    "In the latest midnight hour When the world has gone to sleep You gotta get up When doubts begin to rise And the world is at your feet You gotta get up Reach, It's not as bad as it seems I cleanse in the"
  • Frozen River - Everything But The Girl
    "I've never been skating on a frozen river Joni and Jane make it sound so cool Sometimes I can get so down it seems Nothing much is gonna turn me around They could freeze the brook outside my home But"
  • River Phoenix - Nada Surf
    "born to hippie parents given a different name which he caught much flak for the world was his oyster and hollywood the clam when he grew up he joined a hippie band he was directed by gus van zandt we'd"
  • Green River - Alabama
    "Take me back down where cool water flows, y'all Let me remember the things I've done Walk on the log where the catfish bite Walking along the river road at night Barefoot girl, dancin' in the moonlight I"
  • River - Roy Orbison
    "Roly-oly on now, river Roly-oly on your way Roly-oly on now river Wash my cares away River so wide and so deep Wake the sandman from his sleep River remind him He has a promise to keep Roll on,"
  • River - Emeli Sandé
    "If you're lookin' for the big adventure, And gold is all that's on your mind, If you want someone to take your picture, Then I won't waste your time See maybe I'm too quiet for ya, You probably never"
  • River - Julia Fordham
    "Hey you, pushing the river With the world there on your shoulders Don't you remember a single thing The good book told you? Hey you, treading the water With your head dipping out of the clouds Sinking"
  • River - Indigo Girls
    "It's coming on Christmas they're cutting down trees Putting up reindeer and singing songs of joy and peace I wish I had a river I could skate away on But it don't snow here it stays pretty green I'm gonna"

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