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success is a campaign

  • Success - Bears, The
    "Bears, The Car Caught Fire Success If a man is centered upon himself the smallest risk is too great for him Success and failure can destroy him but if he's centered on true love No risk is too great -"
  • Success - Danni Minogue
    "Are you ready Are you readyAre you readyIf youre wantin some actionIve got something for youA funky style with attractionA kinda life with a different attitudeYou have expensive possessionsYour wildest"
  • Success - Jay-Z
    "Your Success took a shot at you what are you going to do now? how are you gonna kill it? you gonna become unsuccessful? Frank, you can be successful and have enemies or; be unsuccessful too and you can"
  • Success - Fat Joe
    "Yeah This joint right here is goin out to everybody gettin money I mean the real CREAM All up and down the East and West coast Check it *echoes* Chorus: repeat 2X Hustlin is the key to success Money"
  • Success - Tony Rebel
    "-P. Barrett- Once more, the guerilla a talk And you know when me talk me talk from the heart 'Cause a so me a do it from the start Otherwise I can't, watch this Chorus: Said every man haffi pay them"
  • Success - St. Simon 3
    "Said Artie Shaw to the cigarette girl "There's a story down in showbiz You might have known all along And maybe I could be wrong But I don't think it is. That if you've got a million dollars You can go"
  • Success - Tela
    "Give it to me I don't wanna be livin' this way I'd rather be set makin' money, every day hey Cause success is the way of life I don't wanna be livin' this way I'd rather be set makin' money, every day"
  • Success - Mr. Lif
    "Success.. (Mr. Lif) This is rock bottom y'all, I never expected it In order to be businesslike you must meet the prerequisite Leave your culture at home, smile, don't be too proud, too wild You may suffer,"
  • Success - Sigue Sigue Sputnik
    "Well girls will be boys And boys will be girls It's a mixed up muddled up shook up world Well some like it hot And some like it cool Well like it or not This is what you got A space age party That's never"
  • Success is - Cattle Decapitation
    "What do you think makes a man take his own life with his own handsWhen tomorrow ends today, what a glorious day it'll be...Man has succeeded in mass destructionMan has exceeded its capacity here on earthGoddamn"
  • The Campaign - Atomizer
    "It's an ideal as old as man itself, a value obscured, yet never deceased A way of life that must go on, a knowledge that lives in the hearts of the chosen As sure as life and death itself, a thinking and"
  • Smear Campaign - Rory Gallagher
    "The dirty tricks department is working overtime Trying to stop the candidate from getting this time The wheels are now in motion all the traps are set Under this commotion will he walk into this mess The"
  • Fear Campaign - Fear Factory
    "Hate, war and terror, murder, disaster Rape, drugs and violence, lost in our failure Fear is suffering, intimidate to obey Fear is control, suffering is hell Police enforce obedient behavior Manufactured"
  • The Campaign - Solomon Childs
    "(Intro: Solomon Childs) Aiyo D, you know what They don't really be comin' to Shaolin actin' like they want it They don't really want it (Chorus: Solomon Childs) I'm 'bout the thug where ya checks at? To"
  • Campaign Speech - Eminem
    "Jumped out of the 2nd floor of a record store With a Treacherous Four cassette and a cassette recorder In Ecuador with Edward Norton Witness the metamorphosis Of a legend growin' like an expert swordsman From"
  • A Survival Campaign - Skyclad
    "A Survival Campaign So we lie and wait for dreaded and demanding down Come wrest us from our safe and sleepy beds Over by the windown lie the raiment and the weapons That we need to take into this world"
  • No Success - Atari Teenage Riot
    "I have enough of doing my part I wanna run off - cast off - no success! Gonna let go of all the shit! break with you all! No success! Too much passion to walk in the line... Come on! I expose your lifestyle"
  • Success (12") - Dannii Minogue
    "Are you ready Are you ready Are you ready If youre wantin some action Ive got something for you A funky style with attraction A kinda life with a different attitude You have expensive possessions Your"
  • Cheap Success - Ambuscade Undeclinable
    "We light a candle at your funeral but hell we're not sad This major opportunity is the best we've ever had We'll never come this close again, our own cheap abuse This sacrifice you've made for us makes"
  • Success - Duran Duran
    "Here comes success Over my hill Here comes success Here comes my car Here comes my Chinese rug Here comes success Yeow! In the last ditch I'll think of you In the last ditch I will be true Sweetheart,"

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