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such is life micha�� szpak

  • Such Is Life - Michał Szpak
    "Life Everybody knows life is hard It’s every moment when When we cry Life Is like a flower Just life It’s every moment when When you smile Such is life"
  • Such Is Life - Rank 1
    "Such is life, feelin, Beautiful life, I see it Im making changes now Open up the door and I will be here Im here Seems like I, been waiting held in time, Im acing Im seeing clearly now"
  • Such Sufferin' - Carole King
    "What a life it is The hardships, the tears The desperate years Such sufferin' Gimme a Bufferin! And what have I got? True, it's a lot! But so what? There's got to be more to being so great To looking"
  • Such tragedy - The Unseen
    "So let the truth be told yea,We got so much horror (terror)Robbed at gunpoint bullets for youAnother story on the morning newsA drug deal gone bad takes a lifeSliced deep ear to earBy the tip of a knifeBlood"
  • Such Is A Mystery - Cliff Richard
    "Let the day fall all around you And let the breath of life surround you What a day it should be a holiday And these lazy days are hard to come by Here for our pleasure,a moment to treasure Stay with me"
  • Obsession Is Such An Ugly - Alesana
    "toss and turn and lie awake...it torments me, I must know why It just seems too easy...what is beyond that door? As I take a step back I wonder could I go on and turn the key? Look away! Turn away! I should"
  • Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow - Nasum
    "Born and raised by your rules Still I disappointed you But I've always done my best And it's never good for you You never gave me air to breath, You never clipped my wings And now I've failed again"
  • No Such Thing - Chris Cornell
    "I saw the world, it was beautiful But the rain got in and ruined it all Then I tried to be invisible It was impossible Even for me I laughed at love It was a big mistake In the absence of I filled it with"
  • No Such Thing - Tommy Shaw
    "No such thing...no such thing You're waiting for the lightning to strike you from the sky You're waiting for th fireworks on the Fourth Of July But sure as there's a moon in the heavens up above There's"
  • Such A Fool - George Nozuka
    "12 O'clock In The Morning, And I'm Chilling With Some Friends Before The Club We're Hangin Out Until This Girl Walked In Caught me by Surprise When She Didn't Say Hello Had An Attitude, Why Be So Rude"
  • Such A Fool - George
    "4 o'clock in the morning, I'm chilling with some friends Before the club we're hanging out until this girl walked in Come on by surprise her when she didn't say hello Had an attitude, why be so rude I"
  • No Such Thing - John Mayer
    ""Welcome to the real world", she said to me Condescendingly Take a seat Take your life Plot it out in black and white Well I never lived the dreams of the prom kings And the drama queens I'd like to think"
  • Such A Person - Midtown
    "this isn't about you or the life she's lead through you just every passing day leaves me wondering what is really true expecting to find you sleeping soundly through and through sadness comes misplaced and"
  • Today Is Such A Good Day - Anna Ternheim
    "Call me free today If you seed my way Time on my side As well as my mind is It's not with you for sure No, not anymore I intend to stay away for good Just a matter how I define My state of mind Today"
  • Life Is - Bliss 66
    "Disgrace This place now i lied to you face to face So much for self control Tied down I'm bound No, I can't get up off the ground I'm such a wretched soul Life is a long long road Pain is a heavy load These"
  • Such Is Love - Peter, Paul & Mary
    "After all I've come to know me, and the ways of my heart, And the young man that I once was would have torn our love apart. When you're young and always looking at the far side of the hill You might miss"
  • Love Is Such - Bar 7
    "Love is such a precious thing Something you feel with in and Love is such a simple thing But yet so complicated Love can fill your heart with pain Then build you up again Love can wash away the rain Bring"
  • Such A Quiet River - Obliveon
    "Always impress Always possess Cover the stress Never depress Kiss and repute Clean and pollute Share and dispute Deny the truth Don't be concerned Life is a quiet river Don't be distressed It's such"
  • Lass Mich - Deine Lakaien
    "Lonely, where should I be if this is not my land slowly, life is running through my fingers like sand call me, and I'll be wherever you are lonely, and the day hides a falling star And I tried so hard,"
  • A Time Such As This - Phillips Craig And Dean
    "For a time such as this We've been born, we've been blessed Long before time began We were in the Father's plan By His love, by His will He would see the dream fulfilled By the blood of His own Son We"

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