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sugar Yes pleas

  • Pleas - Widespread Panic
    "They say turn the bright lights on And there you'll find the truth Here, open up this book And now you'll find the proof It feels like a can of worms Keep the lid on tight, and they say Don't let it"
  • Yes - Black Sheep
    "Yo! The Black Sheep has arisen here, oh dear The cat's out the bag and it's the end of your career Don't spit it out, let it persevere I like to see my dick snot disappear I got inch out the edge, Lawnge"
  • Sugar - Maroon 5
    "I'm hurting, baby, I'm broken down I need your loving, loving I need it now When I'm without you I'm something weak You got me begging, begging I'm on my knees I don't wanna be needing your love I just"
  • Sugar - Mollys Yes
    "You see your reflection As it crosses the line You meet someone new For the hundredthousandmillionth time Your heart stops beating But you can't sit still If sugar won't kiss you Then I guess I will A"
  • Sugar Babe - Steve Miller Band
    "(Steve Miller) Way down in Alabama There's a girl just a waitin' for me She don't have to worry She don't have to hurry Lord, I keep her so happy She's my sugar baby Sugar, sugar baby Sugar baby Sugar,"
  • Sugar Love - Roy Orbison
    "Sugar love Sugar love, you're my rainbow When it's cloudy and i feel bad You're the only sunshine i ever had Sugar love, sugar love Hurry up my sugar love Cheer me up my sugar love Love it up my"
  • Sugar Mama - B.B. King
    "Sugar mama sugar mama Sugar mama please come on back to me Sugar mama sugar mama Sugar mama please come on back to me Yes, bring me back my sugar, baby Please ease my misery Yes, I'm crazy about my sugar"
  • Sugar mama - BB King
    "Sugar mama sugar mamaSugar mama please come on back to meSugar mama sugar mamaSugar mama please come on back to meYes, bring me back my sugar, babyPlease ease my miseryYes, i'm crazy about my sugar sugar"
  • Sugar Blues - Thin Lizzy
    "Now I'm not the type to worry Especially if it's concerning my health Oh no, i'd never worry I'd much rather do something else I'm changing my point of view Ever since I caught me the sugar blues Oh that"
  • Sugar Mama - Fleetwood Mac
    "Written by C. Burnett. Now then tell me sugar mama Now where in the world did you get your sugar from? Now then tell me sugar mama Now where in the world did you get your sugar from? Was it back in"
  • Sugar Man - Roy Orbison
    "Look at me walking free, day and night Here I come, I'm the one to treat you right I'll make your dreams come true, I'll do what I can Baby when I do, you can say you knew the sugar man I can make"
  • Brown sugar - Mos Def
    "(Faith Evans) {other person} Woo, Ah, Official, Official, Ah, {Oh oh oh oh oh} Brown Sugar, Faith Evans, Big Mos {Oh oh oh oh, OH} (Wha what) Brooklyn is in the building, hell we own the building (Wha"
  • Sweet Sugar - One Night Only
    "I was walking up a beaten track, I had the sun in my eyes, sugar in my mouth. A feeling, something in the air A feeling I didn't care about. I didn't care about it. So then I walked down to the riverside To"
  • Sugar Rain - Crystal Kay
    "mata sukoshi nee futari chikadzukeru sonna ki ga suru ame ga furu hi wa fushigi na sweetest day kasa hitotsu wakeatte kata dakiyoserarete kimi no migikata kanarazu nureteru... rainy sky donna toki datte"
  • Sugar Magnolia - The Grateful Dead
    "Sugar Magnolia blossom's blooming Head's all empty and I don't care Saw my baby down by the river Knew she'd have to come up soon for air Sweet blossom come on under the willow We can have high times"
  • Raw Sugar - Metric
    "Sort of wonder why No one said a word Don't you like it on the sly? Don't you like it till it hurts? Have I been on your mind? What's a voice without a song? Something in your head You've been fighting"
  • Sugar Bear - Babyface
    "Verse 1 I met a boy some years ago And gave to him my heart I felt like he was part of me He made me smile He made me laugh His kisses were so sweet He was the first for me He became my everything And"
  • Sugar Pills - Animal Suit Driveby
    "Animal Suit Driveby 110 Miles Sugar Pills Spins, Falling out. Even as she choked calm, She collected the dramatic effects on me. Only the purest of killers can love, Plus I'm straight off the rack as"
  • Sugar Moon - Pat Boone
    "Ten Lonely Guys -Artist: Pat Boone from "More Greatest Hits"-Varese Vintage-VSC 5522 -peak Billboard position # 45 in 1962 -Words and Music (per ASCAP) by Roosevelt Music Company, Jerry Goldstein, -Kay"
  • Sugar Baby Love - The Rubettes
    "Sugar baby love, sugar baby love I didn't mean to make you blue Sugar baby love, sugar baby love I didn't mean to hurt you. All lovers make Make the same mistakes Yes they do Yes, all lovers make Make"

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