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suita owicka
  • Budka Suflera Suita na dwa
    "Zmęczone cichnie miastoŚnieg biało prószy cisząNad ciemnym brzegiem rzekiDwa światła w mroku błyszczą -Pod strzaskanym murem wiatr kołysze zniczJuż nie wrócą chłopcy, którzy mieli przyjśćOstro słychać"
  • Buffalo Tom Sunflower Suit
    "How can I follow suit When nothing seems to matter anyway Living too close to nothing new It takes a lot to get used to today But I follow suit And I follow suit anyway But I follow suit And I follow suit"
  • Rocket From The Crypt Suit City
    "Check out the scene here, You gotta look twice. Nobody's listening, Run sister, run. And do you know what I know? (Suit, suit city) And do you know the reason? (Suit, suit city) And educate what I said. Run,"
  • John Foxx Night Suit
    "Refrain: In the night suit, night suit In the night suit, night suit In the night suit, night suit Well look at me now The glass falls down cracking, I'm so proud Every pulse gets so loud when I step out"
  • Adult. Pressure Suit
    "Put on my pressure suit (4 x) Because it suits me Do you like my handbag It's filled with lots of money Do you like my handbag It's filled with lots of money I want to spend my money on entertainment I"
  • Feist Leisure Suite
    "(In my leisure suite) Quit talking Just talking Please (In my leisure suite) Sometimes I feel the room surround me With possibility Build fires to stoke them Let's fix what's been broken Words have"
  • Lio Suite sixtien
    "Je n'ai pas une minute de plus que mes 16 ans il m'appelle "petite pute" et des noms dplaisants samedi soir si je danse dois-je m'en confesser ? est-ce que comme pnitence je mrite la fesse ? {Refrain:}"
  • Shout Out Louds Suit Yourself
    "Little boy, you've got it all so why are you complaining? Suit yourself, but nine months in a dream is too much of a nightmare. Mirrorball, the only one that danced with me, suit yourself. Nine months"
  • Vandals Viking suit
    "Come here little boy I'm a friend of your mother's I'll give you a candy bar if you get in the car Okay He's got his camera and deep seeded obsessions His nordic heritage and sexual frustrations He wants"
  • Aqualung Pressure Suit
    "Well two spinning spheres, Two spinning spheres in a bed of stars Silence is super Staring into space, I wonder where you are You're all that I've ever needed I know that you won't feel it Drift"
  • Jean-Louis Aubert La Suite
    "Les enfants tombent des toits comme des oiseaux Ils n'ont plus d'endroit Pour jouer, ils jouent l-haut L't est suffoquant, faudrait que l'on pleure Ca laverait l'air qu'on a, l'air qu'on prend Ces places"
  • Vanessa Paradis Junior Suite
    "La mer, c'est la mme tout l'temps Avec le mme vent J'dis a, j'suis pas l'marin J'suis pas l'vent J'connais des poissons contents Ils ont l'air content Mais qu'est ce que j'pourrais bien Faire dedans Toutes"
  • Tyga Master Suite
    "Fire flow, let me fascinate Put python seats, Jake the snake I rock Bape, that bathin' grape You fake the Bape, that's pump fake I ball on turf, that's Chevy Chase That's Caddyshack, don't be actin' shady Lash"
  • Tahiti 80 Swimming Suit
    "It's gonna cause you sorrow It's gonna give you all you need Forget about tomorrow Don't dramatize the things you did It quickly flows to the sea So quickly you won't see So many things to face And you're"
  • Withering Surface Suite 304
    "Won't you let her leave today inject the holy spirit in her Tell her what she needs to hear and let her feel your mercy inside Won't you let her taste herself And sterilize the sickness Won't you let"
  • Hot Water Music Sunday Suit
    "Shut me I've done you wrong, mocked you and broke your home, carried an as a king to a throne, and I know, I loathed. Yet I've reconciled my faith with no way to explain where it comes from. Heard out"
  • Super Furry Animals Presidential Suite
    "Monica and naughty Billy Got together something silly, Holy wars out of lusty minutes Another Cuban cigar crisis Honestly! Do we need to know If he really came inside her mouth? How will all this effect"
  • Bad Astronaut Grey Suits
    "Even grey suits have their day All the promises they made All the bad words you can't say You signed up now fake it You signed up now make it You signed up now make us proud The best is yet to come The"
  • Hot Rod Circuit Radiation Suit
    "wish i could save you from yourself maybe this time repair the fracter-didnt heal so well but its alright and i know you got the scars to prove but what should i do for a radiation spill put your"
  • Wire Mr. Suit
    "I'm tired of being told what to think I'm tired of being told what to do I'm tired of f**king phonies That's right, I'm tired of you No, no, no, no, no, no, Mr. Suit You can take your f**king money and"

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