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sumers and winters

  • Some Winters - Blood Ruby
    "The thaw comes gnawing Up the hillside. Trees cling like vines To the morning light. Me in my window, A glassy gray sky. It creeps inside To where the sleeping lie. Some winters, They linger. They heave"
  • Descending Winters - Swallow The Sun
    "Out from the north into the south Winter turned his frozen mouth Tearing down the voices of living Leaving bodies buried in ice The wrath of distant clouds And the weeping of the ground, it will come Cold"
  • 34 Winters - Badless, The
    "Badless, The Up There Down Here 34 Winters (feltenberger) Life as we know it has come to an end A suburban catastrophe It's time to start mourning the death of a friend Who's standing in front of me And"
  • 34 Winters - Badlees, The
    "Badlees, The Up There Down Here 34 Winters (feltenberger) Life as we know it has come to an end A suburban catastrophe It's time to start mourning the death of a friend Who's standing in front of me And"
  • 34 Winters - Badlees
    "an end A suburban catastrophe It's time to start mourning the death of a friend Standing in front of me And I can't stop the hatred that wells up inside As I look for a glimmer in his vacant eyes And I"
  • Winters Sky - Pipettes
    "She was cold and all alone Hadn't been there long And didn't know what to say So she sat in the corner of the room She figured if she didn't move Noone would notice her Underneath a winter's sky"
  • Winters Night - Die Verbannten Kinder Evas
    "The sky won't be blue again The scent of meadows forever gone Fading cries, a colden reign The magic land of sparkling snow... Enchanting beauty in its pride A mystic stranger, softest might A sad and"
  • Winters End - Aurynic
    "(I'll see you in hell) Collectively I gain my head and recover from this bed, how do you live with yourself? Can you hear me, screaming louder everytime. Can you hear me, 36 ways to end your life. Disrespectfully"
  • 2000 Winters - All The Day Holiday
    "it seems like years and years since you've been here oh my dear i'm falling apart and i'm losing heart every day i'm without you from the very start i wanted to know more of you i'll take you wherever"
  • In Winters Ash - Virgin Black
    "I lie with blackened chest Tears, dense, welling in swollen eyes Resplendent in winters ash My God be upheld in our distress My cries fill the air Domine libera manes defunctorum Winter envelopes I lie"
  • No more winters - Grave Flowers
    "It's so dark outside even if the morning has arrived The snow is shimering white bringing tears to his eyes Today he will walk the woods and probably take his life The reason to live is gone since he lost"
  • Nights, winters, years - Moody Blues
    "Pain, sorrow, tears, Long, lonely years With love having passed me by I could live a lie for you, But truth is the road I choose Knowing all I need to do Is give to you. Down, down, down Where your dreams"
  • Two Winters Only - My Dying Bride
    "What is it you hope for, even though you are dying? And even though life is closing your tiny eyes Why did I leave them all? I should be with them to die in the same place The pain I think, should go on"
  • Where Braving Angry Winters Storms - Robert Burns
    "Where, Braving Angry Winter's Storms (Robert Burns) Where, braving angry winter's storms, The lofty Ochils rise, Far in their shade my Peggy's charms First blest my wondering eyes: As one who by some savage"
  • See Amid The Winters Snow - Kings College Choir
    "See, amid the winter's snow, Born for us on earth below See, the tender Lamb appears, Promised from eternal years Hail, thou ever blessed morn' Hail, Redemption's happy dawn Sing through all Jerusale-em Christ"
  • Longing For Edens Rain (And Winters End) - Arcane Sun
    "Beneath the very skies that I had, for so long, sought in vain. An arcane sun hid behind clouds who were to be my salvation. 'Nectar of the gods; you once said, now it was their tears I craved, to wash"
  • Winters Call - Badlands
    "Badlands Miscellaneous Winters Call The Winters call in the Badlands here. I cannot see or hear them anywhere. For I am gone now. Way out to a place not allowed. Zoned into a Matrix so deep, you cannoteven"
  • 34 Winters - Habegale
    "Life As We Know It Has Come to An EndA Suburban CatastropheIt's Time to Start Mourning the Death of a FriendWho's Standing in Front of MeAnd I Can't Stop the Hatred That Wells Up InsideAs I Look For a"
  • Des Winters Schmach - Fjoergyn
    "Einst gebar das Eis als Leben Dessen Name nie verklingt Geprgt durch Stolz und khnes Streben Wie es der Volksmund heut besingt Des Winters Schmach Starr die Blten gleich Kristall Tief im Schnee der Zeit"
  • A Winters Tale - A.F.I.
    "A chilling silence, a world of violets My breath materialized again Immaculate, inanimate A comfort cutting time I see a string of white lights Forever walking through December Forever longing for a sign"

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