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summer "on"

  • Summer Girls - LFO
    "Yeah, I like it when the girls stop by In the summer Do you remember? Do you remember When we met that summer... New kids on the block had a bunch of hits Chinese food makes me sick And I think it's"
  • Boys Of Summer - Codeseven
    "Nobody on the road Nobody on the beach I feel it in the air The summer's out of reach Empty lake, empty streets The sun goes down alone I'm drivin' by your house Though I know you're not at home But I"
  • Summer Of '97 - Closet Monster
    "Nobody was listening. Just shit talking unimpressed. For speaking up and out above the murmur of the crowd. Cause it's nothing special. It's basic fundamental. Just four guys concerned trying to drum"
  • Summer! - Nick Carter
    "Here I sit in my room And I feel like I'm doomed Cause it's snowing and cold outside Winter sports are okay But they don't make my day And I hate being stuck inside As I look at the calendar 6 more months Man"
  • Summer - Eric Burdon
    "Ridin round town with all the windows down Eight track playin all your favorite sounds The rhythm of the bongos fill the park The street musicians tryin to get a start Cause it's summer Summer time is"
  • Summer - War
    "Ridin round town with all the windows down Eight track playin all your favorite sounds The rhythm of the bongos fill the park The street musicians tryin to get a start Cause it's summer Summer time is"
  • Summer Summer Summer - Loft
    "It's me dem call mi Courtney D. What you all fe know say mi a born yardle When mi come around man mi guarantee To nice up the club and nice up the party Look pon the girls how dem look sexy Go dance"
  • Summer - Pleasurehouse
    "In this house surrounded by palm trees I've lost the picture from my wallet The picture's mudded and full of kisses I tried to bite her, for a perfect passion She's been on the (...) in a plastic suitcase So"
  • Summer - Machine Gun Fellatio
    "I got a friend in Jesus, he's got a friend in me He's a bit hung up on god, but we've agreed to disagree Sometimes when I'm feeling frisky, call you up at home One time when your boyfriend answered I pretended"
  • Summer - Social Siberia
    "Summer, she said "Let's wait for summer" But we should now have to wait this long Somethings are always are always gonna get me lean back I'm at least as miserable as you (it's just is like it should) So"
  • Summer - Anything Box
    "Anything Box Elektrodelica Summer (claude s.) Every day is going to be your birthday, Filled with summer in your eyes... Solitude among the windy moments that we spent; We will never walk alone... Tell"
  • Summer - Christine Dente
    "We had sandwiches and apple juice On that sweet afternoon in the summer And you only wanted me to play You had no time to waste in the summer So you only ate half I had to laugh There will always be time"
  • Summer - Great Big Sea
    "She doesn't see the coming fall She doesn't show no fear at all Bring on autumn moon or the driving rain I only hope I see her face again Chorus Everything is gonna be alright when summer comes The darkest"
  • Summer - Calvin Harris
    "When I met you in the summer Took my heartbeat sound We fell in love As they leaves turned brown And we could be together baby Long the skies are blue You act so innocent now But you like so soon When"
  • Summer - Jaden Smith
    "Yeah, summer And i am ????? Haliictid, got them tripping Till i am sober I am about that shit Got a show in Baha More did and it;s a runer Bough the mashrooms in It’s raining, baby Tis about to thunder Had"
  • Summer - Nobodyknows
    "Summer Summer kotoshi mo tsukuru manatsu no DORAMA hikaru taiyou shiroi sunahama mou sukoshi tsudzukete nee sono mama Summer Summer atsusa de nan mo kangaeren tashikamereru kareru ka kawarugawaru banko yatte"
  • Summer - Buffalo Tom
    "Sight unseen, sadder seas Summer song sung all along Dragged across the seven seas To the beach come follow me Summer's gone a summer song You've wasted every day, every day Cellophane, a grandma's town Summer's"
  • Summer - Secondtunez
    "Now it's summer allowed to be there I see hot chicks everywhere Walking down the street With my iPod on repeat When I look in to the sun Feels like everything is fine Can you read my mind? The summer has"
  • Summer - Sisters Of Mercy
    "Talking at each other Walking into walls Walking into wishful I've heard it all before Another shade of empty Another shade of blue Another shade of yellow, sunset yellow Another shade of you Can"
  • Summer - Church
    "At the sea, in the sandYou were free to my handAs we touched behind the windLeft so much outside our skinYou never stay in all four dimensionsYou never ever return when you're goneOne more summer in surf"

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