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  • Summer 68 - Pink Floyd
    "Would you like to say something before you leave Perhaps you'd care to state exactly how you feel We said good-bye before we said hello I hardly even like you, I shouldn't care at all We met just six hours"
  • Summer '68 - Pink Floyd
    "Would you like to something before you leave? Perhaps you'd care to state exactly how you feel. We say goodbye before we've said hello. I hardly even like you. I shouldn't care at all. We met just six"
  • '68 - Anima Sound System
    "Azt mondja hallod, hangod tl kemny. Azt mondja halkan, ha a nap vget r. Ne fekete-fehret ddolj, szneset! Szabadot, szpet, szpet, fnyeset. Azt mondja hallod, szved tl nehz. Azt mondja tncolj, mg a nap"
  • 68 - Vicentico
    "ah viene el amor el amor se va ah viene el dolor el dolor se va ah viene la lluvia la lluvia se va ah vienen las olas las olas se van tengo un perro blanco como la espuma como la espuma blanca del mar corre"
  • 68 - TEDE
    "Cześć, nie ważne czy dzisiaj, czy dzisiej, teraz Dzień po premierze frajerze ja dzisiej Bo dzień po premierze poszły cztery tysie Piszę to dzisiej, w długopisie mam jad To fakt zero litości dla szmat Jesteś"
  • Lapo 68 - Amore
    "Lapo 68 M'hanno messo le ganascie alla clio Mentre giocavo a backgammon in rete E tony blair 2003 Principiante vinte zero perse due M'ha snocciolato un altro doppio sei Ma dimmi te se mi devo incazzare Per"
  • Deportacja 68 - Leniwiec
    "Moja mama wiele w życiu już widziała,moja mama kiedyś mi powiedziała:Najmądrzejsza kobieta, jaką w życiu widziałam,była Żydówką.Najmądrzejsza kobieta, jaką w życiu spotkałam,była Żydówką.Teraz wiem, czego"
  • Gate 68 - Kid Dynamite
    "once again we lost the role to boredom and late nights on the radio. don't. spare me. i already know mix tapes sound their best when i'm alone. i've practiced the best policy. nothing, is what it's"
  • Summer Love - Adam Sandler
    "Adam Sandler Miscellaneous Summer Love Summer of 68, We sat on the beach and watched the seagulls fly Sunlight shining in her hair, Her eyes were bluer than the summer sky She'd hold me in her arms, And"
  • Back To ?68 - The Subways
    "use to be an easy life in our age of dreams do you remember life in a factory wall with feathers in our hair do you remember still dreamin? while all the flowers fade away going back to ?68 peacefull"
  • The '68 Nixon - John Denver
    "Hi there voters, how do you feel? Tired of the same old vote appeal? Well look who's back with a brand new style A brand new look and a brand new smile It's the '68 Nixon, everything is new A brand"
  • Back In '68 - Gman Blues
    "Words and Music by Gary Wesselhoff I called your house the other day there was no answer, I wanted to play I wrote a song 'bout times not long gone, yet so far away before we went astray Remember when"
  • Protest Song '68 - Refused
    "To sing you must first open your mouth, you must have a pair of lungs, and a little knowledge of music It's not necessary to have an accordion, or a guitar The essential thing is that I want to sing then"
  • Spirit Of 68 - Burning Heads
    "Where is the youth? Are they all gone? Where is the feeling? The search for freedom? Those days are bad? No one reacts? Are we all blind? Not to face the fact? Where are the dreams? That made"
  • Questions 67 And 68 - Chicago
    "Can this feeling that we have together Oooh, Suddenly exist between Did this meeting of our minds together Oooh, Happen just today, somewhere I'd like to know, Can you tell me -- please don't tell me It"
  • Bright Summer's Day '68 - Curved Air
    "On a bright Summer's day in the middle of May With the sun shining down, my baby left town, my brother broke jail. Then my Daddy shot mum, So I've written this song Just to tell all you folks out there"
  • Summer! - Nick Carter
    "Here I sit in my room And I feel like I'm doomed Cause it's snowing and cold outside Winter sports are okay But they don't make my day And I hate being stuck inside As I look at the calendar 6 more months Man"
  • Summer - Eric Burdon
    "Ridin round town with all the windows down Eight track playin all your favorite sounds The rhythm of the bongos fill the park The street musicians tryin to get a start Cause it's summer Summer time is"
  • Summer - War
    "Ridin round town with all the windows down Eight track playin all your favorite sounds The rhythm of the bongos fill the park The street musicians tryin to get a start Cause it's summer Summer time is"
  • Summer Summer Summer - Loft
    "It's me dem call mi Courtney D. What you all fe know say mi a born yardle When mi come around man mi guarantee To nice up the club and nice up the party Look pon the girls how dem look sexy Go dance"

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