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summer love

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summer love

  • Summer Summer Summer - Loft
    "It's me dem call mi Courtney D. What you all fe know say mi a born yardle When mi come around man mi guarantee To nice up the club and nice up the party Look pon the girls how dem look sexy Go dance"
  • Summer - Machine Gun Fellatio
    "I got a friend in Jesus, he's got a friend in me He's a bit hung up on god, but we've agreed to disagree Sometimes when I'm feeling frisky, call you up at home One time when your boyfriend answered I pretended"
  • Summer - Calvin Harris
    "When I met you in the summer Took my heartbeat sound We fell in love As they leaves turned brown And we could be together baby Long the skies are blue You act so innocent now But you like so soon When"
  • Summer - Christine Dente
    "We had sandwiches and apple juice On that sweet afternoon in the summer And you only wanted me to play You had no time to waste in the summer So you only ate half I had to laugh There will always be time"
  • Summer - Belasco
    "I can't get the distance of the feeling growing in me on this wretched windswept pier nurse me through the fallen last notes picked up from the shores within my restless heartfelt fears Wait for the summer"
  • Summer - India.Arie
    "Oooh oooh oooh oooh heeeyyy oooh oooh oooh Goodbye summer hate to see you go I wasnt ready for autumn wind to blow So lonely We had a fine time holding hands in June Warm in a sunshine watching love"
  • Summer - India Arie
    "Oooh oooh oooh oooh heeeyyy oooh oooh oooh (Verse 1:) Goodbye summer hate to see you go I wasn't ready for autumn wind to blow So lonely We had a fine time holding hands in June Warm in a sunshine watching"
  • Summer - Modest Mouse
    "wake-up we're stealing cars 1996 1997 1998 we're all waiting for the year 2000 just the smell on the summer can make me fall in love we go to the parties listen to the DJ's dance dance dance and go"
  • Summer - Amber Pacific
    "It's time to fake what you say as you're turning away though it's hard to be fake facing you every day with regret, with remorse for the things that were said but you know how alone we'll end up in the"
  • Summer - Blackfield
    "love me as the summer gone when eyes were closed and days were long, so long I burned a torch for you but all the while somewhere in the haze you lost your smile love me as the winter comes don't cast"
  • Summer - Lisa Loeb
    "why do you have to leave me now and go home? summer, it starts when i see you. my smile, it parts when i hear you talking to me. my heart, it beats when it's me who i know you love, and my mind, it just"
  • Summer - Bette Midler
    "It was a hot afternoon The last day of june, And the sun was a demon. The clouds were afraid. One ten in the shade, And the pavement was steamin'. I told billy ray In his red chevrolet I needed time for"
  • Summer - Bobby Goldsboro
    "It was a hot afternoon Last day of June And the sun was a demon The clouds were afraid One-ten in the shade And the pavement was steaming I told Billy-Ray In his red Chevrolet I needed time for some thinking I"
  • Summer fever - Donna Summer
    "Winds may come and the winds may flowbut there's no wind can cool me of my fever, summer feversummer feverTime of love, time of yeartemperature's rising, our bodies near in fever, summer feversummer feverA"
  • Summer Love - Andy Williams
    "Summer Love Who will be your summer love Like I was last summer Sharing every moment of Things we did last summer Who will be satisfied Just to be by your side Who will kiss you, hold you tight Two silver"
  • Summer Love - Alicja Ruchała
    "In the summer time Getting summer high I can feel my heart speeding Baby, you are the reason In the summer night All this summer vibes Getting all times of feeling It must be the season No lie You"
  • Summer Love - Sherbet
    "Summer love is like no other love Oooh yeah-eah-eah Summer love is like no other love You know what I mean Summer love is like no other lo-ove Cloudy skys are blown by with a breeze And when that su-un"
  • Summer Love - Chris Rea
    "Once there was a summer love Long ago and far away The autumn whispers to the falling leaves Summer love can't stay This was their place, this was where Just for one moment, without cares Two lovers dreaming"
  • Summer Love - Mark Medlock
    "My sweet summer love (2x) On and on and on I'm dreaming 'bout you oh my summer love Holding on and on Oh you're in my dreams in the sun above See the ocean in my dreams Oh it's like a movie scene My sweet"
  • Summer Love - Shaola Ama
    "(summer love) Ooh from the moment the sun comes out You are on my mind (oh summer love, summer love) I tried to forget But nothing comes of this Every time I close my eyes I can still feel your kiss I"

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