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summer scem plane

  • Plane - Jason Mraz
    "Drain the veins in my head Clean out the reds in my eyes to get by security lines Dear x-ray machine Pretend you don't know me so well I wont tell if you lied Cry, cause the droughts been brought up Drinkin'"
  • Summer Long - Killing Heidi
    "I am just a dreamer, you are just my dream Taking me to places, the likes I've never seen I am looking out of the window of a plane All the clouds are couches calling out your name There can't be an answer,"
  • Indian Summer - Glenn Miller
    "(Ive Got A Gal In) Kalamazoo -Artist: Glenn Miller as sung on "Glenn Miller Pure Gold" -RCA ANL 1-0974 -peak Billboard position # 1 for 8 weeks in 1942 -Words by Mack Gordon and Music by Harry Warren A,"
  • He's A Bird, He's A Plane - South Park
    "First verse (spm): The dopehouse, got it snowin' in the summer Drug runner, f**k the "i'ma gonna wanna" Fast learner, attack like piranhas My next big hit's called "hubba, hubba, hubba" I smoke her 'cause"
  • He's A Bird, He's A Plane - South Park Mexican
    "The Dopehouse, got it snowin' in the summer Drug runner, fuck the "I'ma gonna wanna" Fast learner, attack like piranhas My next big hit's called "Hubba, Hubba, Hubba" I smoke her cause I love her Bought"
  • Astral Plane - The Modern Lovers
    "Tonight I'm all alone in my room I'll go insane if you won't sleep with me I'll still be with you I'm gonna meet you on the astral plane The astral plane for dark at night The astral plane or I'll go insane Well"
  • Private plane - Alphaville
    "Down-that's up now i see you-control explains-forgotten... we're down darkest name of the rain, private plane look down-on seers we're so-knocked out, to live-or don't final name of our plane, someone"
  • Higher Plane - Cyndi Lauper
    "Wake Me Shake me Come on take me To a Higher Plane Make the music and the rhythm Carry me away I want to be with you I want to be free I want to be connected to everyone I see (Ohh) Ooo... everyone moving"
  • That Plane - Dr. Hook
    "(D. Locorriere/S. Silverstein) The traffic at this hour is so thick that he's afraid he might be late Her flight arrives at seven ten and he remembers how the lady hates to wait And he remembers losing"
  • Wicker Plane - State Radio
    "In the park there's a wicker made plane that crashed down just the other day. The pilot had lost his way, got disoriented and crash landed in the middle of the city. He'd never seen buildings so tall and"
  • Outbound Plane - Nanci Griffith
    "(Nanci Griffith - Tom Russell) I don't want to be standing here With this ticket for this outbound plane Oh, I've been here before Somehow this doesn't feel the same Talk is cheap So we could talk all"
  • Small Plane - Bill Callahan
    "You used to take me up I watched and learned how to fly No navigation system beyond our eyes watching I always went wrong in the same place Where the river splits towards the sea That couldn’t possibly"
  • Plane Song - Absynthe Minded
    "I'm on a plane That takes me away From the place Where I belong The choices I made Before guilt came They're not right, They are not wrong You're in my head I wrote you this song Sometimes I think I"
  • Plane Ride - Flashlight Brown
    "Got my walkman on full blast Still can hear these witches blab Oh shit my patience is going mad My nerves are running fast When is this plane gonna land I'm getting sick and tired of the band Blaring in"
  • Paper Plane - Sean Lennon
    "My head is aching 'cause I've been faking The whole day through And it isn't easy to do Sometimes I feel like a paper plane Caught out in the rain As electricity lights up the city Isn't it pretty? Too"
  • Plane Crash - Moe.
    "verse 1: Up in the sky it's bird it's a plane Yea it's a plane I'm not afraid to fly im not afraid Yea I guess I'm afraid Fear is a good thing It teaches us humility And it can keep us sane So I'll fly"
  • Plane Vapours - Kirsty McGee
    "do you remember one morning last winter when frost sealed all the windows you could see your breath in candyfloss clouds in the sky that were cut through by plane vapours and the blue of the morning was"
  • Plane Crash - Toadies
    "We're coming home on a plane crash We'll trip our way through the night We're breaking up on impact We'll bring it to your light, yeah We're rich and we're needing, woah You're broken, you're bleeding,"
  • Mono Plane - Slapp Happy
    "Monoplane Lost in the arctic Monoplane Lost contact Passengers and crew Gettin' frantic Monoplane Will never bring 'em back Are ya lost Little monoplane Are ya lost In the wind and rain The Polar Circle Will"
  • Paper Plane - Status Quo
    "(Rossi/Young) Riding on a big white butterfly I turned my back away towards the sky I closed my eyes to look for something Saw myself as really nothing Then I realised my butterfly Wasn't really up there"

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