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  • Our Curious Leader - Luxuria
    "Our curious leader knows what's best how we're signal bound now to existential sex our curious leader has such a lovely daughter we wash their feet and quench our thirst with the same water Our curious"
  • Wilted Flower - Maximilian Hecker
    "A Magic bullet against your drought Were sumptuous rainfalls Dreary whispering of how you love Sun-baked objects It's a little strange how you walk And I still hear your withered talk I am blooming I"
  • Cabinet of feelings - Lacrimosa
    "Back from immortality at home again a person again the earth is kissing and the air is breathed my eyes- my eyes are open desire has me once again i am living i woke up in the cabinet of feelings on my"
  • The Secret Of The Secret - Esoteric
    "I Ponder Eternity Longing For The Keys Of Time To Wrap Me In Their Infinite Knowledge The Incongruous Symphony Crashes Through The Waves Of My Thoughts I Am Not Of Flesh... When Waves Of Sublime"
  • The Libertine's Dream - Marc Almond
    "On a bed of silken sheets he lay his head The pillow edged in gold and red A palace in his prison walls A feast for all, there's really only bread Those walls shut out the world Leaving him to conjure"
  • Masticated By the Spasticated - Gorerotted
    "Bound and gaggd in a black pot Seared and flavoured with herbs and salt Marinated slowly in a secret sauce Roasted and served as sumptuous course They dribble and drool as I try and get loose Stewing slowly"
  • The Trail We Blaze - Elton John
    "Music by Elton John Lyrics by Tim Rice From the soundtrack "The Road To El Dorado" Look out new world here we come Brave, intrepid and then some Pioneers of maximum Audacity whose resumes Show that we"
  • In Velvet Coffins We Sleep - Unexpect
    "From the ancient race of the immortals We enjoy the moon, us, its eternal vassals Pondering our lost humanity Forever fated to wander the obscurity Hunters... hunted... harmony found in silence Breathe"
  • In Velvet Coffins We Slept - Unexpect
    "Hunters, Hunted, harmony found in silence Breath the fresh air os the sleeping pinetrees Levitate our thoughts to the high branches Buried under the snow Pure and white as an untouched young women An"
  • Deflowering the Maidenhead, Displeasuring the Goddess - Cradle of Filth
    "Cracked mirrors scatter reflection Beauty falls from her state of perfection Good Grace has fled this dream While the cat's away the rats will ravage Despotic, necrotic fingers Have lingered with rape's"
  • Midnight Shadows Crawl To Darken Counsel With Life - Cradle of Filth
    ""Sometimes I beheaded them with daggers, with poniards, with knives Sometimes I suspended them in my room from a pole or by a hook and chords and strangled them And when they were languishing I committed"
  • To Darken Counsel With Life - Cradle of Filth
    "The evening air laps thick about The stagnant moat that Tiffauges claims And dusk now slips away Where taught to run, the rotten tongue Of a hotter gotterdamerung Has started licking like a flame Whispers"
  • Lost Rivers of London - Coil
    "I'm gonna drown myself in London's lost rivers I will walk down to the rain I have sat there and seen the winter days finish their short-spanned lives; and all the globes of light - crimson, emerald, and"
  • On The Slaughterfront - PIG
    "Get your PVCs around your knees Im the pig Im the preacher Get dirty, Ill teach you Throw your pearls before this swine Loose lips melted mine Vicious, vivid, Venus fine Sumptuous joy, so sublime Ive toured,"
  • Vi Er Dr - Tjenesten
    "Der var engang, vi kunne gre hvad vi ville, Gt og grimasser og lange radiospil. Sdan er det ikke mere, vi kom til at bygge en by, Der er dyrere end 60 F16 fly. S skred prisen igen, nu m vi lfte lidt i"
  • The Greatest Show on Earth - Nightwish
    "1.) Four Point Six Archean horizon The first sunrise On a pristine Gaea Opus perfectum Somewhere there, us sleeping After sleeping through a hundred million centuries We have finally opened our eyes"
  • Move on em stomp (remix) - King Just
    "Shaolin What! Move on 'em, stomp! Hama-hama ley! As I fly through the air Appear, rip and tear just like a spear Freakin it, wit that ol' crazy ol' flow (There I go, there I go, there I go) Yo, see what"

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