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sun set

  • Set Apart - Advent
    "I will testify though I walk this road alone Though all my brothers fade away, I will hold to you Conviction has stripped away with time The flame of passionate love That once burned deep inside has blown"
  • On Set - Growing Down
    "It's so easy to say tomorrow starts today but the table will turn finding a way to leave you're sitting at the bottom of the wall you're screaming ignorance how can you persist it's so simple to"
  • Sun - Aztec Camera
    "Words and music by Roddy Frame Sand seperates the sea From me on my desert island Sun obliterates the sky And I, I'm just like anyone No matter how I try I wanna see the sun. And it shines To luminate"
  • Sun - Rammstein
    "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, outEveryone is waiting for the lightbe afraid, don't be afraidthe sun is shining out of my eyesit will not set tonightand the world counts loudly to"
  • Sun - Donovan
    "Sun, the earth is turning it's turning round and love is the access but they chop the tree down all the proud trees are standing as green as the sky as green as the greenstone that makes seabirds fly ovens"
  • Sun - Akira Yamaoka
    "In the beginning people had nothing,Their bodies ached and their hearts held nothing but hatred.They fought endlessly but death never cameThey despaired stuck in the eternal quagmireA man offered a serpent"
  • Evening: The Sun Set / Twilight Time - The Moody Blues
    "(Evening: The Sun Set) When the sun goes down, and the clouds all frown, Night has begun for the sunset. See it with your eyes, Earth's re-energized By the sun's rays everyday. Take a look out there,"
  • At Even When The Sun Was Set - Hymns
    "At even when the sun was set,The sick, O Lord, around Thee lay;O in what divers pains they met!O with what joy they went away! Once more 'tis eventide, and weOppressed with various ills draw near;What"
  • Let the Sun Set on Life Forever - Primordial
    "Dawn's cold passion filters through the trees In darkness I showed you ecstacy In darkness I took you from this world Light shall never fall upon your face again From spring I've waited for this winter's"
  • The Ones Who Help To Set The Sun - Dream Theater
    "Watching my window I was led like a child As the roadway lamplights Misguided my mind through the night A shadow of limits We were racing the rain My hands held the wheel My eyes tried to hold their place There"
  • Set Me Free - Avenged Sevenfold
    "There’s a calmness to the air outside watch the Sun color the site of a morning sky bur all I see are clouds of darkest grey A full eclipse to veil the start of another day hear the laugher at the children"
  • Set It Off - Vains Of Jenna
    "All those lines i've written, are they really true? Are those scribbled lines, how i felt for you? Emotions became lust when i tasted fame I can't hold back, i'm just playing the game I lied to my diary"
  • Set You Free - Kem
    "I'll give you all my heart, all the time. Through the rays of the sun. Through the darkness of night. I'll sing you melody that it'll make you see, Through the windows of time. Heal all your heart aches. And"
  • Heart Set Free - Rich Mullins
    ""Rising sun I can feel your warmth again The sun has come full circle in her endless spin And I can hear the morning voices The dawn is born, the day rejoices And I can hear them singing, singing"
  • Xeper I Set - Dissection
    "Master - Typhon - Apophis Dweller beyond the seven stars Crowned red king - Set-hen - Amam of the eternal black skies Thou art the rayed one - Erbeth - Saatet-ta Lord of the shining force of night The"
  • Set the controls - Roger Waters
    "Little by little the night turns aroundCounting the leaves which tremble at dawnLotuses lean on each other in yearningUnder the eaves the swallow is restingSet the controls for the heart of the sunOver"
  • Set Us Free - Beckett
    "Hold on with an iron will, Do all that you can to, Hold onto the steering wheel, I've seen it, I know that, The crash it is coming soon, You can borrow the sun, But please don't steal the moon. They"
  • Set It Up - Xavier Rudd
    "Set It Up Xavier Rudd Turn Around and look to the window Turn around and look outside Out there in the jungle There is truth among the lies I have been to cold dark places I have had a broken soul But"
  • Set Your Controls - Star One
    "Welcome aboard, let me draw you deep inside The dark caves of my twisted mind Welcome aboard, take a seat and dim the light Empty your mind, sit back and hold on tight Break away through the walls"
  • Set em straight - Rakim
    "I came to set em straight, and let em know Whoever's holdin the best, just let him go Cause here's the inside scoop on the fiend They wanna know why I'm seldom seen Cause who needs the TV screens and magazines"

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