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  • Don - Room 2012
    "I woke up with my head in the clouds I got a big fine smile And Im ready to ride Its just a good day (good day) Its gonna be a hot day (hot day, yeah) Head down town just to check out the vibe See"
  • Don - Birdman
    "Yeah...Yeah Check me out man..Yeah (Lil Wayne) Original gangsta, black clothes and bangers Bullet shells and chambers, fill the L's up We stay low from the ranges cause they tryin to tame us, but we"
  • Don Cartagena - Fat Joe
    "(Nobody said it would be easy, ha hah (Puff)What y'all wanna do hah? (2X) Nobody wanna handle it (Puff)AS WE PROCEED, TO GIVE YOU WHAT YOU NEED (Puff)What y'all wanna do hah? (2X) (Puff)NINE-EIGHT, IT'S"
  • Don Chu Know - Jimmy Buffett
    "Ou can spend all your days in the grind Converting your nickels to dimes Ou could stuff all your pockets till they overflow Don chu know Don chu know Don chu know Ou can say you're too old to be young Ou"
  • If You Don - Richard Marx
    "I know you have reservations And you're just along for the ride But I see a slight hesitation What are you trying to hide Don't be afraid to bare your soul Nothing you say could be too bold I'm"
  • Don Huonot - Pyhimys - Atom And His Package
    "ootan sinua, ootan sinua l sano ett sin kaipaat minua on vieraat lhteneet, vieraat lhteneet pyyhi poskiltasi krokotiilin kyyneleet l kanna surunauhaa ksivarressas tiedn kuinka paljon sin mua rakastat l"
  • Don' t go - The Ramones
    "She was everything to me oh yeah She was everything to me But how I ever let her go I'll never know She was everything to me oh yeah She was everything to me But how I ever let her go I'll never know Don't"
  • Don Knotts - Burnt By The Sun
    "I can still hear the frea behind your last gasp, even above the flat slaps of my thumbs against this desk. You take a moment to rewind in your mind: if only you hadn't opened that hole beneath your nose. I'm"
    "czego się dowiem z twojego numeru jak piszesz tak tylko o ziłach i składzie mam wielu ziomakli ale pierd* i nikim nie strasze wglądasz jak pizda ubrany jak pizda stylówa wyglądasz jak dresik se bucik bo"
  • Don - Bitch Alert
    "Get down little scene mistreater You love but ya can`t believe her Breeding the atomic freedom Burnt out like a dead reign There`s no time for heaven You got everything ya wanted Now you`re just a past"
  • Don - Libido
    "No quiero ser un don Con esos aires repugnantes Ni esclavo de un seor Que me transforme en un tunante Yo puedo pretender Me gustan tus excitaciones Pdeme por favor Complacer tus tentaciones Yo quiero"
  • Don - Miranda
    "Quiero saber que me pasaTe pregunto que me pasa y no sabesQue contestarme, porque claro, de seguro te mareCon mis idas y vueltasTe cans con mi camara lentaY aunque trato nunca puedoApurar mi decision.En"
  • Cohu (ft Don Phenom) - Ronela Hajati
    "come, kam mood boy e dija sun na kap sun na kap policia hajt medet per mend e mija aj me mvet s’do shkoj te shpija ma ngadal ma ngadal ma ngadal koka dhez tipi s’o normal mos e ndal, mos e ndal, mos e"
  • Don' let me down - The Hollies
    "The sun is overshadowed by the presence of the moonNight time has fallen shell be comin home soonLeave the door wide open, ah, so she wont need a keyLock it behind you baby draw the blinds so no-one can"
  • Don - Akon
    "Akon Miscellaneous Don "don't matter" Konvict Konvict Oh Ohoohwooe Oooh Ooohhwooe Nobody wanna see us together But it don't matter no Cause I got you babe Nobody wanna see us together But it don't matter"
  • Honest (feat. Don Toliver) - Justin Bieber
    "Honest (honest) Your modest I like it (I like it) You stay down And you the baddest (baddest) Find you in the cut I copped it (I copped it) Honest (honest) You kept it real with me from jump (from jump) It’s"
  • Don - Christina Aguilera
    "(From Next Best Thing OST) 1 - Don't make me love you till I'm ready Don't make me give you more than my kisses I need you to go slow and steady Don't make me love you till I'm ready Oh, why you wanna"
  • Don - Bitch Alert
    "Dont say She never says what she feel insaid She never go... She is no angel thats for sure Just please tell me why are these things happening?? She really love you, 'cuz theres no limit to that,no"
  • Don - Seu Jorge
    "Dont (No) No , no , isso o que voc diz Toda vez que eu a seguro dessa forma Quando eu me sentir assim e quiser te segurar Baby, no diga: no No, no deixe o meu abrao Aqui, nos meus braos, o seu lugar Quando"
  • Don - Kevin Ayers
    "So many problems, yet none at all So many windows through every wall So many feelings you won't express So many failures you call success Don't let it get you down You cry over loosing, what you never"

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