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sun in schiking

  • Sun, sun, sun - The Elected
    "Sun, sun, sun, stay with me Don't go behind the clouds I know that you'll go down But while it's day, let your light hit me Cause if I lose you now I fear I could bow out And I don't know where I'm going"
  • Sun - Miss Angie
    "All men are like grass, like grass And their glory fades away, away The flowers fall The grass wilts The breath of the Lord, it blows, it blows You will pass away, but His word will stay His love is like"
  • Sun - Babble
    "There is nowhere left to hide There is nothing to be done No people to be saved No pets we've never names 40 Miles from the sun As darkness craves the mind We come undone without our pride No time on the"
  • Sun - Rusty
    "Her feet hit the ground There's people all around She never wears makeup It never does her proud She works radio, late night radio She don't like the shit she's playing She does it for you kids The sun"
  • Sun - Public Image Limited
    "Sit in the sun, let nature take me. Lucky for some, that nature hates me. I miss the car park, I miss the concrete, I miss the city, I miss the rain and sleet. I want my climate, I want remote control. Plenty"
  • Sun - Lamb
    "Here you come again with the wind at your heels The brightest thing I've seen for years and years You are the sun It's where you're from And where I'm going to The light you shine Can always change My"
  • Sun - Mark Owen
    "Sun, lay it on lay it on lay it everywhere you have gone where she sleeps where she keeps for everyone Pour another whiskey, anything to do but stare watch a spider build a cobweb while you chew another"
  • Sun - Mandaryna
    "Sun, Sun is shining thruso bright like me and youforever in our dreamSun, forever in our heartwere never be apartthis love aint what it seemsThe clouds all have gon, now that you are by my sideI saw right"
  • Sun - Bel Canto
    "Even if I am tempted I won't apologize to you. Those torn-out pages in my agenda are a few too many. I've started to count backwards and now I'm almost halfway through but I fear that I never will get"
  • Sun - Sigrid
    "The Sun shine’s so bright outside my mind I am left outside one more time one more time I see them smiling it’s nothing wrong I think they bother but they don’t show no they don’t show I feel hopeless"
  • Sun - Kubb
    "I think you ought to know it cuts right to the bone I went and lost my head and anything I could get id like to say hello but im hiding from the phone i cant take it all in still reeling from the"
  • Sun - Jana Kirschner
    "Sun is looking through my empty glass Can see the raindrops laying on grass Blue bird's singing show me the way Take away my pain from yesterday If you only wanted to be like a bird Singing a song we"
  • Sun - Akira Yamaoka
    "In the beginning people had nothing,Their bodies ached and their hearts held nothing but hatred.They fought endlessly but death never cameThey despaired stuck in the eternal quagmireA man offered a serpent"
  • Sun - Mae
    "I'm a mess, I guess. It's what I asked for, it's what I needed. Well, you know me better than that, or at least you did and something happened. But once again something's happened. The confidence"
  • Sun - Deep Blue Something
    "Spent years driving to the sun, Though now I admit I was lost. Can't say that I'd trow it all away But I think I'd change the cost of my salvation Throw down your cross child And dance with me Everyone"
  • Sun - Xandee
    "You, spice up the night Youre like the first morning blue in the sky I say You, sweep me away Love can be easily turned into pain No I, dont need no other So open your heart out to me Ay Que Calor Get"
  • Sun - The Smashing Pumpkins
    "What it wants is four more yearsMoving tears of pain Lost I go into your hiding roomYou'll be lost to me Walking in the sunI'll never feel the lightWalking in the sunI'll never feel Why? Confusion haunts"
  • Sun Red Sun - Badlands
    "Late one night through a purple sky A vision touched my soul Listening to the wind that night My soul lost control 500 years of voices carry on the wind Each dawn I watched a sunset melt through an"
  • In the sun - Blondie
    "Surf's up In the sun I'm waiting for the day Having fun in warm far away Moonlight nights water seems so clear Oh city lights while I'm still waiting here In the sun it's for everyone In the sun were gonna"
  • In The Sun - Aimée Allen
    "I want to live in my TV Where everyone is so happy I wanna color me pink Smile at everything Believe in love so much It makes me sing la la, la la, la la la Can you hear me Everyone is in the sun But"

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