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suncity empress off

  • Empress - Patrick Wolf
    "Empress of this glorious feeling Your palace above me i journey to give me until you found power i thought we were always us us forever this fire forever. i journey through forest and concrete i never"
  • Empress - Midnite
    "Yeah aye yeah aye whoa ooo Yeah aye yeah aye whoa ooo Can't say that I have never Seen your face before I've seen you in the early morning ocean Seen the stars on the ocean floor Can't say that I have"
  • Empress - Nemesea
    "'Haec damnata imeratrix Expectat te moriri quandocumque brevi' Open your eyes and see she's only a chimera to thee The celestial thought is only in your mind this feminine person is an atrocious kind This"
  • Empress - Gentleman
    "Behold! It is written that a man should leave his mother and cling to the woman him love ''Chorus:'' Give thanks fi dis ya empress ina me life, oh Jah. She loves ma and she make I satisfie, oh Jah! To"
  • Empress - Snow Patrol
    "you’re angry but you don’t know how to be that yet it seems too much went wrong and all at once resistance seems impossible from dwon this low and surely no one else can feel like this but on the streets you"
  • The empress and the Ukraine king - CAN
    "The empress and the Ukraine king,The from the house to float on in,She breaked in banana corches inFrom the seasons after spring.The empress had a killer on his chest,Faced the east for the morning sunset,Silent"
  • My Empress - EMPYR
    "Contagious tears flow in my veins Sometimes my bones pierce my skin cuz She is the one that I must please Fill me with her memories Fill me with her poetry My empress Ready to rebuild I engraved her"
  • Empress Of Andromeda - Gate 9
    "Hey, Goddess of cosmic equilibrium. Craft our souls to raise as Titans, as We praise our dawn. Help us paint a sky, In neon colours, as we get high. Travel with us, in supersonic speed, As we crash"
  • Dark Love Empress - Leaves' Eyes
    "Norsemen, they hail from the Black sea Past Eastern grounds forging destiny We are rushing forward to Byzantine lands We are laying our fortune into noble hands Coming out, out of the deep dark Like a"
  • Empress (of Rancor) - Grip Inc.
    "Driven to tears while being sucked dry Beaten down, exploited, left in bits No hint of self seeking, cold hard facts overlooked While the ritual of disgust begins Premeditation, no trace Rigid execution Of"
  • Red Wine (ft. Empress Of) -
    "don’t give a damn about the rumors they have never bothered me yeah and I might be a fool but I am linkin’ what my eyes can see and I am in love whit the rush boy, whit the rush boy that you make me feel"
  • The Tale Of A Nocturnal Empress - Hades Almighty
    "the wolves howled at the moon that chilly autumn night and cold winds whispered through the scattered leaves when the first light from a late, yet crimson dawn, shined through the morning mist... she was"
  • Off - Hades
    "Utwór "Off” pochodzi z płyty Hadesa ”COMBO”. Wydawnictwo trafi do sklepów 14 listopada 2019 roku."
  • Off - The Bates
    "Come on leave me alone now come on set me free Ive got more than enough now why dont you understand me Why dont you leave me alone now I aint got no time Ive got no time to waste Offsure it would be a"
  • OFF - KaeN / Asya / Rush (MOONBLARE)
    "Stop, ja naciskam off Całe to świata zło nie znika stąd Stop, cały widzę syf Widzę ten wasze łzy I rozumiem, ty wiesz Czuje tak samo stres Dobrze wiem jak to jest Gdy gotuje krew Poraniona dusza z siebie"
  • OFF - Rasmentalism
    "Problemy off, ciuchy off, otwieram butle, zamykam tydzień Telefon off, domofon off, nie ma opcji, że się zawinę OCB, Ciebie zawinę, wypuszczę cie nie wiem za ile Powiedziałbym Ci jak skończy się noc, ale"
  • Off - Reel Big Fish
    "Well first of all I'd like to say f**k off (f**k off) If you don't get it why don't you go shove your head back up your ass And don't waste my time, I don't need your opinion No-oh oh oh oh Chorus Cause"
  • OFF - Deys
    "nie wiem jak się wjebałem w ten głęboki OFF mimo melanży najlepsze pasje ... dla niektórych to jest w stylu za daleki luz ale juz mi nie podejdzie więcej soli na ranę dużo dałem bylem takim type wypromuję"
    "nigdy nie grałem na offie nie wysłałem demo nie mam przyjaciół w wyższych sferach nigdy nie grałem na offie czemu nie? nigdy nie grałem na offie nie wysłałem demo koniec końców nie odebrałem masterów"
  • Off - Asp
    "ber den Ruinen tanzt ein Licht Ein letztes Flimmern ber mir die Steine Schicht um Schicht Ein Meer von Trmmern Zwischen Schutt und Splitterglas Dort wchst das Gras, das schwankt und das Im Abendhauch"

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