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sungabes denial

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sungabes denial
  • Sevendust Denial
    "What - never say what you mean All I hear is scream Never say that to me Never say that to me Wait - wipe that shit off your face Let's don't stop till we bleed The more you spit out your mouth the less"
  • Pro-Pain Denial
    "Born in '65 A bouncing baby boy A million dollar smile A brand new box of toys Every mothers dream An innocent child to hold Untarnished by humanity bright naive yet bold School came he tearned the meaning"
  • Ozzy Osbourne Denial
    "(O.Osbourne - M.Hudson - S.Dudas) You are my only daughter, I guess I made you twice You look inside my other He'll give you bad advice I will tell you I'm ok But deep inside I'm afraid I don't drink"
  • Olivia Lufkin Denial
    "Little owls bring me messages Transparent envelopes Given by black daisies and through enormous telescopes Addressed the white crow Sent it out Was it meant to get to me? I can hear you I'm just playing"
  • God Module Denial
    "Denial No warning signs Imagination transforms tonight Revelation dies No blinding light Or angels black descending from our minds We are our own demise Inbred disease Common amongst the faces we all"
  • Dropkick Murphys Denial
    "In the face of all that's obvious I continue to wreck my life... So set in my ways it's impossible to do what's good... Smokin, jokin + boozin my time away Just livin for the pain + lies "caught in denial".. Chorus:"
  • Prong Denial
    "Staying With This Life To Lead Attempting No True Test Sticking With Some Sick Ideal While Others Sell Out Fast Need A Bit Of Flagellation Need To Scour The Depths Can't Exercise Authority Clamped Down"
  • Airbase Denial
    "Sleepless, lightless, I've been waiting, for you. In secret, counting, the hours, until the morning sun. How would you know, know what's inside of me, I wonder how? We don't have to be, anything else"
  • Tuuli Denial
    "Everyday and all the games we played got me strung so high then I fall. Why did I interest in me when you got me backed against the wall? Prechorus: You never seem to smile. We're both in denial. That's"
  • Benediction Denial
    "You guard your mind, your thoughts must not devour Your soul at crux will cower And the image is mine Taunting you, unleash eternal time Am I what you see ? Rising doubts will forever be set free Torment,"
  • Agent Felix Denial
    "I think I've got a problem it just came walking through my door carrying a pillow with clothes laid out all over my floor so I proceed to ask him what the hell are you doing in my room he said I'm your"
  • New Order Denial
    "Here I am in a house full of doors but no exits In a light that is grey like the stain on my windows All of this is a gift, such a painful companion Inside of me It's just something I know, the answer's"
  • Ten Foot Pole Denial
    "its funny how a little truth can put things in perspective, sually i try to hide from all of lifes unpleasantries, like corruption lies and users, try to ignore all the abusers but sometimes truth"
  • Dogstar Denial
    "there is love here- can you feel it? it's from me; it's for me and I stole it if caught I'll deny it I'll scream and I'll fight it Jesus loves me- can you feel it? I've injured my life - hope he can heal"
  • Criminal Denial
    "(Music: Reisenegger, Contreras Lyrics: Reisenegger) I Deny the system of hypocrisy and greed Diarrhea of empty words from faces on a screen Forcing people to support a fake democracy Filling their pockets"
  • Serial Joe Denial
    "You and I bring it around again with a fresh flow Low blow, Tippin' ya over like a deck of cards I'll tell you where you are, stuck at the starting line with nothing left to say, Your ends unravel and"
  • Valete Denial
    "There Is Love Here- Can You Feel It?It's From Me; It's For Me and I Stole ItIf Caught I'll Deny ItI'll Scream and I'll Fight ItJesus Loves Me- Can You Feel It?I've Injured My Life - Hope He Can Heal ItIf"
  • Sugababes Denial
    "It's been hard to come to you lately It's been easier to stay away And I can't feel the heat not the one that we would need There is something wrong there's a wall in between Wait We can't fall now We"
  • Golgothian Denial The Golgothian Denial
    "(With your) thoughts transfixed and your mind locked in You plot the end of a life. You seek the guidance of the Glowing One To end the strain of this strife. You flip through the pages of the Holy Book-- A"
  • ASHES dIVIDE Denial waits
    "Denial waits, it's here to claim me now As I crawl down to hell, For a chance that you'll come around, And lay down tonight. But I'm left telling myself that everything will be alright Run away from the"

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