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sunna preoccupation

  • Preoccupation - Sunna
    "I'd laugh if it weren't for my tears, Please cry till the water is clear, Cry your so hard done by, In fright you leave them to cry. I laugh to hide from your fear, And grasp at the light of your peer, You"
  • Insanity Pulse - Sunna
    "I don't know if I can stand If you think you've made it with your God Far too much I understand If you think you're brainy then you're not I don't know if I've been dead Everything you've made it with"
  • O.D. - Sunna
    "Fill my tub Top it up I don't like water Can I do this Feeling sick Gonna drown Still I wonder what it's like to breath Help me in Hold me under Don't give in Feel me struggle Don't give in Gonna drown Watch"
  • One Conditioning - Sunna
    "Don't make me hate, Just try to relate, Please let me stay, I just want to play. I'm just a child. Don't make me mad, don't let me be sad, 'Cos I don't understand, 'Cos I'm not yat a man. I'm just a"
  • Power Struggle - Sunna
    "I will be here when you are gone, So I have the right to a power gorge, And I will be good at making bad, And I'll light the way for the fucking mad, I will defeat what I'm heading for, And I will be here"
  • Too Much - Sunna
    "I drunk a drop too much I toaked a block too much I sniffed a can too high Mirror reveal the man that I am Keep all we've got or give up something I play in the gym too much An I've seen too many movies An"
  • 7% - Sunna
    "I don't remember being dead I can't remember hell I don't remember heaven as well But a familiar smell If you're feeling trust you know who I am To be real is a must that's me if I can When I'm feeling"
  • Forlorn - Sunna
    "Saw your face today And right away I know you In another life we do strive for love Close my eyes and I can see your smile I know you In the afterlife we reconcile I know this is true Is it a dream it"
  • Grape - Sunna
    "Can I take grapes from your bowl Take away the taste that I smell Is it OK to use this pan Yeh, I will use it to spit my pins in Does everybody feel alright Does everybody feel alright Can anybody feel"
  • I Miss - Sunna
    "I miss hate, I miss war, I miss killing people, and I miss the point. Hold me down, 'cause I can't stop myself, Hold me down, and I'll repress myself. I miss religion, I miss dictators, I miss their"
  • I'm Not Trading - Sunna
    "I'm not trading now no I'm not, I'm not saying now what I've got, 'Cos I can see something I would rather not, And I can read you clear, I can tell that, I don't like you, I don't like you, I don't like"
  • Wessebronner Gebet - In Extremo
    "Dat ero ni uas No f himli Noh Paum noh Pereg Ni unas Ni noh heinig no sunna Ni scein No mno ni Lintha No der Mreo We himli enti erda enti du Forgip mir in dino genad Sphida enti craft tiuflun za Unida"
  • Merseburger Zauberspr - In Extremo
    "Phol und Wodan ritten in den Wald Da wurde Balders Fohlen der Fu verrenkt Da besprach ihn Sinthgunt und Sunna, ihre Schwester Da besprach ihn Frija und Volla, ihre Schwester Da besprach ihn Wodan, so"
  • You Know You Will - Cheryl Wheeler
    "She might slip out the back door Just might be what you came for Street lights blinkin, shinin You like pullin the line in Her heart wasn't a hide out Once she's cruisin the inside You'll be hitchin a"
  • Keep it real - One Ok Rock
    "Itsumade ki ni sareru (no ka)? sekentei!! Sou de nakutemo otona wa katte de Kudaranai otonatachi no HERIKUTSU Sonna HERIKUTSU ni orera kyoumi nai!! NEWS bangumi ni deteru BAKA kyouju ERA sou na taido de"
  • Sick And Tired - Complete Control
    "I'm sick of everyone I'm tired of you Actions of effort But what am I trying to prove City to city And everywhere With no direction And I'm nowhere near Near the end (Chorus:) I'm sick, and I'm tired.."
  • Gotta Get Away - The Offspring
    "I'm getting edgy all the time There's someone around me just a step behind It's kinda scary, the shape I'm in The walls are shakin' and they're closing in Too fast or a bit too slow I'm paranoid of people"
  • Brainchild - Auteurs, The
    "Auteurs, The Now I'm A Cowboy Brainchild Some of the things a cowboy do To make you howl out at the moon And blush... I think youd better look around Theres a genius in every town Keep your ear down to"
  • Your Mama Wont Like Me - Suzi Quatro
    "I wear my jeans too short and my neckline is too low I'm sit and stared at wherever I go I wear my jeans too tight and I stay out all night When you turn me on you see how I can bite And now my preoccupation"
  • Your mamma won't like me - Suzi Quatro
    "I wear my jeans too short, and my neckline's too lowI'm getting stared at wherever I goI wear my jeans too tight, and I stay out all nightAnd when you turn me on you'll see how I can biteAnd now my preoccupation"

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