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sunny sunny day

  • Sunny - Neil Sedaka
    "Sunny, stay by me. Rain used to fill my eyes till I met you, Sunny. You cleared my cloudy skies pretty little Sunny. You made the rain disappear, it's just like magic when I hold you near. Oh Sunny,"
  • Sunny Day - Abandoned Pools
    "Hiding inside a crowd My head is inside a cloud Go where the music's loud And all these talking heads are Blurred in violet hues Another sunny day Another sunny day She doesn't know wrong from right She"
  • Sunny Day - Akon
    "Who'd ever thought that i would see this day.... Where i would see my ghetto life fade away... Cos i was lost and couldn't find a way... and now i look forward to every day....(welcome to my sunny day)..."
  • Sunny Day - Free
    "Oh, sunny day Melting away Oh sunny day Melting away Some say she was good for no one But I say She was bad for every one Help me now' cause I feel I'm fallin' Maybe somehow You will hear me callin' Baby"
  • Sunny Day - Leah Andreone
    "Can we try to rewire Get a screw, I got the pliers Hold her down I'll move with ease Take away her feel nothing disease Rub it till she feels fire I'll make her starve to feel desire Tempt her vice But"
  • Sunny Day - Brandy
    "Chorus: What's a sunny day without you, Just another 24 that passes by... What's a sunny day without you, Just another 24 that passes by... Verse 1: As I sit upon the grass in the shade I reminisce on"
  • Sunny Day - Jah Cure
    "Sunny Days I Pray Jah Jah Leads The Way Cause Zion Await Sunny Days I Pray Jah Jah Leads The Way Cause Zion Await Now Im On A Journey Who Is Gonna Stop Me I See No One In My Way Cause If"
  • Sunny Day - Hi-STANDARD
    "It was a beautiful day! When I closed my eyes slowly that day. I saw the clear blues sky and everyone's wonderful smiles in front of my eyes. As if the old days had come back. "How small the sky is"
  • Sunny Day - Sunrise Avenue
    "Hey, I really need a sunny day Hey, I need some heat to come my way Stuck in my room so lonely All the fun seems far away Does anybody hear me scream? Hey, I really need a sunny day Hey, I need some heat"
  • Sunny Day - Deana Carter
    "i aint picked up my guitar in 15 days some music man didn't give a damn what i had to say but he's still in tears and playin' games that i dont play im not gonna let that son of a bitch take my love away can't"
  • SUNNY DAY - Roger Taylor
    "in a heartbeat I realized, saw through your disguise. How could anybody be so beautiful? Stopped in my tracks with a big-time shock, My captured heart just would not stop. How could anybody feel so wonderful? You"
  • Sunny Day - Hi Standard
    "When I closed my eyes slowly that day. I saw clear blue sky and everyone's wonderful smiles. In front of my eyes. As if the old days had come back. How small the sky is when looking down from this window. Trying"
  • Sunny Day - Allure
    "wake up in the moring feel the sun shine on my face It's a perfect day to get up and hang with my friends Hit em' on the two way and I tell them i'll be their before five Feelings right mood is right and"
  • Sunny Day - Dave Navarro
    "It's a sunny day outside Lovely sunny day outside Happy butterfly outside I'm locked up inside I don't know if I can hear another tale of how amazing you can be I don't know if I can hear another tale"
  • Sunny Day - Kristiina Wheeler
    "My heart is aching, I'm sorry I have to grin Oh, there's this burning poison running through my veins My baby's far too beautiful to be forgotten I wrote his name on my sheets made of cotton Yesterday"
  • Sunny Day - Big Tymers
    "(feat. Gotti, Mikkey, TQ) Just like a sunny day, I'm gon' shine You betta cover yo face, or you'll be blind Oh big shiny blades, that's how I ride Just like a sunny day, watch me shine Hey, eh, uhn-uhn-ah,"
  • Sunny Day - Lil' Flip
    "(feat. Big Shasta) we rollin on chrome flossin its a sunny day niggas smokin blunts blowin light green hay all about our cash we worked hard and got paid stacks mutiplied now its time to parlay its"
  • Sunny Day - Zug Izland
    ""Would you show me the door? My apologies I will slither out across the floor I will crawl out on my knees I'm ugly, my soul is ugly too I have so many flaws I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do I hate"
  • Broken Sunny Day - Sophie Zelmani
    "Old gone days Got as new today Like I wouldn't have known I count the years Now to seconds Like I wouldn't have known What I dropped on my track I can now feel on my back Like I wouldn't have known Old"
  • Sunny day II - Jeanette
    "Youre calling on the phone You know that Im alone And then I hear your words Youre doing more than flirt Ooh It turns me on and on To feel the warm sun To see the blue sky Just makes me wanna fly And I"

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