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sunshine children

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sunshine children
  • Tracy Bonham Sunshine
    "Someone said she's boiling up the children Silently she sits and dreams Someone said she's stealing all your true friends Hold her down so I can see Say it with sunshine Beat it down Beat it down to the"
  • Floetry Sunshine
    "You know sometimes we ummm, we don't recognize our dreams inside our reality and uh other times we're not aware of exactly what's real ya know we walk around day dreaming but the sunshine, the sunshine"
  • David Hasselhoff Everybody sunshine
    "Everybody sunshineWhat a feelingTo sing for freedomAround the worldJust like a vision there before meWere the children of many landsAll diff?rent races were unitedReaching out and touching handsChildren"
  • So They Say Nuclear Sunshine
    "His shadows the blanket that couldn't keep you warm if it tried So would you like to take a ride On the last free standing thought in my mind And I hope it won't get old I highly recommend you bring an"
  • Three Dog Night Play Children Play
    "(G.Stovall/K.Sprague) Cool breeze, how long will it blow Green trees, how tall will they grow All men, you reap just what you sow Ten years, maybe then no more Sunshine, tell me how long will it warm Bare,"
  • Jeannie C. Riley Children
    "Children go run and jump and play you'll be men and women some day Then you'll have to leave your world of make believe now children Young carefree children Children need someone to understand children"
  • Michael Michailoff Children
    "Don't you know who I am mommy I walk around high on drugs, beating up old people and why, maybe you can tell me why, who else can it be mommy, talking through, my mouth, it couldn't possible be you and"
  • Amber Children
    "Amber Miscellaneous Children ================= Amber - Children ================= Written by Dewey Bunnell, ?971 The boy cried out Gaily on the ground At the joy Of something he had found Aw, come"
  • Vicious Rumors Children
    "Children, finish what we started. They may only live in the world we give them. Children, will they be brokenhearted? They may never know what they're missing. We gotta take it easy, We gotta take"
  • 4 Clubbers Children
    "Where have all of our children gone?Innocent of all, the world that`s so bad,It`s no wonder that it`s so wrong,When they are alone, In truth they aren`t that strong. Chorus:Children, children, Exspectations"
  • America Children
    "The boy cried outGaily on the groundAt the joyOf something he had foundAw, come on children, get your heads back togetherAw, come on children, get your heads back togetherAw, come on children, get your"
  • Bill Anderson Children
    "Children we're acting like children instead of like a man and a fullgrown woman We're acting like babies little bitty babies And we're about to throw away a lifetime of good good loving Love is not a"
  • Justin Bieber Children
    "What about the children? Look at all the children we can change What about a vision? Be a visionary for a change We're the generation Who's gonna be the one to fight for it? We're the inspiration Do you"
  • EMF Children
    "Hold on take your life Hold on to each reality They seem so far from you But really they're close to you You've got to break each precious dream Until it breaks you heart in two Build your life until you"
  • The Mavericks Children
    "(Raul Malo) A child who is raised by an unworthy hand Has less of a chance being a man Who will try to remember and then understand Why a mother would cry while a husband lay dead Shot down by a gun of"
  • Portugal. The Man Children
    "Birth me of blood oil salt sugar water pales build me black jesus cause jesus can't save me shackles pulling at your hair shine me from roots out wash me form the neck down cut me fat stores take me to"
  • Twarres Children
    "Were coming from far Over oceans of time Were coming from places we once left behind Were looking for love In the heart of every man Were looking for reasons well all understand Chorus We are (we are) In"
  • Bo Pepper Children
    "You take pills to make you numb But then you can't come No you can't come I bring your cigarettes to keep you sweet If only cigarettes could keep you sweet You've been down on your luck But they don't"
  • Dir En Grey Children
    "teroism limiter cut NATIONALISM BUS GAS BAKUHATSU natural high and down natural high and down HURRY UP MODE Out rage egoism HURRY UP MODE Out rage I can't control my mind Can't control "
  • Love Like Blood Children
    "I opened wide the door and ran inside the pub so loudly and the landlord said"oh hi ya bum, do you wanna something to drink" I answered"beer and sweties give me one or give me three" it seems so strange"

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