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sunshine children soldiers cold war

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sunshine children soldiers cold war

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sunshine children soldiers cold war
  • Z-RO Sunshine
    "Yes sir, Z-Ro, Lil' Keke, Screw to Mo City CMG, KMJ, this how it go Sunshine, living in the ghetto daily trying to find Sunshine, trying to make a million hustling got to dodge One time, I keep my head"
  • Abba Soldiers
    "Do I hear what I think I'm hearing? Do I see the signs I think I see? Or is this just a fantasy? Is it true that the beast is waking Stirring in his restless sleep tonight In the pale moonlight In the"
  • Girlyman Soldiers
    "At the embassy in Saigon Burning papers on the lawn Our great escape was grand Sleight of hand and we got away The soldiers fight today Far away In a land far away In Panama we checked our notes Children"
  • C-Murder Soldiers
    "this goes out to all my thug niggas and bitches out there (soldiers) At ease, solute, C-MURDER all the motherfuckin' riders out there representin' its motherfuckin' no limit up bout it bout it rowdy rowdy"
  • Steel Pulse Soldiers
    "Dutallee! Dutallee! Dutallee! Dutallee! And when soldiers came Them say them come to make us tame And from that day until now on We were jeered and laughed to scorn Things used to be ire (before the soldiers"
  • You Am I Soldiers
    "Around the corner every morning just to see you get across, The civic fathers divide us up into cats and dogs, The seargent major of the neighbourhood is weighing up the cost, The senior transit lane, While"
  • Tech N9ne Soldiers At War
    "(Tech N9ne) H.I.G.H.L.A.N.D. Highland nigga Heartless Insane Ghetto Hoodlum Livin' And Never Dyin' That's what I'm talkin' about Rogue dawgs, when I call my Rogue dawgs Rogue Dawg, niggaz Fa the nine-eight We'll"
  • Ad Hominem Soldiers Of Wotan
    "Born under the banner of valour Defending their land sword in hand They will die as proud warriors And will be welcome as kings in Valhalla Savagery and genius of war The victory's already written Corpses"
  • Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Soldiers Of Peace
    "(3:43) Written by Graham Nash, Craig Doerge & Joe Vitale, Published by Nashnotes, Fair Star Music, Marinara Music (c) 1987. Recorded September 16th, 1988. Soldiers of peace are not fighting a war Are"
  • Scott Walker Two Ragged Soldiers
    "They spoke transparent phrases to looking glass women And they took the detours that scattered the way They departed from summer like two ragged soldiers Dragging their heels through their fantasies There"
  • Sunz Of Man Soldiers Of Darkness
    "Attention, Soldiers! Kill every one of them! Ha ha! Another fuckin' live-ass track from the Temple of Shaolin! What, nigga? Word up. Yeah! Keep it real. Killah Priest, you know what I'm sayin'?"
  • Edge Of Sanity Cold sun
    "Prologue: In a very distant future, the last generation of planet earth has come to a point where they cannot breed anymore. When everybody had lost their faith, a child was born, but no one could be the"
  • Memphis Bleek War
    "Yeah! yeah! Right back niccas huh?! Yeah that bounce we need, ya know Marcy where we at huh? Right here Let me hear some new shit, yeah niggaz Just Blaze you a muhfucker wit these beats boy Let me hold"
  • Styx Cold War
    "(Bob (Aku Aku) Young) Cold war, cold war, cold war I'm tired of your psychology To bring us to our bended knees And if we could only talk to you I'm sure that we could make you see 'Cause time has a way Of"
  • Death From Above 1979 Cold War
    "This war is cold and silent Our love has turned to violence You've got three years to die for something You've got three years to live for something This war is warm and vibrant Our love has turned to"
  • Vergeltung Cold War
    "Intolerance glows like embers Cold flame burns hot in the hearts Both teeth and fists are clenched Eyes sparkle from behind bars Cold fire begets incandescent blaze Disdain is to sire the hate There's"
  • Vapors Cold War
    "Little White Dogs in Black and Chains Screaming indignation at your hype ass games Til the Lights go out Shut your eyes and go back home Cramped and shucked in leather jeans Storing ????? for some"
  • Barclay James Harvest, The Cold War
    "Barclay James Harvest, The Caught In The Light Cold War Born in a cold war Opened up my eyes See the bombers riding Dark against the sky Fly like an eagle Carried on the wind See our hearts are broken So"
  • Barclay James Harvest Cold War
    "Born in a cold war Opened up my eyes See the bombers riding Dark against the sky Fly like an eagle Carried on the wind See our hearts are broken So many lives are gone Waiting for this dream to end We're"
  • Faye Wong Cold war
    "How can I know that I am really embracing you in silence Like palpating a pile of mobile air Witnessing innumerable amounts of question marks kissed away by the Reticent you Can I only prevaricate myself?"

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