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sure sure daddy

  • Sure - Take That
    "I'm sitting here waiting for my lover Last time we met I wasn't to sure Now I'm hoping, maybe dreaming, for a life as one When she reads this I'm hoping she'll call But I need much more than before"
  • Sure - Ty England
    "You must forgive me if I stare I've never seen a walking talking answered prayer Honey it's amazing that you're standing here I guess God got tired of me bending his ear Come in and set that suit case"
  • Sure - Debbie Gibson
    "VERSE 1: Sure I was so sure Until I just Didn't know any more. Thought no storm would come And when it came I had to run And I'll never be the same..... VERSE 2: Tears They come and go So often now When"
  • My Baby, Sure - Rory Gallagher
    "Break them! Get down, y'all! Y'all come back now ya hear? Alright. Okay that the way they talk? Bye Chester! Take that hairy hippie out of the dressing room! Scoop that muck off your boots, Before you"
  • Make sure you're sure - Stevie Wonder
    "Well, the night is young And the stars are out And your eyes are all aglow And you say you feel Ways you've never felt But are you sure, make sure you're sure Well, the wine is sweet And the music sways"
  • For Sure - Nelly Furtado
    "Sure Artist(Band): Nelly Furtado Lyrics: Your special notes for this song: Sure Artist(Band): Nelly Furtado Lyrics: Sure Artist(Band): Nelly Furtado Lyrics: Sure Artist(Band): Nelly Furtado Lyrics: Sure Artist(Band):"
  • Daddy - Wyclef Jean
    "Da, da, da, daddy, daddy, daddy I'm sure y'all heard about my dad Da, da, da, daddy, daddy, daddy This one goes out for everybody that lost somebody Da, da, da, daddy, daddy, daddy Be strong Da,"
  • Sure Enough - Chris Cummings
    "Well, I'm not sure if this'll come out right I've been playing it over and over in my mind So just in case you want to know Exactly how I feel, well, here it goes I'm sure that my heart pounds A little"
  • Not Sure - Fiction Family
    "How long will it take For these ties to you to break? They're much stronger than I thought And I'm not sure that I'll get over you I'm not sure that I want to How long 'til you're gone From every troubled"
  • Sure Thing - Dolly Parton
    "(Dolly Parton) It's Saturday night and it's a perfect night for dancin' I've had my makeup off and on all day But it's gotta be right for a night of sweet romancing And I've combed my hair at least a"
  • Sure Thing - LeAnn Rimes
    "Baby why you wanna waste your time On just a pretty face She changes guys with the mood of the day. Save yourself a heartache. Take a look I'm waiting in the wings A good long look 'Cause what you got"
  • Sure Pinocchio - John Hiatt
    "You told me you'd hold me Now I know better All you did fold me honey Like a dear John letter You put me in a box With God and his uncle Like a pair of gym socks Lookin' like Artie Garfunkle You"
  • For Sure - Krezip
    "I know its impossible to think of To think of all the pain that you are in But Ill try to be there for the better To just be there for the worse chorus I know for sure that you will laugh again, someday I"
  • Sure Love - Hal Ketchum
    "There's a new star in my sky There's a new song in my life Some may take love casually But I know what it's worth to me I would cound the steps from here to heaven Every heartache I was given Tip my"
  • She's sure - Eddy
    "We decided to try Going our own ways for a while And give each other some space But I never dreamed it would be miles I thought she would cry While she was packing up I guess something isn't wrong enough"
  • Be Sure - Karen Clark Sheard
    "If you ask me why it really took so long It was like waiting for that picture perfect song If you ask me why it took so many years It's never easy coping with your fears If you ask me how I felt being"
  • For Sure - Tiger Trap
    "i won't pretend to like her 'cause i'd never lie to you that's more than i can say for her and i know that's nothing new she's lying like a rug i know that's nothing new lying like a rug is what i'd never"
  • Fer sure - The Medic Droid
    "Fer sure maybe fer sure not Fer sure eh fer sure bomb Pulled up at a stop light did drugs on the dashboard Look at the mess we made tonight Kick off your stilettos Kick off your stilettos And fuck me in"
  • Why Sure - Silage
    "Back to the backside, hover as you go And everything means nothing as you know And sure I know your helping hands are Pressed against your picked fence But everything means nothing as you know So why try? Take"
  • Be Sure - Karen Clark-Sheard
    "If you ask me, why it took so long? It was like waiting for that picture perfect song If you ask me, why it took so many years? It's never easy coping with your fears If you ask me, how I felt being alone? Where"

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