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  • Surreal - John O'Callaghan
    "(Feat. Jaren) Take your place in time This is where you want to be Dont look beyond todays horizons Free your mind completely Let it in and let it out Dont think about what may be Breathe it in and breathe"
  • Surreal - Erasure
    "On your own, when it all goes wrong Like you're in gaol Torn in two, threw the blame at you Nightmare prevails There is no guarantee One crazy heart like me Should I go curl up and die? Surreal"
  • Surreal - Gainsae
    "I know nothing about How you feel, how you are, how you act And everything between you and me It seems so, it seems so unreal so Can I ask you a little about everything It's something so surreal"
  • Surreal - Sister Hazel
    "With my head above the water I can breathe to stay alive But I'll try a little harder If you want me to survive Won't somebody tell me? How I got to this stage? When consequence is inconsequential And Staring"
  • Surreal - Kill Hannah
    "if you dream like i dream right now don't wake up, no don't wake up again it gets more surreal so if you seem to be dreaming now don't wake up, no don't wake up it gets more surreal that this because you"
  • Surreal - Vanishing Point
    "Am I in a dream? This looks a perfect scene My will remains but I am falling Tell me where I am Will I understand? The mystery that is surrounding Uncertainty remains, views left unchanged A pure heart"
  • Surreal - Ayumi Hamasaki
    "Suki na mono dake wo erandeku no ga musekinin da tte wake janai suki na mono sae mo mitsukerarezu ni sekinin nante toriyou mo nai seou kakugo no bun dake kanousei wo te ni shiteru iranai mono nara sono"
  • Surreal - Innocence Mission
    "Don't fire your gun at the pressureIt's only surrealDon't heed the crowd noise and laughterThey're only surrealThis is a testFor discovering who really needs youThe answers will come soon enoughYou hold"
  • So surreal - Brandy
    "Boy there ain't a moment of the day That I don't contemplate about you It would be wrong, so incomplete Living life without you Nobody to care when I'm alone Nobody to comfort when I'm home Nobody to love"
  • Surreal Atrocities - A Life Once Lost
    "the damage has been done listen to the cries of turmoil as the day continues to rain you can hear the vocal violence silence the crowd words fall short of sound as the loudest of men becom speechless lack"
  • Cafe Surreal - Danny
    "Yo, D. Swain is back on the block He went from laughingstock To rappin' in happening spots And nappin' on yachts Don't get your head wrap in a knot You gotta unwind Gotta remind yourself that stress is"
  • So Real/Surreal - Span
    "Between myself and me I'm the empty space between I have lost myself and someone else is me instead I'm not sure how many but last week I counted twenty one by one they're trying to seize control and"
  • True - Jim Reeves
    "It's true, I know it's true, I'm losing you And it's breaking my heart It's true, I know we're through There's someone new, it just tears me apart. I don't know what I'll do without you I've loved you"
  • True - Edith Frost
    "Blue like your eyes you left me blue Like my heart you left me blue On the night you told me You could never love me You said you could never let me through To you that was true True I could hold"
  • True - Montell Jordan
    "Verse i Listen. Girl I am down with you (true) Are you down for me (true) Can I trust you with my life (true) That's how we supposed to be (so true) We can get this dough (true) Live out our wildest dreams"
  • True - Will.I.Am
    "Yea.. Yea.. I Know I Know It's True It's True Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey It's True My My My My My Love Is True Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey It's True My My My My My Love Is True Huh Huh Huh Hu-Uh Huh I Know This Much"
  • True - Brandy
    "Whooaaa yeah yeaaah In your arms I feel right at home Thats the feeling I aint felt before If youre feeling the same way then let me know Cuz theres nothing worse than being in love alone Chorus Is it"
  • True - Jimmies Chicken Shack
    "you can't find your something i don't know from nothing what you see is true it's right in front of you searching for the things that were never missing will we ever recognize the sweetness of our treasures"
  • True - Fergie
    "Yea.. Yea.. I know I know It's true It's true Hey hey hey hey hey it's true My my my my my love is true Hey hey hey hey hey it's true My my my my my love is true Huh huh huh hu-uh huh I know this"
  • True - Black Eyed Peas
    "Yeah, I know, I know Yeah, It's true, It's true Huh huh huh hu-uh huh I know this much is true Huh huh huh hu-uh huh I know this much is true Hey x 6 (Its true) My x6 (Is true) Hey x 6 (Its true) So"

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