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sweet box dont push me

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sweet box dont push me

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sweet box dont push me
  • Eva Dahlgren Dont Push
    "Don't pick on me I'm no one Don't pick on me It's no use Don't pick on me I'm nothing Don't pick on me I cannot lose Ain't worth trying I just lie me a truth Don't pick on me I'm no good Don't pick on"
  • Slade Sweet Box
    "Chorus Wat-ching sweet time box of love Put me in your sweet box I'm coming along in your sweet box Do I have to take all night to get there I saw in the load on your back light What I saw through my"
  • Idle Sons Push
    "On the way back to your home were you strong? did they push you back somehow? On the way back to your home were they wrong? did they let you fall back down? they pushed me back now I can see the emptiness"
  • H-Blockx Push me
    "Ever since the worlds been turningIt turned away from meIve been pushed across the planetTo find my destinyIve been running away from somethingThats deep inside myselfIve been running till that somedayWhen"
  • DJ SHOG Don't push me
    "What are you tryin tell meI put down all my past beliefsIm not gone call you a cowardCause I more afraidYes I am more afraidTrying to crawl into your mindTo see the picture and its frameAnd you say last"
  • Craving Theo Push Away
    "You're going to want to hear this Simple thoughts from my head Little like a box of pictures not what they are, just what you said Take a look, don't decieve me Our time together drained the life from"
  • Amerie Push It
    "(Push It To The Limit) I Never Thought About Trying The Second Round So I Stay Focus Gonna Live My Dream, Without A Doubt (Push It To The Limit) But Even Friends Of Mine Thought I Was Wasting Time They"
  • Pretty Ricky Push It
    "There's so many girls in here(4x) i wanna see you push it push it push it i wanna see you move it move it move it i wanna see you wind it wind it wind it i wanna see you push it baby oh just push that"
  • Gabe Lopez Push & Pull
    "I know so i wont ill turn around and i will go you chose and its no youre sure but are you really though cause each time i try to find somebody new you quickly try to put my focus on you and each"
  • Danni Minogue Push
    "Push, push, push, p.. push, push, push, push(VERSE 1)Feel like I'm gonna burstStiff and standing if it hurtsLet the world roll on (it goes by)Feel that I'm in your lightCome unfold me tonightLike an arrow"
  • Lucky Twice Push
    "The sweetest little rush has been going around Youre gonna break, break, break, just a matter of time Its spreading like a wild fire, running you down Youve got the shake, shake, shake, and it cant be"
  • Prince Push
    "Step 1... step off to the dance floor Step 1... step off to the dance floor Push (hey) ((push up on it)) (good god) Push - lord (push, yeah) ((push up on it)) Every time u get some People wanna take"
  • Madonna Push
    "You push me To go the extra mile You push me When it's difficult to smile You push me A better version of myself You push me Only you and no one else You push me To see the other point of view You push"
  • Ghostface Killah Push, Push, Push
    "(feat. Missy Elliott) Oohhh... This that fire! Ghostface and Missy Somebody tell that girl that her ass too big I give it to her right and she let me live Can't eat that, cuz there's no relationship I"
  • Ghostface feat. Missy Elliott Push Push Push
    "Oohhh... This that fire! Ghostface and Missy Somebody tell that girl that her ass too big I give it to her right and she let me live Can't eat that, cuz there's no relationship I beat that, the next"
  • Enrique Iglesias Push
    "(Lil' Wayne) Fly boy yeah right Hey mamma they call me Wheezy You should be with me I gotta pocket full of reasons Baby I can bless you when you ain't even sneezing I be at your rescue when you don't even"
  • Aceyalone Push
    "Wicked combination This is Zulu, 'longside the one Aceyalone, ya understand? Now push back young one fi ya deal wit de bad man Get wit de program Push, back, push it in my lap Girl I never knew that"
  • Numic Push
    "Who ever said I could trust you they never told me your lies I never thought I would need to decide Whenever I said I need you you'd always shove me aside I never said I would help you take that piece"
  • Pharoahe Monch Push
    "(feat. Showtyme, MeLa Machinko, Tower Of Power) Pushin', pushin', pushin', pushin' I live my life One day at a time Whoa my head So I don't lose my mind Sometimes you might fall down But you get back"
  • Steel Pulse Push
    "PUSH PUSH PUSH Give me P.U.S. and H. Universal love abandon hate Push Push Push Give me P.U.S.H The mind is a terrible thing to waste CHORUS People People Unification To Save Humanity People People Unification To"

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