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  • Sweetness - Toadies
    "Peel away your skin just a little more You can let me in just a little more Can you taste it, I do When you bite down on the truth We can peel away just a little more I'll cut you right down to your sweetness Right"
  • Sweetness - Lili Haydn
    "So Extraordinary In new territory It's a love story Being with you What dream is this? What magic twist of face brought you to me? Your cherry lips and tenderness Are everything I need Sweetness..we"
  • Sweetness - Yes
    "(Anderson, Squire, Bailey) She brings the sunshine to a rainy afternoon She puts the sweetness in and stirs it with a spoon, She watches for my moods and never brings me down She puts the sweetness in"
  • Sweetness - Terence Trent D'Arby
    "Sing your magic spell Into my ears Place a blissful sigh Into my tears Cradle my forgiveness Judging that I'm half a man If it were not for your sweetness I would not know who I am Take your magic"
  • Sweetness - Skindive
    "My precious little lover, Pushing down on me. My perfect little liar, Trying hard to see. How the pain is sweetest. Pin me to the wall. The current threw the wire. It's bound to make me fall. (Bound to"
  • Sweetness - The Waifs
    "There's nothing like a big old lie A good record and a smoke to pass time by Music gets me in the mood It all kicks in and I sit back And think about you Sweetness to me That's all you'll ever be You"
  • Sweetness - Longpigs
    "Sweetness i want you near this sweetness with all that healing you take these spiders lifely your short stem to happy families one of us should tear it up and one of use should cut the cord bouldered"
  • Sweetness - Good Charlotte
    "String from your tether unwindsup and outoward but only to bindi was spinning free with a little sweet an simple numbingmetell me what do i need when the words lose their meaningstumble until you crawlsinking"
  • Sweetness - Jimmy Eat World
    "If you're listening, woah Sing it back, woah String from your tether unwinds String from your tether unwinds, woah, woah Up and outward to bind Up and outward to bind, woah, woah I was spinning free With"
  • Sweetness  - Jimmy Eat World
    "If you're listening, whoa oh oh oh oh oh Sing it back, whoa oh oh oh oh oh String from your tether unwinds (String from your tether unwinds) whoa oh, whoa oh Up and outward to bind (Up and outward to"
  • Sweetness - Paradise Lost
    "you have a history of holding back a certain sweetness that I lack sensitive till the day of the final strike hatred coming on from greater heights won't you stay away I'll pass away a different day won't"
  • Sweetness - Lloyd Cole
    "oh, you`re a precious little prude? but tell me the truth now have you ever had a care in the world so tell me what`s it all about you say oh you`re so attacked well you`ll never be so right oh you can"
  • Sweetness & Love - Odds
    "You're so far out that you've gone right in and you're so turned in that you've turned right off Let's not forget about the reason Let's not forget about the slow dance 'Cause I wanna know your sweetness"
  • Sweetness & Tenderness - Weezer
    "I need to figure this out And find where my place is I don't mean to threaten anyone no need to get so defensive You say you're with me I know you don't care You say you're with me I know you don't care I"
  • Sweetness follows - Crematory
    "Readying to bury your father and your mother,What did you think when you lost another?I used to wonder why did you bother,Distanced from one, blind to the other?Listen here my sister and my brotherWhat"
  • Sweetness Follows - R.E.M.
    "Readying to bury your father and your mother, What did you think when you lost another? I used to wonder why did you bother, Distanced from one, blind to the other? Listen here my sister and my brother What"
  • Sweetness & Light - Lush
    "See my life (I've been so tired) See my self (I've been uptight) See my life (I've been so tired) See my sight (I could disappear) See with you memories fading fast And with you it's never going to last You"
  • Sweetness Dies - October Tide
    "These words I scream out loud They vanish in the wind And winters weight upon us Has buried the life I knew Life as on the walls Has turned into the past You know that I will wander Through wind and rain,"
  • Sweetness In Starlight - Matt Wertz
    "fallin' asleep to the sound of stars shootin' round the moon but i can't watch them fly tonight, baby i'm too busy watching you i guess your smile is the sun's way of lighting up what's dark, yeah so shine,"
  • Soul of sweetness - Hardcore Superstar
    "A lonely song so sing along if you felt like this my empathy A soul of sweetness still wants to kill you But the queen is way too strong You're so wrong, it's bizarre We travel around in a stolen car And"

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