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sy mint bovoran pk888 bwt skrng tgl16 ags yh bos lgi kpet bner ni bos


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sy mint bovoran pk888 bwt skrng tgl16 ags yh bos lgi kpet bner ni bos

  • Sy Borg - Frank Zappa
    "Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals) Warren Cucurullo (rhythm guitar, vocals) Denny Walley (slide guitar, vocals) Ike Willis (lead vocals) Peter Wolf (keyboards) Arthur Barrow (bass, vocals) Ed Mann (percussion) Vinnie"
  • Cream Plus Mint - Kotoko
    "==Romanized Japanese== nee KIMI ga daisuki! ijiwaru suru TOKO mo katahou nageta kutsu ashita wa hareru kitto sokka, ano KO no hou ga chotto otonabite'ru KIMI no kimagure na me mo karuku kawashi yoyuugao"
  • Sy - Absoluuttinen Nollapiste
    "Jkaapin ovi on magneettinen, keittin valo on silmi sulkeva. Kahvinkeitin maksoi vhn. Jinen leip sulaa uunissa. Sormet mustuu painomusteesta, lehti on niin tuore ett tuoksuu. Olen ajassa, kellosta katsoin."
  • Sy - Apulanta
    "Ovelta ikkunaani Vintilt kellariini Lytyy sun merkkejsi juuri mist etsittiinkin M hpen niin tt Koomista esityst Jota me pidetn yll koska ei ymmrret Tosiasiaa, jonka idioottikin nkee Ihan okei, helvetin"
  • Mint - Bonnie Pink
    "I hate my hair, I hate my nails today Too many things to bring me down No time to spare No day to sail through Too much of pressure in everyday life But my memory is fresh like mint You were always there"
  • Mint - Nonpoint
    "I'll take back what is left of what you had barley enough to keep me dead. Tell me how to make some sense of the the mess you left me with. You used up every chance with me. To settle for you won't settle"
  • Mint - Olivia Lufkin
    "I am tripping out on myself I am tripping out on myself I have to watch my thoughts Before they come to life Before they come to life I have to get you out of my head I have to swallow my tongue I have"
  • Brid Og Ni Mhaille - The Corrs
    "Is a Bhrd Óg N Mhille 'S t d'fhg mo chro crite 'S chuir t arraingeacha An bhis tr cheartlr mo chro T na mlte fear i ngr Le d'adan ciin nireach Is go dtug t barr brechtacht' Ar Thr Oirghiall ms for Nl"
  • Lampaan Sy - Lyijykomppania
    "Eip arvaa pssi kun pns knt Kiert takaraivon miehi pin Ksi kohoaa iskuri naksahtaa Laukaus lhtee ikn kuin itsestn Puukko kurkkuun valtimo poikki Takajalat nostetaan taivasta kohti Pssi perkonttiin nokka"
  • Age - Janne Da Arc
    "Mikudashi kitta sonna taido de osekkyou wa yamete kureerikutsu dake de hanasaretemo ore wa dakara wakaranaiMiushinatta deguchi to fuki gobusata na Lonely Playchikagoro tsukuriwarai made ga umaku nattatte"
  • Junior Mint - Heatmiser
    "junior mint draws the line shakes his stick overbites and proves he's got a critical mind born again cashing in must be deaf going blind but he's still got a critical mind you attack like a cop lay down"
  • Mint Car - The Cure
    "The sun is up I'm so happy I could scream! And there's nowhere else in the world I'd rather be Than here with you it's perfect It's all I ever wanted I almost can't believe that it's for real (So pinch"
  • Sterling Sy Sperling - Malachi Crunch
    "You don't look bad now But you wouldn't mind looking better Not a young lad now Y'see more hairs on your sweater Now don't get mad now There's a man who's got the answer Not just a fad now Poly-fuse hair"
  • Arme Schapen - Stef Bos
    "De kudde loopt te grazen Geen vuiltje aan de lucht Ze vullen traag hun magen Totdat het daglicht vlucht De herder is verdwenen Voor even of voor goed Er is niemand die de weg weet Er is niemand die ze"
  • Lucky Denver Mint - Jimmy Eat World
    "This time it's on my own. Minutes from somewhere else. Somewhere I made a wish with Lucky Denver Mint. Hurry go on ahead. Good things won't let you wait. I'll catch up when we get home. At home I'll leave. A"
  • Cyanide Breath Mint - Beck
    "Definitely this is the wrong place to be There's blood on the futon There's a kid drinking' fire Going' down to the sea They've got people to meet Shaking hands with themselves Looking' out for themselves When"
  • Gem, Mint Ten - Ghost
    "These ribs are now prison bars Or a treasure chest, a lock waiting on key I found this center inside It's being torn apart by arrows pulling in all directions Without control you consume me This knot of"
  • After Dinner Mint - Foolproof
    "You spill, you spilled your drink inside of me and And I think I like it better being warm Like a bullet, come on and dance in me And tell me what you see inside What's on the menu now? And take my hand And"
  • Sol Forastero - Ana Torroja Y Miguel Bos
    "T que nunca quisiste or hablar de Amrica; ahora vas y dices que: quieres ir p'all Si ni siquiera sabes, dónde est California. Me cuentas, que ahora mueres por ponerte morena all. Bajo un sol forastero, bajo"
  • El Siete De Septiembre - Ana Torroja Y Miguel Bos
    "Parece mentira, que despus de tanto tiempo, rotos nuestros lazos; sigamos manteniendo la ilusión, en nuestro aniversario. La misma mesita, que nos ha visto amarar; las manos por debajo; cuida que el rincón"

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