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szaik waik to the skay

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szaik waik to the skay
  • Waik The Calling
    "Just a malignancy, this moment in time Structured brutality, reflected inside Free flowing thoughts avoid me As I focus on the negative The very thing that makes me whole Cut me down in the end Forget"
  • Waik Into The Ground
    "Throw the switch down now, it's never felt so alive, take a snapshot of my Mind, what's hidden inside, you'll know soon, inhibitions gone Mind, on the outside, go slow slow, now put to its best use. She"
  • Waik Save You
    "I wake to find you in my arms The warmth stricken from your heart If I could steal all, the pain you've gone through Believe me I would Here I am, Here I am take me away My sides ache from holding"
  • Waik You Don't Exist
    "I see what you've done I'll take all the blame To be what you've come And face the mistake I'll twist all over And fake what did I'll take what you give And turn it to face I have waited so long"
  • Waik Distant
    "Believe it, there's nothing else to say My head is screaming, slowly immersing me smothered by darkness, claustraphobic I can't breathe Where there was nothing, now controlling me silence the noise, help"
  • Waik Filtered
    "Throw the switch down now, it's never felt so alive, take a snapshot of my Mind, what's hidden inside, you'll know soon, inhibitions gone Mind, on the outside, go slow slow, now put to its best use."
  • Waik Twilight
    "Stray from busy maturity now, time Iv missed you oh so much Leave me here, not too late, caress in this Colours, flourescent artificial lights below, i floating between life Leave me here, not too late,"
  • Ahead To The Sea Ahead To The Sea
    "On our way to the bar I asked her would you come with me We could leave this town behind us and our aim could be the sea At once I scold myself a fool, but she said why not? And smiled Let us go to where"
  • Fly To The Sky Fly To The Sky
    "To me who believed that I can't have everything in this world-Even though I have nothing, Tell me I have nothing to loose again- At one moment when I was looking all over for only you Out of the thousands"
  • Slave To The System Slave To The System (2006)
    "{{Album| |fLetter = S |Artist = Slave_To_The_System |Album = Slave to the System |Released = 2006 |Genre = |Cover = |Length = |star=Green }} # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' #"
  • To My Surprise The Worlds To Small
    "(I guess we dont care about much anymore) lost taking myself away straight on out of here and im gone theres nothing left to say the worlds too small i havent got the nerve so i say hello can you see"
  • Zero To Hero The Last Trip To Mars
    "Sweet seventeen, never been kissed He had never known what he had missed Laying in the grass, playing in the stars Our hero makes his final trip to mars Thoughts seems to change, now what's on his"
  • 30 Seconds to Mars Welcome To The Universe
    "And so the time has come, it's here The silence ends, change is near You wait in the palid slivered sky Come into the pantheon Welcome to the universe Welcome to the universe If there's a past into"
  • 30 Seconds to Mars Closer To The Edge
    "I don't remember the moment, I tried to forget I lost myself, is it better not said Now I'm closer to the edge It was a thousand to one And a million to two time to go down in Flames and im taking"
  • Frankie Goes To Hollywood Welcome To The Plesuredome
    "The world is my oyster........ Ha ha ha ha ha........ The jungle call The animals are winding me up The jungle call In Xanadu did Kublai Khan Who-ha who-ha who-ha who-ha A pleasuredome erect Moving"
  • A Day To Remember Welcome to the family
    "We're finally alone at lastOh how I've waited for this day to comeThere's just something about you that rubs me wrongYou're not worth my attentionI built this with my own two handsIf you could spare me"
  • A Day To Remember Here's To The Past
    "Let's all think back on what brought us here This is my grasp on what is real don't tell me how I feel With all that's passed I can't relate with myself from day to day Why does everything seem so far"
  • Paddy Goes To Holyhead Johnny Went To The War
    "They'll send him to the war-inspector "I'll be back tomorrow" said he "When I will return again we'll go to Mexico" "They sent you to the war-inspector I have missed you Johnny" said she "Great to know"
  • From Autumn To Ashes Where To Draw The Line
    "Lay it down one last time, let this be the last time, I have seen the sunrise just one too many times. With open arms and minds. Stay with me till I find, What it is we search cause I know we want more. On"
  • A Day To Remember The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle
    "I'VE LEARNED TO LET GO! COME ON! Here's a middle finger comin' straight from oca-la I appreciate your judgment it's proved that I can't trust a word you say Those must be some pair of binoculars that"

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