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  • Szko - Anna Muskosz
    "Ludzie mówią ucz się, uczNauka to potęgi kluczDobrze liczyć wielki kumsztUcz się miłe dziecko uczBędziesz pilna, skończysz szkołęI zostaniesz biznesvomenA to do bogactwa kluczUcz się, ludzie mówią uczA"
  • Anna - Anna Oxa
    "(R.Vecchioni - M.Lavezzi) Ricordi e nebbia dentro il cuore l'infanzia un sogno da scoprire ti svegli all'improvviso un uomo che ti ha preso senza lasciarti chiedere perch. Assomiglia un po' a tuo padre"
  • Lekcja o mi - Anna Muskosz
    "1. Dziewczyno ty powróci tutaj, tu do tej krainy gdzie Ciebie pierwszy raz, gdzie pierwszy raz ciebie zobaczyłem to Cie pokochałem na taki długi czas.Ref:(Lekcja, lekcja o miłośći, na której"
  • Anna - Jean-Louis Aubert
    "Anna, je ne comprend rien du tout Anna, c'est une histoire de fou Anna tu sais si sauvage rime avec cage et amour avec toujours Anna, a ne rime a rien du tout Mais tient le toi pour dit ce soir on va"
  • Anna - Hank Locklin
    "Anna stand beside me lift your eyes to the window look and see Anna let me hold you and for the thousandth time Anna lean on me Anna see the cornfield see how summer's brought a million ears so fine Anna"
  • Anna - Nixons
    "Isn't it a shame Mary Jane had a pain... at the party And I don't know why it was just a fly in a dream Mother always use to say Anna's sure to come your way You'll be alone... never be the same Anna..."
  • Anna - Alexander
    "Anna, you come and ask me girlTo set you free, girlYou say he loves you more than meSo I will set you freeGo with him (Anna) Go with him (Anna)Anna, girl, before go nowI want you to know, nowThat I still"
  • Anna - Blankass
    "On peut parler coeur ferm On peut se remettre penser Et si le k.o. m'a frl, tu vois Moi je suis toujours l J'ai failli marcher dans tes filets Et tes milliers de piges poss Mais le feu qui t'a vu danser N'tait"
  • Anna - Toto
    "Anna please turn around We'll work it out somehow Anna don't turn me down There's still a chance if we can hold out once more 'Cause we started out with love That was more than enough And that's a lot"
  • Anna - Beatles
    "Anna, you come and ask me girl To set you free, girl You say he loves you more than me So I will set you free Go with him, go with him Anna, girl, before you go now I want you to know now That I still"
  • Anna - Will Butler
    "Hey, little Anna, you're the one Rising before the lazy sun Open the store and bake the bread Leave all the dreamers with the dead Pray that whatever's lost is lost Nail all your worries to the cross Take"
  • Anna - Tom Verlaine
    "(Verlaine) The passion of Anna Kept her awake But not aware of things That easily break The darkness determined To burn and to free Anna wonders Will this exit please A serious song, she said Of my"
  • Anna - Antje Duvekot
    "Anna stares out of the window It's her eighty fifth spring She tries to concentrate on something Her face is strained and she's confused At the walls in this room And all the strangers standing around"
  • Anna - Michael W. Smith
    "Jack is in the corner The dish is with the spoon The sheep is in the meadow The cow is on the moon But I am here with you and I believe There's no other place I'd rather be And a promise not to leave you Is"
  • Anna - Hello Saferide
    "You know, we could have had a daughter. And we could have named her Anna. And she would have been a sweetheart. But with punk rock manners. She could have supported us when we retire, bought us a"
  • Anna - Pink Martini
    "(El negro zumbon)Ya viene el negro zumbon Bailando alegre el baion Repica la zambomba Y llama a la mujerYa viene el negro zumbon Bailando alegre el baion Repica la zambomba Y llama a la mujer Tengo gana"
  • Anna - Bad Company
    "I got a sweet little angel and I love her soShe's there when I need her, she understands when I say goIn the night, when she says "Hold me", it makes me feel so strongLiving with her unfolds me, she gives"
  • Annie Anna - Charles Trenet
    "Tandis qu'Anna se met la machine coudre, Voyez sa s?ur Annie qui se met de la poudre. Tandis qu'Anna toujours nettoie le linge sale, En ascenseur sa s?ur Annie s'en va au bal. Annie, Vous tes bien plus"
  • Szko - Zielone
    "Oto ona - szkoła - wasz drugi dom Oto jestem ja - wasza druga matka Kocham was szkolną brać I wasze uśmiechy choć są wymuszone Kocham wasze szare mundurki Kiedy zlewają się w masę Kocham tych co"
  • Szko - Peja
    "[Szkoła życia, ta, White House, sprawdź to, druga strefa, sprawdź to!Raz, dwa, Gracz z numerem 1 synu! So, So, So, Solufka!]Twoje 9 mm może nie zrobić wrażenia,Żyję w dużym mieście w którym się niewiele"

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